This is a list of all Krunker updates between v3.0.0 and v3.9.9. Visit Change Log for updates between the initial release to v1.9.9.1. Visit Change Log V2+ for updates between v2.0.0 and v2.9.9.


February 20,2021

- Added 4 new KPD Officers
- Suspect is now Shown Separately in Alt Menu for KPD
- KPD Officers are now Rewarded KR for responding to Calls
  (Must deal with call properly to earn KR)
- Streamlined KPD System: Simpler banning process
- Added Minimum time KPD must be in Server to make decision (Level Dependant)
- Fixed issue where Team 3 & 4 cannot deal any damage
- Increased AI Max Chase Distance
- Fixed issue where AI randomly falls through floor
- Can now see DMG Dealt in Comp Servers end Screen
- Server Fixes
- Added Basic Aim Drag Crosshair
- Fixed Idle Sound not playing on AI


February 18,2021

(Please Test the movement Changes in the Comp Servers.
We are considering implementing it to Pubs as well. For a more
balanced experience.)

(KTV now selects random streamers that are currently live)

(FaceIT Delayed due to Technical issues & to ensure Quality)

- Updated Burg Layout (Public Layout Test) Thx MoonJuice
  (Visuals are a work in progress)
- Added new Free Spin
- Added 2 New KPD Officers
- Removed /flip Command
- KTV now shows a Random Krunker Streamer
- Can now use Knife and Weapon Skins in Comp Servers
- Added Copy on Rightclick to Alt Menu for KPD
- Added Keep Team Score Setting
- Added more Map Making Tutorial Videos to Editor
- Fixed Raid Timer Showing NaN:NaN
- Added AI Pathnodes to Editor
- Added Path Settings to AI in Editor
- Added Decimal Points to Ocean Y Offset
- Added SSAO Shader to Settings (WIP)
- Added Bloom Shader to Settings
- Added Teleporter Connections to the Editor
- Added Team Name & Damage Settings for all possible teams
- Texture Rotation now uses Degrees 0-360 instead of 0-2
- Renamed onEnter to onEnterObject
- Fixed issue where Reflection Resolution doesnt use map value
- Added onExitObject Trigger Event
- Added Skybox Emissive Texture Option to Editor
- Fixed issue where AI deals Damage to Self
- Healing AI no longer makes it target you
- Fixed "Error Occurred" when Publishing a Map
- Fixed AI with Team not being able to Trigger anything in Team Modes


February 16,2021

(FaceIT Delays expected)
- Added new Free Spin
- Added More Limited Items to the Item Shop
- Added New Skins/Items to Spins
- Weapon & Class Config now Loads when Quick-Hosting from Editor
- Can no longer heal Trigger Objects
- Adjusted Jump Multiplier to 1.005 on Comp Servers
- Reduced Rubber-banding a bit
- Fixed Speed issue on Pirate Template
- Fixed issue where Crossbow shoots 2 shots after certain config changes
- Added Aim Drag Speed Value to Player Config in Editor
- Added Option to AI to toggle if they Attack other AI
- Added Target Players Option to AI (Toggle)
- Fixed issue where changing shotgun ammo in config breaks it
- Added Classindex as a Trigger Condition
- Bullet Dropoff no longer allows for Healing
- Added lock icon on Non-Tradable items in trade window
- Added Objective Duration Setting to Server Config
- Healing now shows Heal Value in Green Text
- Fixed issue where Ambient sound stops after 1 round
- Increased AI Projectile Max Speed and Damage
- Cleaned up Server Preset/Config in Editor (Categorized)
- Added Sound Falloff to Weapon Config in Editor
- Added Class Specific Turn Speed setting
- ADS now zooms while Third Person + Shoot to Camera is Enabled
- Added Crouch Move Speed Multiplier to Player Config
- Categorized Class Config in Editor (Per Class)
- Renamed Played Settings to Gameplay Settings in Editor
- Added Minimum Chase distance to AI (Custom Pathing coming soon)
- Added Spread Slider to AI Shooting Section (Spread/Accuracy)
- Add Play Animation Trigger Action (AI Only for now): Interface ID, Clip Name
- Added Material Subsection to Editor Objects (WIP)
- Added Crouch Animation Channel: Looping Animation like Move/Idle
- Added Shot Break Option to AI: (Stop Moving Time after shot)
- Fixed issue where AI doesn't roam when canHit is not Set
- Added Reflection Quality Setting
- Added Ocean Option to Editor (Includes Real-Time Reflections)
- Added Option to add Glow to AI Projectile
- Added Sound Distance Model to Sound Emitters


February 13,2021

- Added new Limited Store Items (Available for 1 Week)
- Added 3 new KPD Officers
- Added new Free Spin
- Weapon Damage can now Be Negative
- AI now Attack eachother if opposing teams
- Added Model Direction setting to AI in Editor
- AI movement is now smoother
- Cleaned up Player Settings Section in Editor with Categories
- Increased Player Menu width to fit longer names
- Added Ability to Delete Assets from My Assets Section in Editor
- Updated Character Animation Template
- Comp Servers now use Fixed Movement and 0.97 Slide Speed
- Updated Brick Texture Slightly
- Slightly Changed Editor Dropdown UI for better visibility
- Separated AI Attack Behaviour into 2 Sections: Melee & Shooting
- Added Melee Damage Setting to AI in Editor
- Added Melee Range Setting to AI in Editor
- Added Anim Speed Option to custom Player Model
- Added "Shoot to Camera" Player Setting to Editor (Shoots at Camera Direction)
- Updated Tutorials & Tips List Layout in Editor
- Fixed AI Nametag Y Position
- Increased AI View Distance
- Fixed AI not rotating when Hitting Player
- Fixed KR Fee displaying incorrectly on Hub
- Texture Assets no longer show in the Quick-Add Menu
- AI now Dies when going below Death Y
- AI Projectiles can now hit other AI
- Can now see other players Jump & Melee Animations
- Added ability to adjust Player Hitbox Size in Editor
- Can now Set Multiple Teams in Editor
- Added Closed Option to Ramps: Affects Visuals only for now
- Fixed issue with importing Custom Reticles & Scopes
- Updated Host Preset Saving & Loading
(Might break old host presets that contain class/weapon config)


