This is a list of all Krunker updates between v2.0.0 and v2.9.9. Visit Change Log for updates between the initial release to v1.9.9.1. Visit Change Log V3 for updates v3.0.0 and beyond.


September 23, 2020

 - Added Setting button to Social Hub
 - Added UI Scale Setting to Social Hub
 - Added ability to Share Game Results to Hub
 - Fixed Spin Error 3 for Free Spin
 - Added ability to Share Custom Link on Hub when Hosting
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Fixed Bug with Play Now button not working on some posts
 - Added Embed to Update Screen
 - Added Embed to Krunk TV (Twitch Streamers)
 - Changed default Saturation to 1.5
 - Slightly Updated Recoil Animations
 - Added Server Browser Button Back to Update Screen
 - Slightly decreased ADS time of SMG
 - Increased New Leaderboard Player limit to 16


September 20, 2020

 - Fixed Social UI Scaling
 - Added Mutual Follow List to Hub Page (Chat Soon)
 - Added Opacity Slider for speed lines
 - Added Spam/Word Filter to Hub
 - Must now be Level 10 to Post on the Hub
 - Fixed Following Value Displayed on Hub
 - Slight Changes to Ranked UI (Preparing for Re-Work)
 - Improved Load times
 - Added Customizable Controls to Android Version
 - Added 3 New Shader Uniforms "frame, delta, mouse" & Fixed time Uniform
 (Should allow for some more interesting shader mods)


September 19, 2020

 A big anti cheat update is in the works. It should start rolling out within the next 2 weeks
 - New Free Spin
 - Updated Profile Page Look/Layout
 - Added Setting for Left-Handed Mode
 - Can now see a Users Posts on their Profile
 - Can now call KPD from Ranked (These calls are prioritized)
 - Krunker Partners now have a Special Tick on their Name
 - Added ability to comment on Posts
 - Added Point-Lights to Editor (Only works on High-Lighting Setting)
 - Added ability to make Cylinder Open Ended
 - You now get Notifications when someone comments on your Post
 - Changed Weapon ADS FOV to ADS FOV Power
 - Added Global Tab to Hub Feed
 - Added Clan Tab to Hub Feed
 - Added Hot Tab to Hub Feed
 - Added Loading Text to Menu when assets are loaded
 - Reduced Weapon Default Volume
 - Can now also see Updates on your Favorited Maps in Feed
 - Fixed Scaling issue in Editor
 - Fixed Freeze issue in Editor
 - Fixed issue where you can't see your own Post
 - Fixed Bug where you cant Post sometimes
 - Fixed Text Overflow on Post UI


September 17, 2020

This update brings a News-Feed based system to Krunker. We will add more features
to it over time such as: Giveaway Posts, Share Game Links, Post Youtube/Twitch Links,
the ability to React & Comment on Posts & More. Private Chat/Friends List Soon.

- Added Krunk Feed (WIP): Can Post Updates to your Followers
  (Will auto Post Updates like: New Maps, New Mods, Rare Items from Spins)
- Added Followers Leaderboard
- You now Receive a notification when someone follows you
- Added Showcase Object to the Editor
(Allows Map Makers to add Skin items into the maps)
- Added Weapon ADS FOV setting
- Optimized In-game Leaderboards
- Fixed issue where Mod Play button didn't load mod
- Fixed issue where Performance setting breaks shotgun jumps
- Fixed Server Desync issues
- Changed Hub Icon


September 16, 2020

- Added Weapon Config to Editor
(Can now Add Custom Weapon Config to Map)
- Added more Middle East Servers
- Fixed Mods not Loading Models Properly
- Fixed Model Viewer not Loading
- Fixed issue with Color based Settings
- Fixed Game not Loading on High Lighting Setting
- Fixed Alpha Maps/Textures on Assets
- Fixed issue with Twitch Profile Pictures Top Right


September 15, 2020

- Adjusted Trade Fee Based on Number of Items & Rarity
- Added new Free Spin
- Small Optimizations
- Optimized Bandwidth
- Increased KPD Call Limit to 10 Calls
- Level 25 and up can now call KPD
- Market now only shows items listed within the last 48 hours in the default view
(Can still sort by most expensive to see the Meme Items)
- Can now call the KPD from Spectate Mode
- Added Anti-Aliasing Setting to Render (Requires Restart)
- Added GLTF Asset Support
- Added Speed Lines Effect (Can be Disabled in Settings) (Thx Sak)
- Added Private Editor Asset Setting
- Added more Middle East Servers
- Fixed Padding on Jump Pad Collisions
- Fixed not being able to see players while using Shaders
- Fixed Glitch Spot on Citadel (Thx Photek24)
- Slight Changes on Undergrowth


September 13, 2020

- New Free Spin
- General Optimizations
- Free KR Changes
- Fixed Twitch Embed Issue showing old Streams
- Fixed Comp Issue
- Fixed Footstep Sounds for other Players
- Fixed Glitch Spot on Sandstorm
- Fixed Hub buttons not working with specific names
- Fixed issue where you can't Demote Clan Members sometimes
- Fixed Vote Kick not Working
- Increased Max KPD Calls to 5 Per Day
(Will be increased once the system is solid)
- Added Stats to KPD Page
- Max FOV is now 175
- Added Group Selection to Editor (Button or Press [N] to Toggle)
- Added onProjectile, onThrowingMelee & onPunch Trigger Events
- End-Message disabled in KPD mode
- Small Fixes on Freight
- Adjusted default Weapon Bob Setting
- Slightly increased Blaster Fire-Rate
- Small Changes to Citadel
- Hacker Tagged Accounts no longer show in Leaderboards
- Removed Egg Hunt Leaderboard


September 11, 2020

- Added new Free Spin
- Updated Freight Layout
- Reduced Max Contracts for Clan wars to 50
- Fixed Bug where K.P.D window Closes randomly
- Can now only call the K.P.D once every 10 Minutes
- Fixed Level 0 Issue on Reports List
- Fixed Stripped Shadows issue on High Lighting Setting
- Suspect will now be Highlighted in K.P.D Spectate Mode
- Reports will now be removed from K.P.D List when the Suspect leaves the game
- Player that Called the K.P.D now see a Chat Message when a Moderator Joins their Game
- K.P.D Officers can now Review their Reports and Players will be Assigned a Trust Score
- When a Hacker is arrested the lobby will now see a Chat Message
- Added Confirmation Popup for Banning
- Adjustment to Free KR (Ad Load Logic, Odds)
- Vaulted Unobtainables


September 8, 2020

 We are working on Several FPS Optimizations to Hopefully bring the FPS back to what it was in 2019. Anti Cheat & Ping Fixes as well
      - Added K.P.D System to Call for In-Game Moderator if you find a Hacker in your Game
 (This is an Experimental System. Improvements will be made over time. We will add
  more moderators over time to handle the increased reports. Currently you must be
  Lvl 30+ to use this system. After its fully tested, it will Roll out to lower levels)
      - In-Game Mods now have IP Ban Perms
 - Renamed Pride Skin to Verb
 - Fixed Rubberbanding Issue
 - Fixed Premium names on End Board
 - Fixed Firefox Render Issue
 - Small Server Fixes
 - Fixed Remodel Weapon Pickup Model


September 5, 2020

 If you are getting Lag while shooting at other Players.
 This is a Chrome Bug & We are Fixing it. For now, Try:
      - Using our Client
 - Using old Version of Chrome
 - Enable AimFreezeFix in Experimental Settings
 - Disabling Uncapped FPS on Chrome
 - Rebind Shoot From Mouse 1
      Changes & Fixes:
 - Added Experimental Settings
 - Added Report Button back to End Board
 - Added End Round & Refill Knife Trigger Actions
 - Fixed No Spread Setting on Weapons: 100% Accuracy
 - Smoothed Fence Post Collisions on Littletown & Newtown
 - Reset Trigger Action now Respawns Interfaced Objects
 - Fixed Clan War Page
 - Fixed Prop Hunt Mode
 - Fixed Simon Says Mode
 - Fixed Ledge Jumping Bug
 - Fixed Ramp Glitches on Oasis
 - Minor Spin UI Changes


