Every game of is played out on a map. Most people play on the official, developer-created maps that are in rotation on the default servers. However, there are also custom maps, created by users through the Map Editor. Such maps can be found in the Map List on Krunkerpedia (along with thumbnails of the maps). However, there are so many of them now that checking out either the Popular, Hot or Newest tabs will only expose you to a fraction of what's really there. Moreover, you wouldn't know what each map is about until you play them, even if the votes do give some idea regarding their quality. Thus, this list here aims to help.

Note: It is currently impossible to link directly to the map itself, and so every link here links to the map search results instead. Often, these will include several other maps with a similar name. Unless otherwise stated, you should only pay attention to the map with the same title and the same creator as the entry here that links to it. Other maps will generally have their own entries here, if needed. This is because troll map-makers have been known to name their maps after the popular ones, while being nothing like them.

Note 2: Hardpoint and Capture the flag are different from the other combat modes, in that the victory in it is currently determined entirely by which team held the point the most. This means that it is the only combat mode that is only really playable if the map happens to contain hardpoints placed in it. Otherwise, every player will be considered "defeated" at the end of the match, since no-one could score. If a map had no hardpoints, but contained parkour scorezones, then the teams could get one-time points from that, and thus determine the winning team in this manner. However, this is again inadvisable.

Hence, the entry for every map should ultimately state whether or not it works in a Hardpoint mode (unless it is a dedicated Parkour/Race map, or a troll map, making the question irrelevant).

Note 3: If you are a map-maker looking to add your map, and you do not see it at first, make sure to check for it by expanding all of the collapsable sections, then searching for its name through Ctrl-F. Then, you should add it if it's not present on the list, but please honestly compare your map with the equivalent maps present in the same section. If you just stick a map that consists of a dozen stone blocks next to something like TREE-HOUSE, you'll almost certainly see it plunged all the way to the bottom of the list regardless.

Default maps

These are the maps currently playable on the default servers in the FFA and Hardpoint modes, with no extra fuss needed. You can obviously play custom games with these maps as well. Moreover, it's possible to have a custom match alternate between one custom map and one or all default maps, but not between multiple custom maps.



The remake of Counter-Strike's de_dust map, and the most well-known map of It is not the first default map, but it is one that has been in rotation the longest, due to how successful it is. Essentially, it has you fight on the sandy streets of a Middle Eastern town, where there are plenty of semi-hidden routes, you can't enter any of the houses or get to anywhere higher than 2x player's height, the distances are such that all the encounters are at short to mid-range, and there are at least two ways to approach every spawn point from. These are some of the main reasons for why it's been so successful.

Burg has been revamped several times throughout its existence: most recently on February 14th, 2019 with the update 1.0.5, which made notable changes to it, like an overpass in one place, underpass in another, and the addition of shipping containers with the new "Krunker" symbol on them. Here's a video showing how it looks right now.

Trailer of Revamped Burg Map Krunker

Trailer of Revamped Burg Map



This map was added in the update. It is essentially a tiny dead-end, where two European-style two-story houses, one blue and one red, are facing each other, while there's a small white building with a ladder in between, and the way out is blocked by a bunch of crates, and a car, providing cover to those that spawn there. You can enter both houses, and their garages, and it's possible to snipe from the 2nd-storey windows, though this rarely works as well as the other options

Recently, littletown was revamped, covered windows, the garage door, and the fence were all given stripes, many of the buildings now feature smoking stone latticework chimneys, the red house's roof was slanted, the crates were made to appear more aesthetically wooden, (as in Burg), and the white shack in the middle of the map was replaced by a blue truck surrounded by traffic cones and woodstacks.



This map was added in the update. Its creator, CrispyCrust, won the December 2018 map competition, and received $600. It is essentially a truly Middle Eastern map, and thus features white-walled houses, and a bazaar on one of the squares. One of the spawn points doubles as a hardpoint, and is particularly well-defended, with two walls just big enough for the wounded to hide behind, and a wooden platform right above them.