February 10,2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added Several new Skins
- Increased Max Weapon Impulse Range from 500 to 2000
- Can now Add Animated Custom Player Model. Clips: Melee, Shoot, Idle, Walk, Jump
- Added Trigger Action to Set Custom Value on Player
- Can now Tie UI element to Custom Player Value
- AI Gravity now defaults to 1
- Added Melee Rate Option to AI in Editor
- Added Trigger Conditions to Editor (WIP)
- Added Different Animation Channels to AI: Melee, Shoot, Idle, Move (WIP)
- Added new Section to Guide: Play with Friends
- Can now Adjust Gravity and Jump force by 3 Decimal Places in Host Settings
- Adjusted Jump Height on Fixed Movement Slightly
- Clan Wars Kills now save when leaving
- Extended Clan War breaks to 2 weeks (After next one)
- Added Option to Publish from within Editor
- Server Fixes


February 7,2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added more Dallas Servers
- Added more Brazil Servers
- Added Lightbar Object
- Fixed issue with KR Sales on Weekends
- Weapon Impulse power can now be negative
- Raid Timer no longer forced to 6 Minutes
- Moonfeather Item now Emits Particles
- Increased Impulse Range max value from 100 to 500
- Added Fixed Movement Customs Setting to make Jumpheight and Acceleration FPS Independent (Test before Pubs)
- Default Slide Speed is now 0.96 in Comp Servers (Test before Pubs)
- Added ability to Login to Editor
- Added ability to View & Edit your own Maps in Editor
- Vaulted Items no longer show as limited but as: Vaulted
- Added Free KR Spin to Featured Spins Section in Store
- Fixed Spray Sorting in Customize Screen
- Added Search to Skin Selection Windows


February 5,2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added Experimental Setting to Potentially Fix Polling Rate Mouse Flick issue
- Added Slide Speed Adjuster to Host Settings
- Deaths no Longer count during warmup
- Added New Unob Item to Spins
- Fixed Please Try Later Trading issue
- Added Krunker India Scrim Discord Link
- Moved Light-Cones and Point Light to new Subsection: Lights
- Fixed issue where Real Hitbox is shown after Baking in Editor
- Added Roam Radius/Time Settings to AI in Editor
- Removed Slight Bobbing animation from AI Bots
- Slightly reduced Revolver Firerate
- Added New Setting: Tracer Offset
- Fixed Join Button on Steam Client
- Fixed Issue with AI Names not showing sometimes


February 3,2021

- Added Several new Skins
- Added Basic Help Guide to Menu (WIP)
- Added 5 new KPD Mods
- Fixed Loading issue on Steam Client
- Fixed issue with Client Game Instances being Created when not needed
- Fixed Sales Charts on Hub not working properly on 90d
- Fixed issue with Hosting & Test in Editor setting
- Fixed issue when setting aspect ratio negative
- Server Fixes


February 2, 2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added KR Sales (Every 2nd Weekend)
- Added Test in Editor setting (Opens test mode in the editor instead of new tab/window)
- Added Sale Count & estimated earning to Sales page in the Hub
- Updated Clan Page on Hub
- Reduced Comp Warmup time to 30 Seconds from 1 Minute
- Finished FaceIT Backend (Testing Phase Start)
- Optimized Hub Loading
- Hub feed now defaults to Global
- Fixed issue with AI limit 40 not working
- Fixed connection error when using other languages


January 30, 2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added more Limited items to Limited Store
- Added Item Type Display to Limited Store Popup
- Re-Enabled Direct Trading
- Increased Object Max Health Value from 20k to 50k
- Post to Hub Option now Off by default for Game/Map Updates
- Added Lock Icon to non Tradable Items
- Fixed Hover Stats on Item Charts in Hub
- Reduced Comp Server Warmup to 1 Min
- Replaced Stalker Jumpscare with Actual Scary one
- Increased Thumbnail max size from 100kb to 150kb
- Increased AI Limit from 35 to 40


January 28, 2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Server Optimizations
- Fixed issue with Throwing Melee not Spinning
- Fixed Purchase KR Button issue
- Slight Hub Optimization
- Fixed issue where certain destructible objects are desynced


January 27, 2020

- Fixed Server Crash
- Fixed AI Spawn issues
- Can now set Start Destroyed on AI Spawner
- Removed Auto AI Spawning from Boss AI (Use Triggers Instead)