September 3, 2020

 (Anti Cheat Update Soon)
 - Added new Skins
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added new Region: South Africa (More soon)
 - Added Dampening to Fall Speed/Gravity (WIP)
 - Added onTimer Trigger Event: Allows for Easy Loop Creation
 - Added Event Constant: Used to set the interval on Timer Events (More uses later)
 - Added Round Time Trigger Action: Add/Remove Round Time (End Round etc)
 - Added Set Player Team Trigger Action
 - Added Reset Interface Trigger Action: Resets Health & Timers on all Active Interface Objects
 - Added 31 Other Game Sounds to Emitter Sound List
 - Fixed Issue where you get Snagged on Ledges while sliding (Sidewalks on Littletown for Example)
 - Fixed Teams in other Game Modes to Work with Triggers
 - Fixed Anonymous Name Display on End Board
 - Default FOV is now 90
 - Default Saturation is now 1.4
 - Increased Blaster Ammo to 16
 - Free KR Adjustments
 - Disabled Chat Mute feature for Level 20 Players and above
 - Slight Changes to Spin UI
 - Menu Button Color Changes
 - Menu Button Changes (Bottom Right)
 - Clan Wars now have 1 Week Breaks (More Rewards + Changes soon)
 - Stats now only Save after round ends
 - In-Game Leaderboard now Properly Displays Teams on all Modes
 - Nametag Setting now Works in all Modes
 - Team Based Map Objects now work in all Modes
 - Improved Mobile Controls
 - Made Mobile Full Screen


September 2, 2020

 - Fixed Issue where Ramps break sliding
 - Fixed Noclip Controls
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added Weapon Rotation Setting
 - Added Direction to Teleporters
 - Added UI Scale, Leaderboard & Weapon Rotation Setting to Moddable Settings
 - Added Swap Teams to Trigger Actions
 - Added Billboards to Oasis
 - Added Turbo Kill Medal (Kill while moving Fast)
 - Added Scale, Color & Opacity Settings to Movement Speed
 - Optimized Movement Speed Display
 - Increased Vote Kick Level Max to Lvl 15
 - Increased Max File Size for Premium Profile Pictures
 - Adjusted Free KR Values for Low Level Players
 - FPS Display now Shows by Default
 - Mild Changes to Advertise Window
 - Clan War Page now Defaults to Global Leaderboard


August 31, 2020

 - Increased Jump Height a bit
 - Added new 'Allow Logo Changes' setting for mods
 - Server Fix


August 31, 2020

 - Added 3 options to Quickselling
 - Added More information to Trade Cards on Hover
 - Added Trigger IDs to Cylinders
 - Accepting a Trade is now Free
 - Sending a Trade now Costs 10KR (Prevent Spam Trades)
 - General Optimizations
 - Made Market & Inventory list more responsive
 - None Tradable items can now be Quicksold
 - Jump Height is no Longer FPS Based (WIP - Might take some getting used to)
 - Increased Blaster Ammo to 14
 - Slightly Increased AK Reload Time from 1.2s to 1.3s
 - Pistol ADS is now slightly faster
 - Fixed Game not Loading on IPad
 - Fixed Game not Loading on Safari


August 29, 2020

 - Increased Score Bonus from Fist Kills
 - Added Revenge Kills (+25) Kill the player that killed you last
 - Trooper Can now Wall-Jump
 - Renamed Slide Hop Setting (Was Reversed)
 - Live Trading Fix
 - Adjusted Free KR Odds
 - Default Weapon FOV is now 80
 - Fixed Speed Display Calculation
 - Added Highest Speed Value to Speed Display
 - Reverted Crossbow to Pre 2.7.9 Version


August 28, 2020

 - Added Charity Event Items
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Slide Hopping is no longer based on FPS
 - Disabled Backwards sliding for now
 - Fixed Knife Sticking in Wall the wrong way
 - Added Setting to go back to old Slide Hoping (For those that don't like non-fps based)
 - Fixed issue where knife still showed after throwing sometimes
 - Server Crash Fix



August 27, 2020

 - Reset Throwing Knife Kill Counter
 - Fixed Bug where crossbow kills count as throwing knife kills
 - Melee Weapons now Stick in the Wall when Thrown (Only Visual for now)
 - Adjustments to Terrain (More Changes coming - We will add the option to fix your map soon)
 - Fixed Fist icon resetting when picking up weapons


August 27, 2020

 - Trade Chat now Shows when an Item is Added/Removed
 - Released Android Hub App (Beta Phase) (IOS Coming Soon)
 - Fixed Tracers showing through walls issue
 - Fixed Smoke particles appearing in weird places
 - Increased Point Gain for Blaster
 - Added Kill Icon in Killfeed for Throwing Knives & Fists
 - Throwing Knife Kills now Show Bullseye
 - Fist Kills now Show Beatdown
 - Optimized Cones
 - Added Pine Trees to Terrain Gen
 - Throwing Knife Kills & Fist Kills now Track as a Profile Stat
 - Added new Challenge Level


August 25, 2020

 - Can now Slide-Hop backwards as well
 - Server Optimizations
 - Added Throw Melees Setting to Customs
 - Added a few new Items
 - Blaster now Reloads a bit Faster
 - Added ability to throw your Melee Weapon (Once per Life)
   (Using Fists Deals less Damage)
 - Adjusted Free KR Values
 - Fixed Projectile Hitbox Issue
 - Reverted Crossbow Health Change back to 100
 - Slowed Crossbow Projectile Speed


August 23, 2020

 - Added new Class: Trooper
 - Added new Faces
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added Emissive Property to Cylinders
 - Fixed Blaster Freezing the Game when shooting
 - Terrain Colors now Smoothly Fade
 - Reduced Hitreg issue with Crouching
 - Vote Kicking now Requires Less Votes in smaller Lobbies
 - Slightly Increased Crossbow Reload time
 - Crossbow Bolt now Drops more
 - Scaled Up Terrain
 - Reset Default Regions
 - Hackertagged Accounts don't do any damage now
 - Fixed Collisions of Projectile Weapons
 - Reduced Bowman HP to 90


August 21, 2020

 - Added new Item Type: Faces
 - Added new Head Items
 - Added Bullet Drop Setting for Customs
 - Added Portuguese Translation
 - Fixed Estimated Prices
 - Fixed Safari Loading... Issue
 - Fixed Firefox Loading... Issue
 - Made Crossbow and Rocket Launcher More Responsive
 - Added Bullet Drop Setting for Customs
 - Adjusted Terrain Generation (This may Affect Some Maps that used Terrain)
 - Rocket and Crossbow are now Affected by Gravity


August 19, 2020

 - Fixed issue with redeeming Twitch keys


August 18, 2020

 (Twitch Drops #2 has ended)
 (You will have till next update to redeem any left over drops)
 - Added Items
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added Tree Seed Option to Editor (WIP)
 - Added Terrain Snow & Sand to Editor
 - Particle Optimizations
 - Added Terrain Easing Options to Editor
 - Added new Region: Middle East (Bahrain Test)
 - Added more options to Mod Script Settings
 - Fixed Safari Version: Loading... Issue
 - Fixed 'Signal' skin animation
 - Optimizations
 - Increased Spatial Voice Chat Range


August 16, 2020

 - Updated Reward Display on Clan War Page
 - Fixed Sound Trigger Issues
 - Added a New Skin
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Server Fixes
 - Slight Adjustments to Publish Popup Layout


August 14, 2020

 - Server Optimizations
 - Fixes with Drops
 - Reduced Clan War Lives to 250
 - Clan Wars now Last 7 Days instead of 14
 - Can now see more Accurate End Time on Clan Wars Map