This is another map from CrispyCrust. As its name suggests, it is defined by heavy amount of snow present on the map. The structure shown in the image to the right is often considered the center of the map, as many paths lead here and the neighboring "red carpet" room. There are quite a few long-range channels in the map and even more for mid-range encounters. The abundance of turns in the map also allows for some close-range combat. There are many wide open areas like the main room, mentioned earlier.

Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 2.15.19 PM


This map was added in the 1.3.1 update. It is currently the newest default map. The map is Japanese themed and puts players on the rooftops of a suburban metropolis with flourescent neon Japanese signs and several billboards dotting the skyscrapers scattered around the map. It is definitely the most vivid and adventurous of the 5 default maps, combining brilliant colors and modern structures. The map's varying levels of openness allows opportunities for small, medium and long ranged combat, with the added challenge of keeping your footing on the high rooftops, because one wrong jump can send you falling to your doom.

Modded/discarded default maps

Canyon_full (by atarst)

This map was added to the default map rotation in the update, and was named simply Canyon. The map consists of dirt floors and many rock formations, as well as wooden buildings that are present around the area. It is a very densely packed map with more organic shapes and curves compared to the other default maps. However, its structure also made for awkward gameplay with a lot of downtime between encounters, and so it was removed in the version 1.0 You can still play it in the custom maps under its original name.

Bazaar_night (by CornerPin) / Bazaar (by hoax/Drag)

Bazaar map was added to the default rotation in the update 0.9.9992 and removed in the update 0.9.99993 . This is essentially the same map, but set during the dark night, rather than the bright day, with the moon being the only light source. Contrary to what you might expect from the name, there are no actual markets and such there. Instead, it's a larger and more clearly Middle Eastern town, which is cut into two symmetrical halves by the train tracks, and there are a lot of opportunities to get on top of the houses' roofs to snipe.

The map was made before Hardpoint was available, and hasn't been updated to support it since.

UPD: User named Drag removed night-time filter from Bazaar_night, and so essentially reverse-engineered the original Bazaar.

Kharak (by hoax)

This map is the predecessor of the Bazaar map, made by notable map-maker hoax before Sidney decided to add it into the base game with a few changes. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Karak (by luca9191)

Either exactly the same map as above, or a slight update of it. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

IAmproonly (by IamGodSniper)

See above.

NewKharak (by SirSquidney)

Like above, this map is extremely similar to the original Kharak. The main difference may be in the skybox and other cosmetic detais.

Kharak_Nighttime (by WrxngFace)

A take on the same theme as Bazaar_night. However, it is a rather different and arguably more realistic kind of night. While Bazaar_night is filled with dark-blue inky night, kharak_nighttime look more like pre-dawn twilight, with the effects resembling the night vision goggles as well.

Stockade (by Sketchek)

Stockade was an ill fated map in krunker history. Being added in the 0.8.0 update, stockade only had a small time in the map pool as it was removed (along with the old Burg and Throwback) in update 0.9.0. It is essentially a very abstract map, defined by its narrow corridors running in between abstract, default-stone buildings with default banners and wooden platforms for snipers on them. The decision to use more realistic-looking default maps thus left it behind.


Throwback was the 2nd earliest map in the game, introduced in update V0.4.0. It also wasn't very popular, and got taken out in update 0.9.0, along with the Stockade and the old Burg. So far, no-one's bothered to reupload it yet.

Burgertown (by DjDankMeister)

A map that merges Burg and Littletown maps, seamlessly placing them side-by-side, so that the once-closed doors or tunnels of one map are now open and lead into another. Supports Hardpoint, but the hardpoints themselves are often placed in different locations, and are of different sizes as well. It's recommended to play this map for longer matches than the usual 4 minutes.

Due to its increased size, Burgertown is obviously a better map for Hide and Seek than either "normal" Burg or Littletown. For the Infected mode, the humans get a crucial elevation at the roof of the "tunnel" connecting Burg and Littletown. The only way to get there is to jump on it from the blue house's rear balcony - hence, the players staying there are safe as long as they can prevent the zombies from making the same jump.