January 26, 2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added new KPD Officers
- Fixed Spectate issue where players disappear on certain modes
- Made Edit Map button look better in My Games section
- Added Player to Player Collision Option to Editor (WIP)
- Added Disable Jump Option to Player Config in Editor
- Added Animated Weapon/Skin Type (WIP)
- Started AC Data Collection
- Added Limited Time Item Store
- Made Separators in Editor UI more Visible
- Renamed AI to AI Spawner in Editor
- Added on Nuke Trigger Events
- Added new Section to Object Dropdown: Zones
- Added Option to Change AI Projectile: Mesh, Spin Speed, Scale, Speed, Gravity
- Fixed Air Acceleration on Official Customs: Train
- Certain Dropdown Option are now Minimized by Default in Editor
- Fixed issue with Some Assets not Loading in the Editor: Rover etc
- Slightly Updated Store UI (WIP)
- Added Option to Spawn AI with Trigger Action
- Added Option to Adjust Hitbox size of AI
- Added Mesh Y Offset Option to AI


January 24, 2020

- Added new Free Spin
- Added Africa Pickup Discord Link
- Added Animation Template (Basic)
- Cosmetics are now Disabled in Comp Hosted Servers
- Added more Frankfurt Servers
- Added Several new Skins
- Updated Icons for Host Menu Options
- AI Attack Sound now Plays when it Melees
- Quick menu is now enabled by default in Editor (Middle click)
- Fixed Jumpscare Trigger Action not working
- Optimized Certain Modes (Player Render Distance)
- Clan Contract list is now Sorted by Time on Clan Page
- Clan war time now counts when you leave the lobby
- Must now be Level 30 to use challenge mode
- Fixed issue where onDamage is triggered even when Trigger is Destroyed
- Fixed issue with Animated Assets not working
- Creator Code used messages now show in Inbox again
- Turn Speed now Supports Decimal Values
- Added Trigger Action delay Option: Delays Execution of Action
- Updated Tutorial Section in the Editor
- Added Decimal Support for Asset Spin Speed
- Fixed issue where you have to Check + Uncheck Cylinder open-ended option
- Fixed spectating issue on Official 24/7 FFA Servers


January 21,2021

 Added new Free Spin
- Updated Host Menu to add more Options (WIP)
(Comp Server will have increased Tickrate; among other things)
- Updated Guide Page on Editor
- Added Basic Animation Support to Assets (WIP)
- Added Ability to change Weapon Icons in Editor
- Added Custom UI Tool to Editor (WIP)
- Added Click to Copy Link to Host Menu
- Added MMORPG Movement Scheme to Editor
- Added Obby Template to Editor
- Adjusted Ground and Air Accel in Editor to be more consistent
- Fixed issue with SRM Mode and Ramps Desyncing
- Fixed issue where you fall through spawns after Warmup
- Fixed Decel issue with SRM Mode
- Fixed Timer issues with Min Players
- Fixed Delete Mod Option
- Fixed issue with Liquid Speed
- Weapon + Class Config now Applies in Test Mode
- Action Value now Changes Explosion Power on Trigger Action
- Fixed Secondaries in Official Customs


January 17,2021

- Added 4 new KPD Officers
- Added Force Respawn to Official FFA Only Servers
- Player Preview now changes to Custom Model
- Added Pirates Template to Editor (WIP)
- Added Player Preview Scale setting to Editor Player Config
- Added ability to name teams in editor
- Template Screen is now the Default in the Editor
- Added Several new Items & Skins
- Added shot X and Y Dir Offset to Editor
- Added new Map/Game categories: (Tycoon & Mini-Games)
- Fixed issue with Clan Time + Kills not counting in Clan Wars
- Can now Delete your Maps & Mods
- Added Vote kicking to Official Customs (FFA only)
- Added Title Setting to Gameplay Privacy
- Added Explode Trigger Action
- Add knife Swap Button to Mobile Version
- Renamed Game Settings to Server Preset in Editor
- Asset List now shows more Assets in Editor
- Fixed KR Rewards not working on Certain Maps
- Fixed Issue with Weapon & Class config
- Fixed AI Trigger actions not saving in Editor
- Fixed Scrim Server Links not working in Esports Tab
- Fixed issue when importing Signs in the Editor


January 15,2021

- Fixed issue with Work Mode showing up when Typing in chat/password/username
- Added Region to Official Customs on Legacy Browser
- Empty Servers now fall to the bottom on New Server Browser
- Added Cast/Receive Shadow Setting to Assets in Editor
- Model Assets can now contain a class icon
- Added 4 new KPD Officers


January 14,2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added Several new Sprays
- Speed Display now only accounts for Horizontal Velocity
- Added yOffset setting to Player Model Asset
- Added Hide Game Button: Pretend youre doing Work
- Changed CPMA Movement to SRM (Sakura Race Mode)
  (Added Helper UI & Dashing & Ramp Sliding)
- Added SRM Map Template to Editor
- Added Option to Pick unique Custom Asset Model per class
- Fixed issue with minPlayers setting not being respected
- Added Popups to Can't Afford Screen
- Fixed Score icon not updating when score resets
- Fixed issue with Speedrun UI overlapping with Spectate UI
- Fixed Turn Speed not working on high FPS for vehicles
- Fixed issue where you fall through floor when teleporting to checkpoint
- Fixed issue with Undefined showing on legacy browser
- Increased Max Turn Speed Value from 3 to 5 in editor
- Updated TOS around Hosting