August 13,2020

- Fixed Nametag issues


August 13,2020

 - Fixed Map Borders issue
 - Added new Skins
 - Fixed Server Issue
 - Removed Verified Clans (Preparation for clan colors)
 (Verified clans will be added to the Hall of Fame (Coming Soon))
 - Can now view Custom names in Hub profiles by clicking the name


August 12,2020

 (Main Focus is on Fixing FPS and Ping for the next updates)
 - Twitch Drops Enabled!
 - Slight Changes to Menu UI
 - New Free Spin
 - Server Optimizations (Working on fixing Ping issues)
 - Fixed Shadows


August 10,2020

  (Twitch Drops Delayed a few Days)
 - Minor FPS Optimizations
 - Smoothed Terrain Normals
 - Added Spin Value to Assets (Editor)
 - Added Stretch Texture Setting to Planes/Cubes (Editor)
 - Added Back Right Click to Items in Trade window
 - Mods now work with Sound Emitters
 - Added a Publish button to the Editor
 - Added two Trigger actions, 'Broadcast Message' & 'Send Message'
 - Slight UI Changes to Server Browser
 - Added more options to Mod Script Settings
 - Fixed Endboard positioning


August 8,2020

 - Added Cylinder Objects to Editor: Can create spinning platforms
 (Can also use cylinders to smooth corner collisions)
 - Added Anonymous Mode for Verified Users
 - Mods Loaded from Maps are now removed when leaving the lobby
 - Mail Count now Updates properly when clicking Read All
 - Can now Create Custom Shaders in Mod Packs: WIP
 - Added new Free Spin
 - General Optimizations
 - Can now Change Muzzle Flash with Mod Packs
 - Can now Save Presets of your Loadouts in Customize Menu
 - Can now Mod CSS with Mod Packs: Some limitations
 - Can now click a mod in Social Mod list to auto load it
 - Can now see other players Item List in Trade Mode
 - Reverted Air Strafe Changes for now
 - Adjusted Free KR Odds
 - Improved Scaling for Lightcone & Cylinder in Editor
 - Fixed Viewer


August 5,2020

 - Added new Region: South America
 - Added new Skin
 - KIA now shows on Clan War Map Page
 - Can now see players with most kills in Clan Wars Map
 - Can now see Kills of a Player in KIA List
 - Player Count now shows on Global Clan War board
 - Added new Report Category: Boosting
 - Can now change Hair Color with Premium
 - Premium can now Pick Chat name Color
 - Empty trades in your favour are now green
 - Fixed updating Roles in Clan
 - Fixed Server list on Map page
 - Added confirmation popup to leaving clan, deleting clan & kicking from clan
 - Separated Keybinds into sections
 - Added Premium Command binds


August 2,2020

 - Fixed Client stuck on Loading... issue
 - Clans can now only Open 100 Contracts total for every War Period
 - Added more Stats to Clan War Page
 - Clan War Fixes
 - Map Editor Fixes
 - Lightcones now have a warning if hidden in the Editor


August 1,2020

 - Beginning of Clan Wars (First Test Period)
 - Can now Sign Clan Members to Participate in Clan War
 - Added Clan War Map to Hub
 - Added new Skin
 - Added "Lightcones Boundingbox" Setting to the Editor
 - Estimated Prices of Items now Update more Frequently & Accurately
 - Optimized Projectiles
 - Slight Range Nerf on Shotgun
 - Slight Redesign of Store Page
 - FPS Optimizations
 - Fixed Chart tooltip in Hub
 - Fixed Issues with Importing Maps to Editor (Settings)
 - Fixed Show Hands setting with Akimbos
 - Fixed Group Edit in the Editor
 - Fixed Create Near setting in the Editor
 - Fixed Asset searching in the Editor
 - Fixed Score Limit Host setting
 - Fixed issue with Custom Map thumbnails on End Screen
 - Adjusted Air Strafing (WIP)
 - Hardpoint no longer shows in Sharp shooter


July 26,2020

 (More Editor Fixes coming soon)
 - Added settings file to Mod Packs: scripts/settings.txt
 - Added ability for map makers to add Custom Message for when players join Map
 - Added basic Air Strafing (Customs Only Setting)
 - Added Team Zones to the Editor
 - Added My Assets tabs to the Editor
 - Added Publish Asset Button to the Window in the Editor
 - Added Sharp Shooter mode
 - Fixed Crossbow issue where it wouldn't hit players near a wall
 - Fixed Client Black Screen Issue
 - Fixed Mod Thumbnail issue
 - Fixed Importing Settings Issue
 - Fixed Mod Updating issue
 - Fixed Quick Add Menu on Editor
 - Fixed issues with UI Scale Setting in Editor
 - Fixed Join Button
 - Fixed issue not allowing you to chat while trading
 - Removed Load more from Favorite Mods
 - Can now see top Score Earners in Clan Stats Page
 - Can now set Team on Checkpoints, Teleporters, Gates, Triggers & Deposit Box


July 24,2020

 - FPS Optimizations
 - Decreased ADS time for Deagle
 - Updated Deagle Animations
 - Fixed mods not loading from Featured/Favorite Mods
 - Mods list now loads faster
 - Adjusted Assault Rifle Positioning
 - Added Trade Chat box to in-game Trade mode
 - Mods can now be Uploaded to our Servers
 - Added: Show Missing Button to Trade window
 - Added new Item to Black Market
 - Reduced Vince HP to 90
 - Slight Fire Rate nerf on Shotgun
 - Added Read All Button to Inbox
 - Fixed Secondary Skins in Model Viewer
 - Fixed CTF issue on Industry
 - Fixed Reset Settings Button
 - Added UI Scale Setting to Editor (WIP)
 - Can now Customize the Quick Add Menu in the Editor (WIP


July 22,2020

 - Added new Map: Industry
 - Added ability to Upload and Download your settings to your account
 - Inbox now Updates every time you open it
 - Updated Inbox Layout
 - Added back new messages counter to menu
 - Increased Runner's health to 120
 - Added several new skins
 - You can now Embed a Youtube video in a Map page
 - You can now Favorite Mods
 - Settings Menu Rework
 - Added Map Timelapse to the Editor (WIP)
 - Added 2 new sprays
 - Hub trade UI changes
 - BR Zones are now smoother
 - Premium members can now Upload a custom profile picture


July 18,2020

 - Fixed slide control issues
 - Fixed issue with Tagging accounts
 - Sprays now work while inside destroyed/closed objects


July 17,2020

 - Added Fog Setting back to the Editor (Got removed on accident)
 - You can now select a mod from a list in the Editor
 - Active Tab is now shown on the Mod/Map page in Hub
 - Minor Visual changes to Itemsales in Hub
 - Itemsales in Hub now shows Top 100 owners of said item
 - Items in trade offers now opens Itemsales when right clicked
 - Premium now shows for users on clan page.
 - Added Alpha Map to Assets
 - Added Setting to Assets to Toggle Texture smoothing
 - Fixed issue with twitch streamer data
 - Following other players has been fixed.
 - Added Following/Followers List to Hub profile
 - Player count now shows in Player List (ALT)
 - Desert Eagle Model Rework + New Sound (Skins next update)


July 13, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - Twitch Drops Disabled. They will return in August
 - Twitch Items are now Tradeable/Sellable
 - Reverted Undergrowth Remake (Will come back after Optimizations)
 - Added Mod List to Hub
 - Mod Uploading moved to Hub
 - Hub profile can now be opened from clicking your picture / name
 - End Screen Overhaul
 - Reduced amount of times Captcha will be shown
 - Featured Map List order is now Randomized
 - Featured Map List now shows as Default
 - Added Hitmarker Opacity setting
 - Right clicking your own items in Trade mode opens itemsales
 - Crossbow Remodel + Skins
 - Fixed issues with some Weapon Configs
 - Added Impulse Power/Range to Weapon Config
 - Added an extra Confirmation Popup when you Submit Offers
 - Fixed Capes not allowing you to redeem
 - More Boost Pads added to Kanji & Lostworld
 - Minor change to charts in Hub
 - Server Browser now resets properly when closed