Littletown_Snow (by One Eyed Owl)

Besides snow everywhere, this map features a Christmas tree, Christmas lights running between the buildings, and a snowman. Supports Hardpoint. Same goes for all the other Littletown maps, unless specified otherwise.

Less notable variations of Littletown:

Stormtown (by Sir Squidney)

Also Littletown with snow. Has actual "snowfall" particle effects, but lacks any Christmas decorations.

Fog_Littletown (by booka)

Self-explanatory. Notably, the fog isn't as thick as you might expect.

littleLittletown (by rylentless)

Daylight version.

longLittletown (by rylentless)

Daylight and at least twice as long.

LittletownTwo (by YOSNAKEY)

Littletown without any invisible walls. Of course, the stuff that was beyond those invisible walls is generally pretty bare and uninteresting.

BigTown (by booka)

Littletown shrunk so much, that any building barely reaches player's waist. Fun, but basically unplayable, and is afflicted with a ton of flickering too.

Whitetown (by Skyvent)

Littletown where all textures were set to white, for some reason.

Golden Burg (by atarst)

The most popular variation of burg so far. It replaces the default "dark grey and dusty brown" theme with the golden walls and grassy floors, but makes several additional changes as well. The most notable are the removal of T side, and the addition of several platforms attached to the walls and with ladders, in order to increase verticality and provide more opportunities for snipers. Supports Hardpoint.



Old Burg maps

Nostalgia is a powerful thing! However, it turns out that people have different ideas of how far back they should go. This map (old_burg_tex by SwatDoge) is what burg looked like before the update 0.9.99993, which also removed Bazaar from rotation (see also this map by Andrii). It is what many players think of when they refer to "old burg": a version with a long corridor that gave unfettered access to snipers (split in half by a wall in the subsequent versions), a few other differences, and way fewer graphical elements included.

For obvious reasons, these maps generally do not support Hardpoint.

nightburg (by Andrii)

Notably, this is the night version of the pre- update 0.9.99993 burg.

(Very) old Burg maps

For others, however, "old burg" is about what it was in the very early versions of the game. This is best represented by these maps, which practically identical to each other, but are actually very different from the way burg looks like now. There are far fewer colours and design elements, but more stray cars and concrete blocks, more ladders and winding corridors, along with open squares where it's easy to get shot.

BrickTown (by hudsonjr)

A map that is based off of burg's structure, but has made a lot of changes to it.. The most notable ones are the addition of a clock tower and a small river section. Supports hardpoint.



BurgV2 (by YOSNAKEY)

This sounds like a minor variation on burg, but is actually very different. The color theme is different (and much simpler, with pure untextured white walls), and the layout only has a few basic similarities. In  particular, there are now a lot more ladders, and a lot more wooden walkways. This map had also participated in the December 2018 mapping competition.

Merry Krunkmas (by Jerm Hunter)

This map adds a layer of snow to every horizontal surface in burg, as well as placing a large Christmas tree at one point, and additional decorations elsewhere.

Burg_MiddleEast (by CrispyCrust)

A map that changes the appearance of Burg's houses. Sandstorm's creator replaced the default Burg houses with those in his map, to make it look (even) more Middle Eastern.

Dark_Burg (by rengar)

A variation that sets the entire map to pure black-and-white; all the objects are set to pure black, and there's a ghostly white backlight that only highlights the darkness. Even the players themselves appear as black silhouettes on this map: some classes have their weapons glow in the dark with lapis lazuli due to the way their base weapon was coded; however, this isn't the case for Shotgun and Rocket Launcher.

In all, this map is obviously best for the Infected mode (it was even designed by the leader of Infect-centric KIK clan), and can provide a pure survival-horror experience if played in this manner, with the nametags turned off beforehand. Hide and Seek is also recommended. Other modes are unfortunately not so fun right now, because there's only one spawn point: not a problem for Infected, where that's always the case anyway, but this leads to rapid spawnkilling in modes like FFA.

Ghost_Burg (by DjDankMeister)

Burg, except that every wall on the map is fully see-through, which obviously leads to a substantially different experience.