January 10,2021

- Fixed issue with Timer in Bhop mode
- Added Host Setting: Log Time (Speed Run UI)
- Added Asset Rotation Setting for Player Model (Editor)
- Added More Player Settings to Editor: Decel, Accel etc
- Reset Key is now Mappable on Parkour Mode
- Fixed Delay when Resetting on Parkour Mode
- Added Teleport to Active Checkpoint Option to Teleporters
- Added Setting to hide Explosions
- Added Explosion setting to Moddable Settings
- Added Moddable Check-Point Sound
- Added Vehicle Template to Editor
- Added Moddable Reset Sound on Parkour
- Added KDR Counter Option: UI
- Added Speed Lines to Moddable Settings
- Added another map to Defuse Rotation
- Added super basic Vehicle Preset to Movement Presets (WIP: Glitchy)
- Speed Run Display now Supports Hours
- Fixed issue with Hitmarker not working in spectate mode on Raid
- Added Highscores Tab to Map Page (WIP)
- Disabled bobbing animation with Custom Asset
- Renamed Dialogue Volume Category to Action Volume
- Fixed issue where Team AI attacks own team on TDM


January 8,2021

- Added new Free Spin
- Added Several new Skins
- Added new KPD Officers
- Fixed issue where Trigger Charge KR Per Action when multiple actions are applied
- Can now upload an image to use as a skybox instead of having to use a mod
- Added Speedrun UI to Parkour/Race Mode: Use scorezones
- Increased Sign Limit from 30 to 35
- Time now Increases in Parkour Mode: Own Time
- Official Customs dont count towards CW Contracts anymore
- Can now Reset to Start in Parkour Mode by Pressing: B


January 8,2021

- Added Several new Skins
- Added Default Region Only Setting for Server Browser
- Adjusted Server Browser to be Grouped by Regions
- Fixed player count on games list in-game
- Fixed Legacy Browser searching
- Removed Christmas Decorations
- Optimized Official Race Maps
- Added ability to search by Region or Mode in new Server Browser
- Added Reset Mod Button to Mod Menu
- Fixed Lag issue with Build Blocks
- Clan War Contracts are now based on Time Played instead of lives: 4h per contract


January 6,2021

- Mode now shows on legacy browser
- Fixed Sorting of Servers in Browser


January 5,2021

- Server Browser Overhaul: Choose Modes more easily
- Updated Legacy Server Browser Setting (To use old Browser)
- Added new Skins
- Added new Free Spin
- Added Ability to Vote on next Official Custom Map between rounds
- Added Official FFA Only Servers (Constant FFA Lobbies to earn KR+XP)
- Added new Official Custom Maps (More will be added soon)
- Can now call KPD from Official Customs
- Fixed issue with Edit Map Button not working Properly from Hub
- Fixed issue where Popups are positioned wrong on the Hub
- Fixed issue with Certain Models loading in editor but not in-game
- Fixed issue with Ranked Challenges still being required
- Hub Leaderboards now Update more frequently
- Increased Market Listing Fee to 10%
- Fixed issue with Terms


January 1,2021

- Added Sydney to Official Customs
- Server Fixes
- Temporary Reduced KR earned from Official Custom Race Maps


December 31,2020

- Added Game Capture to Official Client
- Added new Free Spin
- Added Class Balance Survey: To Gather Feedback for Balancing the Meta
- Added Official Custom Servers: Hosted 24/7 (Earn KR Like Pubs)
- Added Appeals Popup when Singing into Tagged Account
- Added new Attachment: Acog (Req Class Level 20)
- Added Ban Log for Moderators to View Ban History (Increases Accountability)
- Multiple Trigger Actions
- Progress on Face-IT Integration
- Server Fixes
- Nuke will now always go off if called in near the end of the game
- Fixed issue with Gates not showing when map details is turned off
- Fixed issue with Hub Page not Loading in Thailand


December 26,2020

-  Fixed Disconnect issue on Customs
-  Removed Christmas Spin
-  Added Appeals Section to Appeal Bans to Contact Page
-  Added 8 new KPD/Moderators
-  Fixed issue with Test/Offline Mode
-  Clan Owners can now Add Link to Clan Discord
-  Increased "Tick" Rate for Spectating (KPD Only)
-  Fixed bug where class level isn't shown correctly
-  Fixed Free KR Bug where it gave the wrong value
-  Updated Freight Decorations


December 24,2020

- Added new KPD Officer
- Fixed Loading issue on Firefox and Mobile
- Fixed Sorting issue for KPD Calls
- Server Fixes


December 23,2020

(If you believe that you have been banned in error. Contact
(IP bans will start rolling out over the coming days)
(Clan Wars will be changed to be time based and not KDR Based)
- Start of IP Bans
- Added new Free Spin
- Added new KPD Officers/Moderators
- KPD Call list is now ordered by Trust Score
- Update KPD Call List so its easier to read
- Hacker Reports can now be reviewed more effectively by moderators
- Disabled KPD has joined Message
- Increased KPD Call limit from 10 per day to 20
- Fixed Auto Pistol Sound not Playing
- Reduced AK Firerate Slightly
- Fixed Christmas Spin Item Previews


December 21,2020

(We have hired 3 new Devs to Help out with the workload)
- Updated Terms & Conditions Surrounding Partner Payouts
- Added new Free Spin
- Added 9 new KPD Moderators/Officers (Applications being Reviewed still)
- Added Editor Button to main menu
- Added Roadmap to Changelog
- Added Basic Game Making Guide to Editor
- Replaced Default Option in Clan War Contracts with Blank
- Fixed Gravity issue with Flappy Bird Template
- Fixed issue with Post Option on Map updates
- Added Stretched Texture Setting to Cylinders in Editor
- Added new Movement Preset for Customs: CPMA (Strafing, BHop etc) (WIP)
- Fixed Sprite Invisible Issue on .io Preset
- Fixed issue where Reports are listed in the wrong order (For Moderators)
- Can now see all reports (For Moderators)
- You now earn more KR from winning clan wars
- Added Send Sound Trigger Action (Plays sound for 1 User)