July 10, 2020

 - Undergrowth Remake
 - Minor Kanji Adjustments
 - Added Several new Skins
 - Added: No Fog Property to Objects (In Editor)
 - Fixed: Spawn set to Start Area on Import (Editor)
 - Fixed: Certain values not updating on Import (Editor)
 - Updated Server Browser (+ Legacy Setting)
 - Fixed Hitbox size on Interactive Objects
 - Fixed Free KR Issues
 - Small server Issue Fix
 - Verification now shows on Clan Page in Hub
 - Fixed Boost Pad Sound Repeating issue


July 8, 2020

 - Slight Changes to Spinner so you can see it better
 - Added Boost Pads to Editor (WIP: Rotation soon)
 - Added 5 new Items to Twitch Drops
 - Added Several new Skins
 - Fixed a ton of Editor issues
 - Fixed Free KR spin not showing up
 - Fixed Social clan page going under ad
 - Updated "Waspy" spray
 - Added New Spray: CalTV
 - Clan list now shows Verification of Player


July 7th, 2020

 - Enabled Twitch Drops!
 (Watch Krunker Streamers to Earn unique Items)
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Removed Hunter Spin
 - Map Editor Overhaul
 - Added new Item to the Black Market
 (Many more items that are unlocked through gameplay are coming)
 - Added Animated Hitmarker
 - Added Hitmarker Settings Section: Fully Customizable
 - Updated Captcha
 - Interact Message now Disappears on Death
 - Duplicating a Spawn in Editor now copies the Starting Area Value
 - Clan Display is now Ordered by Level
 - Clan Leader can now Assign Roles to Members
   (Preparing for Clan Rework)
 - Updated Clan Page to Show Clan Roles
 - Can now Link twitch Account with Krunker Account
 - Updated in-game Profile Page layout
 - Added Send Request Button to Clan Page
 - Comp Starts & Starting Zones are now more Spread out
 - Progress Bar now shows when spectating in defuse mode
 - Fixed Defuse Mode Spelling
 - Disabled Name Tags on Defuse Mode
 - Reduced Hitbox Size in Defuse Mode
 - Adjusted Free KR Values
 - Bomb no Longer shows on regular modes
 - Disabled Health Regen in Defuse Mode
 - Slight Speed Increase in Defuse Mode
 - Updated Billboard Bidding UI
 - Fixed Auto Complete on Chat Box
 - Updated Bomb Site Look
 - Fixed Mobile & Controller Aiming/Shooting


June 29, 2020 (Anti Cheat & Clan Update is Next Priority)

 - New Free Spin
 - Added new Skins
 - Pistol is now Pulled out faster: 350ms - 260ms
 - Added Diffuse Mode (WIP - Testing in Customs First)
   (Please test the pacing and let us know what you think we should change)
 - Optimized Weapon Pickups
 - Vote Kick now requires More Votes
 - Added new Melee Sound for Banana
 - Added Bomb Site Object to Editor
 - Removed Spectate Count Display
 - Puppet Master no Longer Buyable
 - Movement Lock is now more Streamlined: Inspect, Crouch, Swap Weapons while 
 - Fixed Glitches with Movement Lock after Warmup
 - Puppet Master can now be Traded
 - Map Thumbnails now show properly on Vote Screen for Customs
 - Removed Wiggle Animation when using a Custom Player Model
 - Anyone can now use /kill command during Warmup
 - Fixed Mod Loading Bugs with weapon textures
 - Fixed Grass model in the Map Editor
 - Added Aim Speed to Weapon Config


June 24, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - Market listings fee is back.
 - Added 360 Point Bonuses back
 - Added Quick-Play Links:
 - Updated Play button on Map Page to generate quick play link
 - Added Setting to Disable Wall grinding in Host Menu
 - Added Headshot Multiplier to Weapon Config in Host Menu
 - Added more India Servers
 - Karambit knives now have a small spin animation on equip and Inspect
 - Reworded the owned item count on spins
 - Added new Skins


June 22, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - Market listings are free for the next 24 hours up to 100k kR
 - Increased Asset Upload Limit for Verified Users to 150
 - Slightly Increased Free KR Reward Values for Lvl20+ Players
 (We are trying to find a solution that rewards players but is safe from botters + 
 alt accounts)
 - Slight Range nerf on Shotgun
 - Reduced Map Partner Requirement to 150'000 Plays
 - Added new Waist Item
 - Added new Skins
 - Added Auto Pistol to Gun Game
 - Added Basic Knife Inspect Animation: Press X (Work in Progress)
 - Added New SMG Sound (WIP)
 - Increased SMG Ammo to 34
 - Reduced Semi Auto DMG
 - Updated Melee Sounds
 - Added icon to indicate if a Skin has an animation on Market
 - Added Reset Button for market search
 - Minor Bandwidth Optimization
 - Added Ability to Quicksell Items for KR from your Inventory: Based on Rarity
 - Spin now shows Count of item you Received (or NEW if you don't own this item)
 - Added ability to send a message with a trade request
 - Fixed Hardpoint and Flags on No-Texture mode
 - Fixed Test Map Mode (Again)
 - Fixed Host Map button on Social


June 20, 2020

 - Added new Item type: Waist
 - Added new Items
 - Added No-Textures Setting (FPS Improvement)
 - Run N Gun can now Wall-jump
 - Must be at least level 5 to use Free KR Spin (Due to Scripts)
 - Must now Complete 1 Game to claim Free KR (Due to people abusing alt accounts)
 - Slight Lighting adjustments
 - Fixed Asset Uploads
 - Map Page now has a Host & Play button
 - Bandwidth Optimizations
 - Fixed Warmup Timer issue
 - Comp Start Zones are now more Spread Out
 - Uploading Assets is now Free
 - Publish Map button in-game now opens in new tab
 - Fixed Host Config not loading from Edit Map


June 18, 2020

 - Added Dallas Region to Ranked
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Increased Map Partner Requirement to 300'000 Plays in 30 Days
 - Fixed issue with Server Browser
 - Can now Walk around during Warmup
 - Added Comp Spawns to Sandstorm and Undergrowth
 - At the End of a Warmup players are now reset to the Comp Spawns
 - Fixed XP Bar Display & Updating
 - Added Play Button to Map Page: Automatically Hosts a game
 - Added Dallas to Default Region in Settings
 - Adjusted Free KR (Swapped Green and Blue Odds)
 - Fixed Hardpoint orders on Sandstorm and Undergrowth: Comp Order starts
 - Free KR Changed to Every 6 hours
 - Updated Estimated Values for all Items


June 16, 2020

 - Reduced LMG Damage from 20 to 18
 - Greatly Reduced Crossbow Spread
 - Reduced Knife Swap Time a bit
 - Slide Control now Default to 6
 - Added PARTNER Tag to Partnered Accounts (Profile Page)
 - Fixed Map Upload issues
 - New Region: Dallas
 - Moved SYD Region to new Server Provider


June 15, 2020

 - Added new Skins
 - New Comp Region: Dallas (Pub Servers soon)
 - Moved Comp SYD Servers to new Provider (Pub Servers moving soon)
 - Adjusted AO Look and Strength
 - Map list now shows more maps by default
 - Map Name (Bottom Right) now Links to Map Page
 - Removed Headers from Profile: Asset, Games & Mod Lists
 - Increased Thumbnail Sizes to 150kb for Premium & 80 for Regular
 - Added XP Bar to the Game UI (With Color & Opacity Settings)
 - Asset Categories are now Displayed on the Asset List
 - Fixed Map Thumbnail Cache issue
 - Added Map Version to Map Page; Automatically increases with each map update
 - Fixed False errors when map publishing
 - Fixed Thumbnail ID issue
 - Fixed Alien Blaster AO Texture 
 - Fixed onEnter triggers collision
 - Optimized Map exports
 - Fixed Single Fire Weapon Config
 - Updated Assets List in the Editor
 - Updated Maps list on Social
 - Edit Published Maps is Back (Now in the "My Games" section on Social)
 - Chat now auto scrolls when you unbox a skin
 - Unboxing message now uses your Alias if you have Premium
 - Fixed Twitch Embedded Chat
 - Host Presets save Weapon Config changes now
 - Minor Visual Changes to Profile on Social
 - Removed Interface Id from Objects that didn't support it
 - Added 6 Custom Keybind Setting Toggles
 - Multiple Custom Keybinds can be triggered at once
 - Removed Toggle Hands & Toggle Animations


