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The Krunker client is an installable, desktop-based version of Released on April 10th, 2019, it allows users to run and play Krunker outside of their browser, and can be downloaded by pressing the yellow download button in the top right corner of the main menu in game.

Released to aid the competitive Krunker community, it can run at higher resolutions, frame rates, allowing for smoother and easier streaming or recording.

Some benefits of using the client over the browser include:

  • Utilities – While available in browsers via a script (which may lead to a hacker tag), the client has native support for added utilities.
  • Improved Streaming and Recording Capabilities – As the client is handled as an application and utilizes one's GPU, recording and streaming is easier to manage.

Full screen is still available via the F11 hotkey.

Installation Size

The installed folder - as of update (24th November 2019) - is 153mb (73 files with 3 folders)

The standalone application itself - as of update (24th November 2019) - is 102,080kb

The client will automatically check and update itself upon launch if necessary.

System Requirements

The client currently does not contain recommended minimum specs or OS to run, however, it is recommended to use the latest version of Windows where possible. As long as your system can run Krunker through the browser, you should expect the client to do the same.

An internet connection is a requirement to run and play in the client.

Download Links

Official Clients

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