December 15,2020

- Added new KPD Moderator
- Added 7 Day Option to Premium
- Added new Creator Scope: Sorable
- Added Search to Trade offers
- Added Force Transparency to More Objects
- Added Share button to Hub Posts
- Added more clan tag colors from clan wars
- Added Ramp to Build Tool (WIP)
- Removed Support Beam from Build Tool
- Updated Build Blocks to be Models instead of Cubes
- Readjusted Vote Kick Max Level (Now 20)
- Ranked Games no longer count toward clan war contract
- Server Browser now shows Games sorted by Region when in Play Mode
- Increase Premium Trade Item Limit to 15
- Game Creators can now Choose to Share update posts or not
- Fixed Woodstock Famas Preview
- Fixed Trigger Connections in the Editor
- Renamed "Shader Based Rendering" to "Instance Rendering"
- Minor Menu UI Changes
- Updated Mod zip (


December 13,2020

- Added New Skins
- Added more KPD Moderators
- Added Creator Scopes
- Added Scope & Scope Border Opacity settings
- Added Scope Border Color Setting
- Added Force Transparency Option to the Editor
- Added Social Post Linking from inbox
- Added Popup to Close Client
- Added Custom Maps Info to Main Menu
- Scope Width & Height now work with Animated Images
- Loadouts & Custom Scopes/Reticles are now exportable and importable with other settings
- Fixed issue with Deleting Scopes & Reticles
- Fixed Require Kills Interact Message on Pickups
- Updated Mod zip (


December 8,2020

- Added new Free Spin
- Added more KPD Moderators
- Added Custom Scope Preset Screen
- Added Scope Height/Width Setting
- Can now add Scope and Reticle Presets
- Can now add Animated/Frame Textures to Blocks in Editor
- Increased Asset Texture Size Limit
- GLTF Import Partial Fix
- Added Setting to Social to Hide Trade Messages


December 4,2020

- Added Charity Drop Items
- Added new Region: South Korea (Seoul)
- Minor Server Fixes
- Fixed issue where you can't withdraw KR from your map
- Removed Edit Map Button from Select Map Menu
- Added new Trigger Action: Clear Checkpoint
- When you come from a play link it only shows servers from that game/map


December 1,2020

(A third Person Aim Fix is being worked on)
- Added new Free Spin
- Categorized Inbox a bit More
- Fixed issues with Object Collision on Terrain (Trees etc)
- Added Basic Scripting UI to Editor (Script Support coming soon)
- Walls now Snap to other Walls better
- Walls now Rotate to View when placed on Terrain
- Slightly Increased Build Speed (Adjust Firerate on Buildtool Config)
- Added Force Team Spawn Setting
- Rocketeer now gets 75 points per kill
- Added Zone Height Setting to Editor
- Updated Mobile Default Settings
- Updated Ranked Button to ESports
- Chat is now Hidden on Mobile while in-game
- Fixed issue with Home Button not working on Mobile
- Fixed Reflecting Objects in the Editor
- Fixed Most Object Interactions on Mobile


November 27,2020

(We are still working with FaceIT to improve Anti Cheat
& to Provide a better Comp Experience)
- Fixed Embed issues on iFrames
- Added some new Skins
- Can now use Negative Values for X,Y,Z Speed in Editor
- Added Move Dir Value to Editor Player Config
- Fixed 2D Platformer Template
- Fixed Top Down Template
- Fixed issue where Score is still deducted if you cant build
- Added Texture to Building Blocks
- Added more Building Blocks to Survivor Class
(More Coming Soon)
- Can now Build on Terrain
- Start of Rolling out IP Bans
(Please keep Reporting hackers. It really helps)
- Added new KPD Officers
- Minor Server Fixes


November 24,2020

- FPS Optimizations
- Added more KPD Moderators
- Increased Payout Rates for Map/Game Creators from $0.50 PM to 0.80$ PM
- Added Team Setting to AI (Only works in Team Based Modes)
- Added Basic Builder Tool: Build Blocks in Customs (WIP)
(Full Customization Options coming soon + more blocks, stairs etc)
- Added Survivor Class to Customs (For later use)
- Added Collidable Setting to Ramps in Editor
- Fixed Stuck on Loading issue on some clients
- Added Fix for Virtual Controllers being Forced on
- Added Visibility Option to AI


November 21,2020

-  Moved Free KR to a new Ad Provider
-  Added Trigger Mastery to Black Market
-  When Hosting a Game with Select Teams Setting you now get unique Links to send to each team
-  Added more Quickstart Options/Templates to Editor (WIP)
(The templates will be improved over time)
-  Added Custom Movement Control Option to Editor (WIP)
(Allows for more control over movement in your Games/Maps)
-  Added Checkpoint support to Respawn trigger action
-  Added Override Jump Option in Editor Config
-  Player Sprites are now Loaded from Assets
-  Changed Minimum Value for Gravity to 0 in Game Settings
-  You can now see Current Player Count on the games list
-  Increased Max Values for Speed X,Y,Z in Editor
-  Clicking away from Free KR Popup hides it from future matches
-  Fixed Issue with Triggers Retaining Data after Round Reset


November 18,2020

- Added back Free KR (Reduced KR Rate)
- Added new Free Spin
- Added a few new Items
- Added 2 More Progress Bar Customization Settings
- Runner Class now has a shorter Charge-Up time for Throwing Knife
- Default Sprays are now considered Free items and have a stats page
- Fixed Issue with Mobile Controls not Working
- Fixed Spray Randomization
- Updated Guide Popup in Editor