June 12, 2020

(Dallas & New SYD Servers very soon)
 - Added new Map: Newtown (Littletown Remake. We are testing the overall Response)
 - Added new Setting for Low-End Pcs: Map Details (Removes Grass etc)
 - Added new Properties to all Weapon Configs (Secondary, Akimbo, Single Fire, No Spread, Disable ADS)
 - Disabled Sprays in Comp Matches
 - Fixed ADS Y Offset issue
 - Made Wall Jumps more Responsive
 - Wall Jumps now Jump Slightly Higher
 - Increased Max Size of Map Thumbnails
 - Fixed KR Not showing in Kill Confirmed Mode
 - Fixed Map Test issue
 - Fixed Map Thumbnails Issue
 - Fixed alignment of certain items in Spin Previews
 - Fixed issue with High Level account Free KR Odds:
   (Client Display now aligns with Odds)


June 11, 2020

 - New Free Spin
 - Fixed Zoom Out glitch while ADS in Customs
 - Fixed glow on Rainbow Knife
 - Fixed Map Publish Bug (Still fixing more issues with: upload, thumbnail issues)
 - Increased Auto Pistol Base Damage to 16
 - Runner & Agent now has the ability to Perform a Wall Jump (Just a Test for now)
 - Runner & Agent can now Wall Grind: Crouch while falling up against a wall
 - Added Game Play & Earnings Stats for Map Partners.
   You will see your estimated earnings on your dashboard now (All time earnings being added back)
 - Added Several new Skins
 - Added Setting to Disable Wall Jumping
 - Slide Control now Defaults to 3 (Easier for new players to start)
 - Auto Pistol now has a clip size of 15
 - Auto Pistol Recoil Reduced a bit
 - SMG now has 30 Ammo instead of 28
 - Fixed the issue with people randomly appearing around corners (WIP)
 - Fixed Invis bug on Comp
 - Removed Shipyard from 2v2 Ranked (Entire Ranked Rework soon)
 - Added Weapon Config to Customs: Fire-Rate, DMG, Ammo, Recoil etc
 - Heated Crowbar now has different sounds (More coming soon)


June 9, 2020

 - Lowered Requirements to become a Map Partner (Earn Ad Revenue from Making Maps)
 (Submit your Application from the Profile Menu)
 - Added Button to Clear all Trades
 - Added Setting: Aim Y Offset (Weapon Position when Aiming)
 - Added new Mode: Kill-Confirmed
 - Minor Glitch Fixes to Kanji
 - You no Longer get kicked for Inactivity when Trading or in Parkour Mode
 - Slight Performance Increase
 - Empty Trades now show as red
 - Fixed a few more Season 3 Items in spins
 - Added Crouch option to the Model viewer


June 8, 2020

 - Reduced Auto Pistol Recoil
 - Added a few new Items
 - Map makers can now Apply for a creator code to earn money from map plays
 - Buffed Auto Pistol Damage to 15
 - Fixed Hardpoint zone texture
 - Fixed Some Models not loading
 - Fixed issue with sprays not animating
 - Fixed some item rarities
 - Fixed alignment/scaling/positioning of alot of Season 3 Items in spins
 - Fixed issues causing some skins not to have glow
 - Fixed Timeless knife preview
 - Fixed Invisible Objects (Triggers, Gates etc)
 - Fixed Dyes getting merged


June 7, 2020

 (Big Thank you to all the Community Members that contributed to Season 3)
 (Only the Beginning. More Skins and Item types Coming every Week!)
 (Map Thumbnails moved to a new Server. Please update your Thumbnails)
 - New Free Spin
 - Added new Secondary: Machine Pistol (lvl 30
 - Added Several new Weapon Skins
 - Added Several new Cosmetic Items
 - Semi-Auto Remodel + Sound
 - Uzi Remodel + Sound
 - Added Object Prefabs to Custom Assets (Can build assets in Editor and Upload them)
 - Added Back Kanji 5.0 (Pls)
 - Added ability to Favorite Maps + Favorite Maps Tab
 - Users Assets now show on their Profile
 - Asset Textures are now Smoothed
 - Increased Semi-Auto dmg from 34 to 35
 - Slightly reduced Famas Recoil
 - Added High-Res Shadows Setting
 - Map/Games List now Loads Faster
 - Assets with multiple Components now Load Properly
 - Added Soft Shadows Setting
 - Added new Tile Texture to Editor
 - Added Setting to Password Protect your Custom Game (Optional)
 - Clicking unbox messages opens the item in a new tab
 - Fixed issue with Arctic hunt not showing in Inventory/Market
 - Added Animate setting to Model Viewer
 - Moved Game Publishing to Social
 - Added Popup Confirmation to Purchases
 - Optimized Game list on Social
 - Added Two Keybinds (Toggle Animations & Toggle Hands)
 - Optimized Hit Indicators
 - Added Extra confirmation window to Accepting Trades
 - Added Nametag Health Color settings


May 30, 2020

 - Renamed Send-Rate Setting to Tickrate
 - Fixed Player Display on Games List (Social)
 - Added more Servers to India Region


May 29, 2020

 - Added High Send-Rate Setting (Improves Hitreg if enabled. But uses more Bandwidth)
 - Added Load Progress bar for Loading Assets in Editor
 - Fixed Upload Error on Large texture files
 - Asset Uploading is now Free for Premium accounts
 - Optimized Face Selection Export for Maps
 - Assets only show in Asset list when the upload completes
 - Asset list now Refreshes every time you open it
 - Can now Choose any Custom Model to Replace Player Model in Custom Maps
 - Fixed Player Counts on Social Games Page


May 28, 2020 (Season 3 Soon)

 (To ensure that the Quality of Season 3 is up to standard. We have chosen to delay it)
 - Added Ability to Publish Custom Assets (KR Cost due to Server Cost. Voting coming soon)
 - Added Support for Normal Maps to 3D Assets (Requires High Lighting Setting)
 - Added option to view all missing skins in your Inventory (Use Filter)
 - Final Free KR Rework (Reduced Amounts for Players under Level 20)
 (Influx in new Users is cause for inflation. High Level accounts KR amounts havent changed)
 - Fixed Player Count in Social Games List
 - You can now add descriptions to your Games/Maps
 - Updated Social Game Page
 - Added My Games Tab to Social
 - Can now Publish a Game from Social
 - Custom Assets can now be used in Custom Maps/Games
 - Added Prop Object to Editor (Load Custom 3D Model. .mtl support soon)
 - Added Reload Speed setting to custom servers
 - Added Moddable CSS Files
 - Added New Taunt to Prophunt


May 24, 2020

 - Optimized Market Purchases
 - New Free Spin
 - Fixed Unable to Decline issue in Trade mode
 - Added ability to search for players by name in Social
 - Redesigned Social Game List


May 23, 2020

 - New Free Spin
 - Free KR is now every 3 Hours (KR Inflation is becoming a problem)
   (18 Million Free KR is introduced into the Economy every Day)
 - Added New Spray
 - Optimized Trade Mode FPS a bit
 - Added Trade History to Social
 - Fixed issues with Trade mode
 - Added more Stats to Map Page (More Stats coming soon)
 - Added Server List to Map Page (All Server hosted on this map)
 - Maps are now Called Games
 - Added Texture Offset option to the editor
 - Disabling Killfeed now works with Old Scoreboard


May 21, 2020

 - New Free Spin
 - Trade will now automatically start when two players send each other a request
 - There is now a 5 second timer after both users accept a trade
 - Fixed issues with Trade mode
 - Fixed Twitch Streams not showing up (again)
 - Fixed issues causing players to merge together
 - Fixed issues with accepting clan members