TransparentBurg (by Skyvent)

It can be easy to confuse the name of this map with Ghost_Burg, but if anything, they should swap names. This is because this map is actually not transparent at all; visually, it looks just like normal Burg. However, the difference is that all of the objects are no longer truly solid; you'll pass through them every time, like if you were using the old-school ghost cheat. 

A notable downside of this map is that the players can no longer jump on anything, and climbing ladders is pointless as well. Playing Hardpoint mode is not advised, since most of the hardpoints are now no longer accessible to the players, who'll fall through the ground and end up under them.

Slender_Burg (by justprob)

This map is all abstract, unearthly geometry. Virtually every single object has been made extremely tall, and you can now fall into effective pits as a result, only to get out through being boosted up extremely tall ramps.... Probably not good for actual multiplayer gameplay, but worth checking out on its own.



Less notable burg variations:

WTFBurg/VerySmallBurg/LittleBoyBurg (by rylentless)

Three maps by the same creator that are all basically the same, and will all let you feel like a true giant. Not particularly good for actual gameplay, though.



SmallBurg (by hudsonjr)

While it sounds like the maps above, it's actually small in that it reduces the original to a single courtyard. Its design is actually very similar to the other "one room" maps you'll see below.

Ancient_burg (by xMSMx)

A small map that's little like the actual burg, with some neat ideas, but also has a lot of broken floors you'll fall through.

burg_sunny (by bucikpro)

Besides the titular change, this also has the other features often found in the maps by this creator: the replaced gun sounds, replaced wall textures, Grove St. graffiti from San Andreas, and text-only Pornhub banners replacing the default ones.

night_burg / RealNight_Burg (by hoodgail/Ridikulus)

(Not to be confused with the nightburg above!) Two night versions of the current burg that are basically identical to each other.

Snowy_burg (by hoodgail)

Burg, with some snow falling, and a little bit of snow covering some objects. Not very interesting at all.

ACID_BURG (by justprob)

Current burg with a highly annoying transparent filter on top of it.

Game (r/d)emake maps

Maps from the other, more famous games, now done in krunker.

Nuketown (from COD: Black Ops)

The famously tiny map designed for tight duels. Searching for it will show about a dozen maps, but only NUKETOWN V.1.0 by BeefJerky became a hit, with 2000+ upvotes (even the later V1.1 by the same creator has only 27 upvotes right now.) The only other notable spin on this is Nuketown_BO1v2.0, by Kuhy, which is actually far better looking than the most popular version of the map. All the others are typically made out of default assets and have only vestigial resemblance to the titular map, so it's best to stay away, and to not make any more of these.


Nuketown boi Terminal-check-in

Terminal (from COD: Modern Warfare 2)

A reasonably detailed rendition of an airport terminal. Supports Hardpoint. Has 800+ upvotes.


Terminal-outside Terminal-check-in

Rust (from COD: Modern Warfare 2)

mp_rust_v1 by Bobbe is the most detailed map. MW2-Rust by DjDankMeister is the more abstract one, and is arguably better looking. Like with Nuketown, there are also a couple of beginner's maps that try to emulate the layout with the default sand and stone blocks, and are not very interesting in comparison.


Mp-rust Mw2-rust-remake

Killhouse (by DasIstWalter)

Remake of the popular variety pack map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Small(450x250 units) map focused on fast paced gameplay and close quarters combat. Floor textured(wooden) elements penetrable. Supports Hardpoint and Capture the Flag.



Ambush (by DasIstWalter)

Remake from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Large(900x450 units) symmetrical desert town map set around a convoy of military vehicles with sewer tunnels under the road and a wide variety of elevated spots. Supports Hardpoint and Capture the Flag.


Cod4-ambush-remake Ambush-dev-screenshot

NOTE: The other Ambush map in the link, by dmoy19, has nothing to do with this map, and is instead practically a troll map, with just a barren walled area and a large slope leading nowhere on one side.

Crash (by reallyluckyy)

Inspired by the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map of the same name. It uses largely default textures and crates, though, so the resemblance is limited to say the least. Also suffers from some secondary crates/cars being strangely immaterial and walk-through. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.