November 17,2020

- Adjusted Lighting on Sandstorm a bit: Rebake
- Added a few new Skins
- Added Progress Bar Customization Settings
- Added Charge -Up Time to Knife Throw: Longer Charge = More Distance & Damage
(This is a test. It may change based on community feedback)
- Reduced Maximum Damage of Throwing Knife to 180 from 200
- Made Progress Bar Animation Smoother
- Minor Server Fixes


November 16,2020

- Added Separate Volume Slider for cosmetic sounds
- Added new Waist Item
- Added More Moddable Settings
- Added more KPD officers
- Fixed Shoot through wall issue on site
- Increased Weapon Offset Settings Max
- Updated Skins: Sad Noodle, Swipe Left
- Updated Skin Creator Listings


November 15,2020

== UPDATE 3.2.6 ==
- Fixed some issues with Skin Textures not loading
- Fixed Issue with some clients being stuck on Loading...


November 15,2020

(Start of Season 4)
More Items, Modes, Regions, Anti Cheat, Maps, Item Types and Features are coming very soon.
If you are experiencing frame drops; disable ambient shading in the settings.
Map Overhauls and Optimizations are being worked on as well
- Added 150+ New Hat Items
- Added 15+ New Face Items
- Added 60+ New Body Items
- Added 250+ New Weapon Skins
- Added 15+ New Melee Items
- Added new Black Market Item
- Added New Item Type: Shoes
- Added New Challenge Levels to Level 30
- Added New Rainbow Challenge Level Color
- Added more Creators to Krunk TV
- Added new Free Spin
- Added Free KR to Android App (Different Provider. IOS Soon)
- Added Edit Map Button in-game
- Added Wireframe Mode to Editor
- Added Wireframe Keybind to Editor
- Added new Map: Site (Test from Competition: More Soon)
- Added MTL Exporting to the Editor
- Added Hosting API: Preparation for FaceIT Integration
- Added Baked Lighting Option to Editor (WIP: Colors + Glow soon)
- Added 3D Item Preview when pressing (?) button in Inventory (in-game)
- Added 3D Item Preview to Spin Items Preview Icons
- Added Secondary back to Rocketeer
- Added Optimize Faces to Editor Optimizations Tab
- Added Reload Animation Y Setting
- Added Game URL to Popup when Publishing a Game/Map
- Added more info to Editor Dropdowns
- Added Texture Rotation option to the Editor
- Made Ambient Shading a Slider Setting
- Adjusted Lighting on all Rotation Maps (WIP Some glitches Expected)
(The lighting changes are a work in progress and will be improved/changed based on feedback)
- Merged Newtown into Littletown
- Removed FPS Sliding Completely
- Can now Scroll on 3D Item Preview to Rotate it in Spin Popup
- Can now use KR Triggers in Trade mode (Issue with G key Fixed)
- Increased Sign-Limit to 25
- Optimized initial Map Loading time
- Optimized Mobile Performance
- Optimized Map Export File Size
- Decreased LMG Reload time by 100ms
- Fixed Boost Pads on High Lighting
- Fixed Shotgun Glitch on Burg
- Fixed Ladder Bug on Burg and Lostworld
- Fixed Scaling issue with Uniform scaled objects in Editor
- Fixed Custom Group Editing in the Editor
- Fixed Texture Swapping in the Viewer
- Fixed All Shotgun Remodel Skins


November 5 , 2020

- Added new Free Spin
- Added more creators to Krunk TV
- Server Fixes
- Fixed Connection Error Issue
- Slight Decrease on LMG reload time
- Added Swap Animation Y Setting
- Increased Max and Min value for Weapon Rotation Setting


November 3 , 2020

- Clan Captains can now also deploy members to Clan Wars
- Added new Free Spin
- Fixed Issues with Brazil Region Servers
- Added more Creators to Krunk TV (More soon)
- Increased Price for Promoting a Server
- Added Global Option to Sound Emit event (Triggers)
- Fixed Social Captcha issue (Mobile & Web)


November 3 , 2020

- Fixed Invalid Reason Issue with KPD Applications
- KR Rewards are now Enabled when Auto Hosting a Game/Map
- Halloween Contrabands are now Tradable
- Server Upgrades now Show even when KR Rewards are enabled (Hosting)
- Slightly Increased Rocket Projectile Speed
- Server Fixes
- Moderator Tools Fixes


November 1 , 2020

- Opened KPD Applications (Manually Curated)
- Removed Soul Sanctum from Rotation (More Raids Later)
  (Rewards will be given out with Season 4 Release)
- Added Triggers Category to Assets
- Fixed Team Score Values on UI (For Team Modes)
- Added new Categories to Maps/Games
- Increased Asset Upload Limits to Assets/Images/Sounds
- KR Rewards are now Enabled by Default in the Host Menu (If available)
- Reduced Invalid Version issue
- Slightly increased aim time of Throwing Knife
- Server fixes


October 31 , 2020

- Added Blitz Gamemode to Customs
- Added Charity Drop Items
- Raid can now be Hosted in Customs (No Rewards)
- Fixed Collision issues with Jump-Pads
- Increased Jump-Pads collision height
- Editor Fixes


October 30 , 2020

- Optimized Rotation Maps
- Server Fixes
- Fixed Damage Color setting
- Fixed issues with Leaderboards not updating