May 20, 2020 (Happy Birthday Krunker)

 - New Free Spin
 - Level 20+ can now bid on billboards
 - Added Trade Mode (Official Trade Hub Servers Soon)
 - Can now Trade in real time with other Players (Host Trade Mode)
 - Voice chat is now Spatial
 - Can Promote Custom Server to show up at the top
 - Improved Free KR Odds for higher level accounts
 - Can now see Estimated value of trades
 - Fixed End Leaderboard Scrolling
 - Added ability to easily decline trades
 - Added more Frankfurt Servers
 - Can now see Voice Icon on Player when they Speak in Game
 - Added total incoming trades to trade screen
 - Updated Trade responses
 - Fixed Trade window covered by Ad issue
 - Added Premium and Verified Zones to Map Editor for Map Makers
 - Optimized Trades
 - Fixed secondary weapon requirement in Ranked
 - Fixed gif images on Custom Reticle


May 14, 2020

 - Increased Free KR values
 - New Free Spin
 - Fixed Twitch Streams not showing up
 - Level 20 + Players can now Trade
 - Premium Members can trade up to 10 items
 - Fixed visual issues with Trading UI


May 13, 2020

(Level requirement for trading will be set to level 20 after tomorrow.)
 - Added more info to nventory for Collectors.
 - Added Trading Option to Social (Only Verified users can use it during the test period)
 - Free KR is now a Free KR Spin (chance to win a lot of KR)
 - Added Server Ppgrades Option to Custom Games: 40 player lobbies (Experimental, Tickrate coming soon)
 - Fixed Ranked Player Limit
 - Ladders now have an emissive option
 - Added Hit Infication Color Setting


May 8, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - Increased Max Slide Control to 6 (Work in Progress)
 - Fixed Map testing bug
 - Players on Social are now included in Player Count
 - You can now see Hacker Tagged accounts in your clan list
 - Added Render Distance Setting
 - Added Low End Lighting Setting
 - Fixed Premium Icon alignment on End Board
 - Added Setting to disable shinyness on your weapons
 - Fixed Guest Chat issue
 - Increased Comp Server Tickrate
 - Added Dispatch events to the editor, "objectAdded", "objectRemoved", 


May 6, 2020

 - Added confirm popup to Premium Purchase
 - Verified players can now host 20 player lobbies
 - Guests can now host 6 player lobbies
 - Limited Display Names changes to once per day
 - Fixed Slide Control in Map Testing
 - Added 'Show Real Hitbox' setting to the Editor (Kudos to Jakob)
 - Added Nametag Opacity setting
 - Added Show Popup Score setting


May 5, 2020

 (The Spin Error 3 issue is being fixed)
 - Can now claim Free KR every 2 hours
 - Added Krunker Premium: Display Names, Bonus Rewards & More (Work in Progress)
 - Added Number display formatting to KR values
 - Fixed Spin issues
 - Added Slide Control into settings
 - Fixed in-game Mod issues
 - Added 2 new shortcuts to the Editor
 - Added Copy Map button to the Editor


May 4, 2020

 - Fixed Invalid Client error
 - Fixed Editor spawnpoint issue
 - Added Logo support to mod zips (textures/logo.png)
 - Added Unlimited Texture Mod Support to Custom Maps
 (Filenames are custom_ID, ID being whatever you set in the map)
 - Fixed /kick & /ban commands


May 2, 2020

 - Fixed Spin Error 1 Bug
 - Fixed Players randomly appearing at low ping
 - Fixed Interface Ids in the Editor


April 30, 2020

 - Added more Frankfurt Servers
 - Added New Free Spin
 - Fixed Teleporters
 - Fixed 2FA display issue
 - Added Fire Rate setting to custom servers
 - Added Slide Control & Slide time setting to custom servers
 - Fixed mod texture loading issue
 - Re-Organized Host Menu
 - Anti Cheat Changes
 - Added several new In-Game mods
 - Added XP Bar to Clan Window
 - Added Error Popup to spins
 - Can no longer spawn into ranked unless you're logged in
 - Items listed by hackertagged accounts will now be cleared from the market automatically


April 28, 2020

 - (More FPS Optimizations coming soon)
 - Added Featured mods tab
 - FPS Optimizations (More coming soon)
 - Anti Cheat Update
 - Added new Textures to Editor: Grain & Fabric
 - Added new Setting: Dynamic Shadows (WIP)
 - Removed On/Off Text from Radio Buttons
 - Exposed Editor to public scope (T3D)
 - Optimized Sounds


April 24, 2020

 - (FPS Optimizations next update)
 - Fixed issue where you get stuck walking up ramps
 - Added option to change your password once logged in
 - Added Chat Filter Setting
 - Moved all chat related settings into new category
 - Fixed some spawntraps and glitches on Oasis
 - Fixed UI Reload Animation


April 23, 2020

 - Added Map Info on Host Menu
 - Added new Rotation Map: Oasis (Layout Test)
 - Fixed CTF issue with flag desync
 - Removed King of the Hill mode from rotation
 - Anti Cheat Update
 - Fixed glow effect on melees
 - Fixed Audio issues again
 - Fixed Reticle not resetting (Gungame)
 - Fixed Swapping animation in Gungame / with Pickups
 - All Weapons are available in customs now


April 22, 2020

- Fixed Bullet Tracer & Sound Positions
- Fixed RGB Dye preview Image
- Added Dynamic Routing setting (smart routing)
- Moved Silicon Valley and Frankfurt to new Servers


April 21, 2020

 X Moved Frankfurt and New York to new Server Provider
 (If you still get the same ping or worse, its a routing issue.
  It will be fixed soon)
 - Anti Cheat Update
 - Added bot prevention to market
 - Bandwidth Optimization
 - Added new Spray
 - Fixed Market issues
 - Added new Unobtainable Dye
 - Added new Pistol Skin


April 19, 2020

(FPS Issues are still being addressed. Please be patient)
 - Moved Singapore Region to new Server Provider
   (Other Regions coming soon)
 - Added new Region: India
 - Fixed Social Page issue
 - Fixed player regions on social


April 18, 2020

 (We are rolling out all new regions and servers over the coming days)
 - Anti Cheat Update (Work in Progress. Will be improved over time)


April 17, 2020

 - Shotgun Range Nerf
 - Fixed issue causing Speed Display to show NaN
 - Reduced Billboard Time to 2 Hours
 - Added chat to Popup Twitch Embed
 - Simplified Host game UI (WIP)
 - Free KR can now be claimed by lower levels
 - Free KR can now be claimed more frequently (WIP)
 - Chatting now requires Level 5
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added new Hat to Spins


April 15, 2020

- Fixed One in the Chamber Leaderboard
- Fixed Match voting UI
- Disabled Pickups in One in the Chamber
- Realigned Spectate Player Numbers


April 15, 2020

 - Optimized Medals
 - Optimized Reticles
 - Fixed Spectating UI not updating
 - Spectating Numkeys are now fixed per player
 - Fixed Explosion Particle Shading
 - Added flip command
 - Added One in the Chamber gamemode


April 13, 2020

- Easter Event has Ended
- Added ability to customize Billboards further
- Added Billboard preview
- Fixed gifting KR
- Added 'Clear Player Loadout' to Trigger actions
- Added 'Require Kills' option to Gates
- Destroy Interface can now open gates


April 11, 2020

 - Fixed issues with Eggs
 - Added Easter Eggs Back
 - Added a few more Eggs
 - Updated Egg Hunt Leaderboard
 - Fixed Chat messages not sending
 - Event keywords added to market search
 - Map config now properly updates on import
 - Optimized Popup Score & Checkpoint Text