Doom_Episode_One (by Takidoman)

True to its name, this map recreates the opening level of the original Doom, using the original textures and sounds. You can see the results in the screenshot below. Supports Hardpoint.


Kr-Doom-ep-one Kr-Doom-ep-one-2

Suijin (by calebthetan)

A high-fidelity remake of Team Fortress 2 map. As its name suggests, its a Japan-styled map, with many pagodas, detailed cherry trees, hiragana textures and the rest. Divided in half by an uncrossable gorge, and has multiple walkways between the tall roofs of the wooden buildings. Supports Hardpoint. Has a night version too.


Suijin-screen-1 Suijin-screen-2

ClashRoyale (by TrivM2002)

As its name suggests, this is pretty much an exact remake of the Clash Royale playing field. You can climb onto the towers through ladders, and there are booster ramps that let you zip from one side of the map to the other. Doesn't support Hardpoint. Great for sniper only lobbies.



Lumbridge (by BeefJerky)

This map has nothing to do with bridges. Instead, it's a detailed remake of Lumbridge Castle from RuneScape. Has some flickering issues and ladders embedded too deep, and doesn't support Hardpoint, but is otherwise great.


Lumbridge-castle-outside Lumbridge-top-view


This was to be expected.

For the longest time, the most popular such map (and the 4th most popular out of all maps) ws Fortnut complete by Derrick. While it has 2000+ upvotes, it's still structured like a beginner's map, made out of raw stone blocks and with green grass texture for ground. However, Dj_Dankmeister then created FortniteTitledT, which is now catching up quickly, with 1400+ upvotes as of the time of writing. It is also a much better -tructured map,and supports Hardpoint.

Screenshot of the Tilted Towers map:


The runner-up, with 48 upvotes right now, is best fortnite by L0wen, which has more complex level geometry but is no design masterpiece either, and has a few flickering floors on it as well. Interestingly, Fortnut 2.1 by dodil06 is actually a lot more complex than the original fortnut (if very dark, being set at night), while the sunny and abstract Nycaff Fortnite (by Nycaff) with 0 votes at the moment may well be the best-looking one. The other maps with Fortnite in he ttitle are either no better than those, or are outright troll maps.

However, a Fortnite map that's better than all of those (before TiltedTowers released) has no Fortnite in the name at all! Instead, Season 6 Lake by AVENGERSMAN also has problems, but is by far the most attractive and playable.

None of these maps currently support Hardpoint.

Office (from CS:Source)

Boniito-FR made CS:S-OFFICE, which has 180 upvotes as of now. Much of it is still set outdoors, with dark-textured buildings and constant snow, some of which has already accumulated on all horizontal surfaces. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



Assault (from CS:GO)

Snakewolf created a nice, moderately detailed remake of this urban map. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Note: There's also a much less detailed remake of this map by jailson, only known as "Assault".



Inferno (by jailson)

A highly abstract and approximate remake of a CS:GO custom map. Supports hardpoint. (Note: don't confuse it with jade_inferno, which is broken, flickering, and has very little on it.)



Italy (from CS:GO)

Snakewolf's earlier map, which is therefore less impressive than Assault. It is still an urban map, but it's dominated by the single-tone yellow walls and default wood texture. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



Aztec_Ruins (by DasIstWalter)

Remake of de_aztec from Counter-Strike. Fight through the ruins of an old Aztec city during torrential rain. Changes include a ramp leading from T spawn into river, as well as a new route from T side of bridge into A bombsite. Supports Hardpoint and Capture the Flag.


A detailed remake of the map from that game. Of course, everything's static, so you can't try the same kind of gameplay. Still, it may not be bad for 1v1 or 2v2.

-2Fort- (by Fluked)

A remake of a popular map from Team Fortress Classic. It has 2 giantic buildings with a lot of secret rooms and 3 levels. Mostly used for CTF.

City/town maps

Maps that are spiritually closest to the official maps, in that all of them are also set on the streets, even if many of the city maps tend to be a lot more vertical, as they feature tall buildings.