October 28 , 2020

- Raids are Back! They will end on the 31st
  (Fastest Run will win a Reward)
- Increased Minimum DMG on RPG Explosion
- Added new Free Spin
- Added Custom Ambient Sound Button to editor
- Added Spin option to Showcase Objects
- Added Score Cost Option to Triggers
- Added Optimizations Section to the Editor
- Added Merge Colors Optimization to the Editor
- Added 3 New Player Trigger Events
- Added Dialogue Volume Category
- Added Comma separators to Giveaway values
- Updated Social Page Background
- Adjusted Default Settings
- Lowered default Gun Volume
- Reset Interface Trigger Action now works all Events
- Fixed issue where you auto join Private Lobbies
- Fixed Classes in KR Rewardable Games (Thx ALT F4)
- Fixed Destroy on Use Trigger option (Thx Xelciar)
- Fixed Require kills interact messages


October 26 , 2020

- Can now Change Images/Icons with Mod Packs
- Added new Free Spin
- Adjusted Default Settings
- Adjusted Spanish Translation
- Added Rotation Axis Option for Assets
- Fixed Prefabs not Loading issue
- Increased Collidable object limit for non verified players
- Fixed Issue with Total Earnings display on Partner Dashboard
- Fixed Issue with Hotkey Host commands working in KR-Reward Customs
- Fixed Spectating not working in Test Mode
- Changed 'Single Use' setting on checkpoints to read 'Once Per Player'


October 24 , 2020

- Updated Map/Game Policy Surrounding KR Additions
  (Map Makers have 24 hours to update their maps to comply before risking removal)
- Added Report button to Map/Mod Page
- Added Popup for KR Spending in-game
- Added Can't Afford text to KR Popup
- Added Japanese Language Setting (WIP)
- Minor Server Fixes
- Adjusted Spawns on Evacuation
- Added Option to Profile Settings to Delete Account


October 22 , 2020

- Added Host & Play Button to Game list on Hover
- Added Confirm Interact Keybind
- Added KR Action Cost to Triggers
- Added 'onInteractKey' Trigger Event
- Renamed 'onInteract' Event to 'onHoldMouse
- Moved Spectate Button
- Slight Menu Layout changes
- You can now Post Giveaway Posts: Last 12 Hours
  (Winner is chosen randomly from: followers and likes
- Slight changes to Mod List
- Fixed Map Hosting issu


October 19 , 2020

- Server Fixes
- Fixed Partner Icon on Social
- Fixed Hud Health Setting
- Reduced Clan War Lives to 100 (So it's less time consuming)
- Slightly Adjusted Game Selection Window
- Added Category Search to Map List
- Added KR Tab to Map List
- Added Giveaway Tab to Krunk Feed (Giveaway Posts Soon)


October 18 , 2020

(You can now Earn KR from certain Custom maps by enabling:Enable KR Rewards in the Host menu)
- Added Reward KR Trigger Action to Editor (Give Players KR in Custom Games)
- Custom Servers where you can Earn KR are shown with a Special Icon in the Server Browser
- Opened Referral Partner Applications for Level 20 and Above
(Earn money and KR from bringing new Players to Krunker)
- Raids Disabled: Will return on October 28
- Updated Mod Page Layout
- Updated Partner Dashboard a bit
- Renamed Camera Presets in Editor
- Total Partner Earnings Estimate for the month is now shown on Dashboard
- Added select Asset button to Editor (For Player Model Setting)
- Updated Disconnect Screen with more Information


October 16 , 2020

(Raids will End on October 17th & Return for the days surrounding Halloween)
- Added new Free Spin
- Added ability to Deposit KR into a Map (For Map Makers)
  (Preparation for upcoming Features)
- Updated Cookie Compliance
- Changes to Soul Sanctum
- Added Edit Popup to My Games list on Hub
- Added Categories to Maps (Adding Search by Category Soon)
- Merged Black-Market into Market Tab
- Added Leaderboard for Raid Time to Complete (Will reset on the 18th)
- Raid timer now Shows Time it took to Beat on End-Board
- Slight change to Map Page
- Time Played Leaderboard now shows in Hours


October 14 , 2020

(We will be adding a few Maps from the Map competition to test them in pubs)
- Added new Map: Evacuation (Test)
- Added new Items to Raid Drops
- Added Trigger Connections to the Editor (On by default)
- Added "Destroy On Use" to Single Use Triggers
- Throwing Knife Damage to AI now Forces Aggro
- Changes to Soul Sanctum
- Increased Max Password Length to 20
- Disabled Free Cam Spectating in Raid Mode
- Damage Dealt now Shows on End-Board during Raids
- Server Fixes
- Fixed no Leg Bug on some new Items
- Fixed "Destroy Interface" Action


October 13, 2020

- Wearing a Facemask now Prevent you from getting Krunkitis again
- Added more Middle East Servers
- Time to Complete Soul Sanctum is now shown on End Screen
- KR Reward now shows on End Screen for Raid Mode
- Slight Changes to Soul Sanctum
- Fixed issue with On Throwing Melee Triggers
- Fixed issue with Breakable Objects not Resetting properly
- Added Border option to Team, Premium & Verified Zones
- Added "Wall Jumpable" option to objects in the Editor


October 12, 2020

- Updated Soul Sanctum
- Added more Items to Raid
- Increased Contra Drop rate from Raid Boss
- Added Use Once option to Triggers
- Small Fixes