April 10, 2020

 (Servers have been under a lot of load. We will be upgrading them soon)
 (We are also aware of the hackers. It should be resolved soon)
 - Fixed Map Load Error for Customs
 - Added more Singapore Servers
 - Added Easter Themed Spin for Limited Time
 - Added Several Easter Themed Items & Skins
 - Added Egg Hunt Leaderboard
 - Moved Input Sending to Main Loop
 - Added Easter Eggs around all Maps
 - Reverted Map Export Optimizations
 - Fixed Ads on Social


April 9, 2020

 - Removed Kanji from Rotation
 - Fixed spectate interpolation to not be as snappy on high fps
 - Added ability to bid on billboards (WIP)
 - Fixed name not showing after spectating
 - Streams now pop-up on click
 - Fixed issue on Undergrowth
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added Wallbangs to Killcard Stats, Social & Profile
 - Reduced Pistol Spread
 - Bandwidth Optimization
 - Added Model Scaling to Editor
 - Reduced max FPS Cap to 1200
 - Added more Singapore & Frankfurt servers
 - Map Export Optimizations
 - Fixed Scope scaling issue
 - Optimized Hitmarkers
 - Particles now render while Spectating


April 6, 2020

 - Fixed glitch where scope shows in third person spectating
 - Fixed Chat not focusing when pressing enter on client
 - Crosshair now hides when scoped in as a spectator
 - Aligned country flags on spectate screen
 - Fixed glitch on Undergrowth
 - Client Fixes
 - Fixed Weapon Swap glitch
 - Added more Singapore servers


April 5, 2020

 - Fixed Account Registering
 - Fixed Chat issues
 - Minor Visual changes to sandstorm
 - Fixed Ramp collision on Undergrowth
 - Added country flags to spectate player screen
 - Slightly reduced shotgun range again


April 5, 2020

- Server fixes


April 4, 3030

 - Lower Levels can now access Free KR
 - Fix name flash when spectating
 - Limiting FPS no longer affects ping
 - Optimized Bandwidth: data send reduction
 - Optimized Scope rendering
 - Fixed Scope rendering on spectate
 - Fixed clan display on Spectate Card
 - Can now Pick your Country to represent on your profile (Optional)
 - Small layout changes to Sandstorm


April 4, 2020

 - Fixed Free KR issue (Might not work still)
 - Optimized Bandwidth: Leaderboard updates only once per tick
 - Optimized Bandwidth: Team Scores update only once per tick
 - Added Level display to Spectate Display
 - Performance Improvements
 - Added Password protection to Comp Servers
 - Added more Frankfurt Servers
 - Scope now shows on First Person Spectating
 - Added bullet tracer setting
 - Fixed Social Page not Loading


April 3, 2020

 - First Person Spectating is now Default
 - Added Aim/Zoom to First Person Spectating
 - Fixed Failed to Load message
 - Optimized Damage Overlay
 - Fixed Issue with Comp Server Regions
 - Fixed Spectating Display Icon Location and Disappearing
 - Added more Servers to Singapore Region
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Optimized Spectating Screen
 - Adjusted Vote Kick system to require less votes
 - Removed scripts that aren't used

v2.1.3 (Free KR is still being fixed)

April 2, 2020

 - Added ESports Tab to top Right Menu
 - Hide Spectate Crosshair when opening TAB Window
 - Hitmarkers & DMG now show while spectating
 - Layout Fixes on Citadel
 - Updated class icon while spectating
 - Added more Challenges
 - Increased LMG jump height a bit
 - Added Dedicated Competitive Krunker Servers (High Tickrate).
   (Reserved for Weekly Tournaments for now)
 - Reverted Websockets to old version
 - Added 2 Sprays
 - Added Random option to Weapon Pickups
 - Fixed Sugarbear Dye image
 - Added more Servers to Miami and Frankfurt Region
 - Added new Sniper Skin
 - Added new Challenge level


March 31, 2020

 - Made Citadel lighter
 - Added several new Skins
 - Adjusted Citadel Hardpoints
 - Changes to Site on Undergrowth
 - Layout changes to Undergrowth
 - Added basic first person spectating (WIP: Better sync etc)
 - Added Global Object Hook for player infos: health etc
 - Fixed Voice chat Volume
 - Roll command is now accessible to everyone
 - Fixed Spin preview for Shattercore skin
 - Added setting to disable Discord Intergration in the Client


March 29, 2020

 - Added new Pistol Skin
 - Added Attachment selector to Customize screen
 - Clan tag now shows on new killfeed
 - Added Player Info to menu screen
 - Fixed bug with FPS drop after changing certain settings
 - Added Screenshake setting
 - Optimized several Rotation maps
 - Very slight range nerf on Shotgun
 - Reworked UZI Spread
 - Fixed FPS Limiting (Kudos to Cuff)
 - Fixed Volume Settings
 - Fixed glitch spots on Undergrowth and Shipyard
 - Slight layout changes to Citadel
 - Made citadel a bit brighter overall
 - Added Secondaries to Market / Inventory Filters
 - Fix disconnects for large map uploads
 - Added Share button to Social to copy profile links
 - All profile links now open in a new tab on Social
 - Fixed Spectate Cam rotation issue


March 27, 2020

 - Server Optimizations
 - Map loading Optimization
 - Added several new skins
 - Improved Hitreg
 - Lag compensation can now be set from 0-1
   (1 Recommended, 0 Pre Update)
 - Krunker Store Redesign
 - Fixed Rubberbanding issues
 - Fixed Ban/Votekick feature
 - All chat messages now affected by background setting
 - Added weapon names to in-game display
 - Updated Map Page design
 - Slight performance increase
 - New Free spin


March 26, 2020

 - New Symptom of Krunkitis: Dry Cough
 - Krunkitis icon now shows on leaderboards and endboard
 - Increased max sound volume in Map Editor to 2
 - Added Stalker Scream sound to sound triggers
 - Player now appears green in menu preview once infected
 - Added option to disable Rarity animations (Rainbow)
 - Updated Map Display Page
 - Fixed spelling on Citadel
 - Updated Websockets
 - Server Optimizations
 - FPS Optimizations
 - Added new Soundscape to Citadel
 - Fixed gate glitch on Citadel
 - Added more content creators to list
 - Added 'Emit From' to Broadcast Sound Trigger action
 - Fixed Krunkitis chart Issues
 - Added Kick Spectators Button to the Player List (Host only)
 - Spectating now works in Test mode
 - Fixed custom textures in the Model Viewer
 - Fixed leaving clan issue
 - Fixed 3D button not working in Itemsales on Social
 - Optimization to all Rotation Maps
 - Added New Challenge level
 - Focus Object is now disabled while in Face Selection Mode in the Map Editor


March 24, 2020

 - Added new Map: Citadel
 - Fixed issue with Muzzle Flash not showing
 - First case of Krunkitis Reported (Reports say its
   contracted by physical contact)
 - Added more Challenges
 - Cardboard Box & Pallet can now be used in Prophunt
 - Fixed Cone height in Prophunt
 - Fixed Level Progress on Social Profiles
 - Added Secondary Skins
 - Optimized Liquids rendering
 - Added several new Weapon Skins
 - Fixed some skins not equipping
 - Added Wallbang icon to killfeed
 - Updated Market UI
 - Added 'Full Cone' option to Lightcones in the Editor
 - Added Moving Texture support to Lightcones in the Editor
 - Added 'Disable History' setting to the Editor
 - Editor Rotation Snapping now allows below 5
 - Added 'Sound Emitter' to the Editor
 - Added 'Broadcast Sound' Action to Triggers
 - Added Object Animations Setting
 - Removed unobtainables from spins (Coming Back soon!)
 - Updated Interface Id Warning in the Editor
 - Map Editor Optimizations
 - Added Losses to Killcard Stats
 - Map Object limit is now seperated into Collidable & Non-collidable
   (Collidable Object Limit: 3500 (6000 for Verified Users))
   (Overall Object Limit: 5000 (7500 for Verified Users))
 - Spawn points no longer count towards the object limit in the Editor
 - Added More Information to the Editor
 - Added More options to Sky in the Editor


