Clan Commanders or people assigned by the Clan Commander to be Captains can assign up to 50 Clan Members to different Regions, and 30 active contracts to fight in a clan war. Deploying a player costs the clan bank 500 krunkies. The player will then receive a notification that they have been deployed to that region, and any kills they get in any public match will count toward the clan's overall kills in that Region. (Server location does not matter). The duration of a clan war is 7 days, with a cooldown period of 7 days (Was later changed to 14 days) in between wars.

Each player with an active contract receives 4 hours of in game time to get as many kills as possible. If a player runs out of time(by playing in any Public Matches), their contract will end, freeing another active contract space. They may not be deployed until the next clan war. Players can check their statistics for the clan war by going to the clan war tab in the match score popup at the end of each game. The kills made by the player during the contracted period contribute to the clans total kills. Players can only have one contract per war. If a contract is started (or completed) in one clan, players will be unable to start another one by joining a different clan, for that war.

At the end of the War Period, the Clan with the most kills in a specific Region will win a Clan Wars item (contraband) exclusively for the region they won. Also the winning clans will receive all the KR available in their respective regions. This KR is deposited in the Clan Bank of that clan and may be used for payouts or to finance other clan wars. The Clans with the most Kills globally will also receive special clan tag colours:

  1. #1 Clan - Rainbow Tag (Animated)
  2. 2-3 - Black Tag
  3. 4-10 - Red Tag
  4. 6-15 - Gold Tag
  5. 16-25 - Purple Tag
  6. 26-50 - Blue Tag

Clan Wars Rules

By Participating in the clan war all Clan Members agree that breach of these rules may result in permanent Clan and/or Account Deletion:
  • ‎ If a Player plays 4 hours of in game play time, their Contract will expire  (Their Kills/Points leading up to that point are still counted)
  • Contracts can only be renewed once the next Clan War period starts.
  • At the end of each War Period, the winning Clan of each region will receive the KR Prize and reward item of that Region.
  • Players may not gain Clan Score/Kills through illegitimate means. Including but not limited to: Boosting, Hacking, Kill Farming, Match/Game Fixing
  • Any KR/Funds lost as the result of an Account Ban or Clan Deletion is non refundable
  • Clan Owners have a responsibility to Ensure that members are following the rules
  • Using an Alt Account to Participate in Clan Wars, will result in a ban

Clan Wars Rewards (Region Specific Items)

In the Update of v3.0.1, Various Items (Skins) were added to the Regions. These Items can only be obtained by the Fellow Deployed Soldiers of the Clan which wins the Clan Wars Regionally.

Name Region Rarity Image
AP Rally Asia Contraband
AP Rally.png
Chaffee North America Contraband
Magic Carpet Middle East Contraband
Magic Carpet.png
Matryoshka Eastern Europe Contraband
Baluba Africa Contraband
Kali Oceania Contraband
Union Western Europe Contraband
Macuahuitl South America Relic
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