October 11, 2020

- Start of Halloween Event (More items coming soon)
- Started Final Frostbite Giveaway
- Added more Stats for Moderators to Track Cheaters
- Added "Destructible" option to objects as an alternative to Health
- Added "Start Destroyed" option to all destructible objects
- Added "Rounded Arms" setting
- Added "Broadcast Popup" & "Send Popup" Trigger Actions
- Added Jump Scare Trigger Action
- AI can now Trigger Actions on Death
- Explosions now Damage AI
- onEnter Triggers no longer shows bullet particles
- Fixed Favoriting mods & maps
- Fixed Shader Inputs
- Fixed Ladder Collision Height
- Fixed Delay on Jump Scare Sound
- Fixed Issue with AI Spawning with wrong Stats
- Fixed a rare Keybind issue
- Fixed Group Key Edit in the editor


October 6, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - AI now Collide with each other
 - AI can now Shoot Projectiles
 - Added Storage Trigger Events & Actions
 - Added Destroy Self Trigger Action
 - Added Firerate Option to AI
 - Added Gravity Option to AI
 - AI can now Hit/Attack Player
 - Added XRay Vision Setting to AI (Can see through Walls)
 - Added onAttack Sound to AI
 - Sounds Can now be previewed in the Editor
 - Optimized Interact Messages
 - Fixed Server Crash
 - Fixed Translations


October 5, 2020

 - Added new Free Spin
 - Slightly Updated Spin UI
 - Fixed Nametags issues on Defuse
 - Slightly Increased AK Reload time
 - Properly centered Spin UI
 - Fixed Player Syncing issue
 - Reduced Bandwidth
 - Updated Korean Translation
 - Added basic AI to Editor (WIP): Create Basic AI to Spawn in Levels
   (Zombies, Bosses, Dungeons, Target Race - Ideas for Custom Maps)
 - Added Info Popup to Editor
 - Moderators now have Map, Mod & Asset Privileges
 - Added Force Default Skins setting to Mod Config
 - Added Ability to Upload Custom Sounds in Editor
 - Added Join Game Message
 - Removed Left Game Message from KPD
 - Fixed Elo lost when joining ranked in KPD mode
 - Fixed Weapon Config Mismatch
 - Shader Mods now work with Skydomes
 - Increased Texture Asset max Filesize to 75kb
 - Increased Asset Upload Limit


October 1, 2020

 - Added Quick-Add Search bar to Editor
 - Added Hotkey to Open Quick-Add Menu: X
 - Added Hotkey to Flip X,Z Size: F
 - Added Select Through Invisible Object Setting to Editor
 - Added Visible Borders setting to Editor
 - Added more India Servers
 - Added Resource Swapper Toggle Option to Client
 - Better Social Handling in the client
 - Published basic IPhone App Version (Test Phase. Please be patient)
 - Fixed Load Issue on IPhone version


September 30, 2020

 - Added more Brazil Servers
 - Added Trigger Interact Time Option in Editor
   (Must interact with Trigger for this time to trigger it)
 - Added onCollision Trigger Event
 - Rocket Launcher now Reloads a bit Faster
 - Slightly increased Explosion Damage of the Rocket
 - Added Referral Popups/Links (For Partners)
 - Fixed Chat UI overlapping Player Search on Hub


September 29. 2020

 (The Rocketeer Balance changes are a test to try to make it more movement focused)
 - Map Editor Positions now Round to max 2 Decimal Places instead of 1
 - Added new Free Spin
 - Added Team Damage Host Setting
 - Added gltf Export to Map Editor (Export Maps to Usable Format for Blender etc)
 - Added Basic Chat to Hub (Not Real Time yet: WIP)
 - Added Dark Mode Option to Editor
 - Slight Changes to Leaderboard display on Hub
 - Removed Secondary from Rocketeer
 - Decreased Explosive Damage on Rocket Launcher to 32
 - Decreased Rocket Impact Damage to 50
 - Increased Ammo on Rocket Launcher to 3
 - Added more Creators to Krunk TV
 - Added Inbox to Android App


September 27, 2020

 - Fixed Parnter Dashboard Referral Stats
 - Added new Mode: Traitor (WIP - Mostly for Customs)
   (Add weapon pickups only accessible to Team 2 etc)
 - Made Voice Chat Global for all Modes
 - Added Basic AI Implementation (Editor Stuff coming soon)
 - Added more Partners to Krunk TV
 - Added Randomized End-Point Option for BR Zones in Editor
 - Fixed Ramp Offset in Editor
 - Added Force Respawn to Ranked
 - Slight Changes to Spin UI
 - Changed BR Zone to Cylinder


September 26, 2020

 - Added new Challenge Level
 - Added Item Rewards to Clan Wars (Different Item for Each Region)
 - Optimizations
 - Changed Saturation on all textures
 - Default Saturation is now 1.0
 - Removed Attire Spin
 - Temporarily Closed Partner Applications (Preparing for Partner Changes)
 - Slightly Updated Partner Dashboard
 - Adjusted Experimental Shader Setting (If you have FPS Problems, try to use this)
 - Fixed End Screen name issue when joining after game ended
 - Decreased Score Bonus for Crossbow Kills
 - Increased Rocket-Launcher direct Impact damage to 75 from 60


September 25, 2020

 - Can now Upload Custom Textures to Editor
 - Added more Brazil Servers
 - Added more SV Servers
 - Added more SA Servers
 - Added Experimental Setting: (Shader Based Rendering)
 - Fixed Match Stat names on Hub
 - Fixed Match Stat Leaderboard width on Hub
 - Added background image to Hub (Will change Later based on Tab)
 - Name is now Highlighted when sharing Match Results
 - Added Ability to add Custom text to Match Result Sharing
 - Fixed Glitch where you see Share Button after Joining late
 - Made "Art by" Text larger on Update Screen
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