March 21, 2020

 - Added Liquids system to Editor (WIP: Improved Animation/Texture)
 - Added Checkmark in end-board for verified players
 - Rainbow Colors added to Spin for Unobtainable rarity
 - Particle System overhaul in Editor
   (Work in Progress: Emitters, Animation, Randomization)
 - Added Particle Render Distance setting
 - Updated Menu Logo a bit
 - Added shading to in-game Health Bar
 - Added new Clutter Objects to Map Editor
 - Added new Skins
 - Kill Messages now use chat settings while using Old Leaderboard
 - Face Selection Mode key is now bindable in the Editor
 - Fixed Consent window
 - Fixed Spawn trap on Lostworld


March 20, 2020

 - Fixed rubberbanding issues
 - Changed Unobtainable color to Rainbow
 - Show the level color as part of the reward on challenges
 - Mobile UI Layout Changes and new Button Designs
 - Adjusted Mobile Joystick Sensitivity
 - Second shot of shotgun now has different spread
 - Minor changes to Lostworld
 - Added Screenshot gradient setting to the Model Viewer
 - Added new Map Prop: Cardboard Box
 - Added 4 new Skins
 - Fixed Social Nav button sound
 - Added 'Face Selection Mode' to the editor (Press /)


March 19, 2020

 - Drastic Bandwidth Optimization at Higher FPS
 - Added 8 new Skins
 - Added new Sprays
 - Added Solo, Duo, & Quad Ranked to Killcard Stats
 - UI changes for level requirements / login requirements
 - Autoload Mod no longer saves Custom Map mods
 - Removed Deagler from Social Class Stats
 - Challenges now require level 30
 - Fixed Chat issues
 - Fixed item preview issues


March 18, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added new Challenge Levels
 - Fixed Challenges display issue NaN
 - Visual & Layout changes to Lostworld
 - Fixed Spawntrap on Lostworld
 - Added 3 new Skins
 - Fixed out of map spots on Lostworld
 - Upgraded Scarlet AK to Contraband
 - Fixed Empty Custom game issue (Server issue)
 - Fixed killfeed with special characters issue in Chat
 - Added new Content Creators to in-game list
 - Removed Extra pistol challenge on level 17
 - Fixed leave / kicked by vote server messages
 - Added Banned & Kicked to server messages
 - Fixed Issue with Terrain
 - Fixed Casual Winner Challenge in Challenge Level 2
 - Fixed Juggernaut Challenge
 - Headhunter challenge was changed to Headshot Kills
 - Challenges now require level 25
 - Added back Market Music with a button to disable it
 - Killcard Score now matches your Popup Score color


March 17, 2020

 - Adjusted some challenges & Added another level
 - Added new Skins
 - Added new default Sprays
 - Made chat scrollbar always visible
 - Fixed chat not scrolling on end screen
 - Chat always scrolls to bottom when in game
 - Fixed issue with killfeed staying forever
 - Fixed Player Social Page tabs
 - Added new Rotation Map: Lostworld
 - Fixed Market purchase issue
 - Overlapping ramp collision fix
 - Limited some Items
 - Removed Market Music


March 16, 2020

 - Updated Victory/Defeat/Draw Design on End Screen
 - Added Highest and Lowest current market price to item info page
 - Added Current Number on Sale display to item info page
 - Fixed Spray IDs for new Sprays
 - Added new Skins
 - Added new Youtubers to Creator List on Menu
 - Verified SCTE clan
 - Particle Optimization for Bullet Impact Particles
 - Fixed Stutter issue after 800fps
 - Added Setting to hide Spectate Count
 - Adjusted end screen UI
 - Added scrolling to in-game chat
 - Added Profile Tabs to Social Profile Page
 - Score counter now resets after each match
 - Fixed issue with counters positioning
 - Fixed Trade popup typo
 - Social profile design changes
 - Fixed Vote to kick key being incorrectly displayed
 - Increase Points Gained in King of the Hill
 - Added 'Disable Warnings' setting to the Editor
 - Updated Customize UI
 - Updated Itemsales UI
 - Updated Market UI
 - Changed Saving method for Challenges to fix progress bug
   (This will reset your current level)


March 14, 2020

 - Added setting for old leaderboard style/layout
 - Added new Skins
 - Added new Dye
 - Fixed challenges bug with Killstreak challenges
 - Fixed Kill Player Trigger action
 - Fixed Vote kick issues
 - Fixed Nametags in Prophunt
 - Reset Scoreboard & Playerlist Keybinds
 - Added Headshots to Killcard Stat
 - Added King of the Hill gamemode (WIP)
 - Added 6 new Challenge Levels (More coming soon)
 - Added Lag Comp setting back (For now until hitreg is fixed)
 - Fixed Spawn undefined issue
 - Added Billboards to Subzero
 - Fixed Ads issue
 - Added Disable Borders Host option
 - Added 3 New Sprays to Spins
 - Added Show Hands setting
 - Added Nametag Health Number setting
 - Minor weapon swapping Optimization
 - Minor Social Visual changes


March 12, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin to Store (New one every update to support different creators)
 - Reduced Server Freeze Issues (Ping Spikes)
 - Added some Challenges (WIP: More coming soon. Including
   unlockable skins & More Levels & Challenge Level affects color of level display)
 - Level Display changes color based on challenge level
 - Adjusted CTF Spawns to be more balanced
 - Verification Icons now show in-game
 - Added Unlockable Dyes to the Game (Test)
 - Can now Press Enter to submit Search on Market
 - Added ability to sort inventory on market
 - Separated Chat & killfeed
 - Shotgun now has a consistent spread (WIP)
 - Sawn-Off now has a consistent spread (WIP)
 - Added several new Community Skins
 - Added new Weapon skins
 - Added new Cosmetics
 - You can now access the menu after the match has ended (On end screen)
 - Client now clears cache every update to fix FPS issues
 - Fixed Placeholders in the editor for future saves
 - Added two new settings to the Editors image importer
 - Added /roll command to Chat Commands
 - Adjusted Arm Positioning
 - Shadowban Anti Cheat (Will be more aggressive after
   enough accounts have been flagged)
 - Updated CTF in-game info about flag location
 - Flag position is now updated every 2 seconds in CTF
 - Added Billboards to all Rotation Maps
 - Fixed Ad covering Buttons/Content
 - Reworked Crosshair Opacity settings
 - Added back Always Show Crosshair Setting
 - Added Warning Popups to Editor
 - Added Interface/Trigger Loop Limit (To fix performance issue with custom maps)
   (This limit may be removed at a later time if its not the cause of the perfomance drop)
 - Fixed Nametag "Team Only" setting not working in FFA
 - Editor Optimizations
 - Fixed Texture scaling on Planes
 - Spins are no longer interrupted by match starting or ending
 - Added Krunkies to Killcard Stat
 - Adjusted padding on some UI elements
 - Removed Lag Compensation setting
 - Fixed Issue causing you to Aim/Shoot when clicking to exit the menus
 - Can now see when other players reload
 - Slight animation adjustment
 - Added "Render Faces" setting to Cubes in the editor
 - Added Scale Snapping Setting in the editor
 - Added Headshots stat
 - Mobile Control fixes
 - Controller no longer vibrates if its not active
 - Added Mobile Settings
 - Added Gradual Speed setting to Mobile & Controllers
 - Unobtainable items can now be received from spins
 - Clicking Version number now opens in-game changelog
 - Added Challenge Level to Social Leaderboards
 - Social Visual changes
 - Replaced Top right Leaderboard with Killfeed
   (Leaderboard now accessible while pressing TAB (can be rebound))
   (Playerlist now changed to ALT (can be rebound))
 - Fixed Player LOD (Will break maps that took advantage of this not working properly)
 - Fixed Map List not allowing you load specific maps
 - Adjusted Player UI (Level Display in-game)
 - Added new Youtubers to Menu List
 - Fixed Kill counter showing when its disabled
 - Added Losses to Social profile
 - Decreased Crossbow reload time
 - Added Message when a player leaves
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