Note: A lot of the time, players call their map a town or a city, when in fact it's anything but. Such maps can be found in the last two sections below.

Valencia (by hoax)

A very pleasant map that is in the all-time top. It is styled after the historical Spanish architecture, with tiny courtyards, fountains and such. It is also regularly updated by hoax. As such, it supports Hardpoint, even though it was made long before the mode was introduced.



YewNork (by /(^0^)/)

A map that seems to depict a section of Manhattan with all its skyscrapers under construction. While it has limited interior or exterior detail, it has extreme verticality. Besides a very tall building you can get on every floor of, there's also a subway level, and an even lower sewer. This map is so open that non-Hunter / Marksman gameplay may be limited, but it is one of the best places for Hide and Seek. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



Intersection (by Allir_WoW)

This map is literally an intersection of four city streets, whose ends are blocked off by rubble. One of the four resultant corners is occupied by a park, while there are mid-rises elsewhere, which you can enter through holes in their walls. Some of these have only their ground floors accessible, while others let you go higher, from inside or from the outside ladders. There's a sizeable subway section too. Lastly, the centre of the Intersection acts as the single hardpoint.



TOLPADA (by AbubaOssas)

More of a Littletown-style map, largely set within a single backyard. Nevertheless, it's utterly full of small details, such as the genuinely transparent glass windows (including a stained glass window), "citizens" standing in a couple of places, construction walkways and a mini-dozer, and more! Supports Hardpoint.



HighNoon (by Buddo)

A small section of a small desert town. While the name implies Westerns, the actual buildings are white-walled and pretty indefinite. Nevertheless, it's a good, tight map, whose close quarters and small building sizes still allow for multiple elevations and hidden passageways: practically every house has some broken wall that either leads to another home, a hiding place, a balcony, or even lets you climb through the chimney at one point! Map took part in the December 2018 mapping contest, and supports Hardpoint.



NOTE: "HighNoon_Express" is very different, as it is a race map, covered below.

Shopping St (by tmk)

Streets of some town full of two-storey buildings. It's a large, hardcore map, full of houses with decorated interiors you can enter, and with a more than a few ladders, walkways, etc. There are other details, like parked Humvees, etc. May not work well for casual players, but is great for 16-player encounters. It is also lacks any spots that are significantly elevated over the rest of the map, meaning that it doesn't give special advantages to the sniper classes. By the same virtue, it is very challenging to survive on during the Infected mode.



SmallCity (by bucikpro)

A somewhat haphazardly built city, . Even in the current 2.5.2 version, there's absolutely no greenery of any kind (just asphalt and brown earth), and more than a few invisible walls keeping you in place. However, it features custom concrete texture, background music and sound effects, and allows for a lot of dodging and weaving between buidlings and rooftop combat. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

AIMCity (by Andrii)

A really attractive map, where all of the buildings have different, yet visually consistent colours, and the treetops are made out of multiple rotated cubes. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.\

Clock_Tower (by atarst)

This map actually doesn't seem to have anything to do with the Japanese horror game series of the same name. Instead, it's a map set in a walled-in medieval village during a winter night, with the titular tower providing the main elevation over the dozen or so wooden houses. There is also a monument, a campfire (which is an insta-kill), stacks of logs and blocks of hay, and other such details. Supports Hardpoint, too!

This map took part in the December 2018 mapping contest.



LittleCity (by Sirp)

Two city blocks by the side of the road - one of the extensive blue brick houses with well-decorated interiors, and one of the basic grey concrete buildings. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Liberty City (by AVENGERSMAN)

A night-time interpretation of the city from GTA 3/4. It looks quite well; a defining feature are bright lights emanating from every window and a lot of cars on the streets. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Skill city 3.2 (by Yngwie)

Large and properly claustrophobic medieval city. Even features a port with some tiny ships! Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

MilanCity (by YOSNAKEY)

A place of short houses made of black brick. Lots of tight alleys for good street-fighting. Supports Hardpoint as well!

SEASIDE EVENING (by chinese b0i)

An small, yet extensively detailed port map. Features a ship with broken glass windows and jagged holes from cannonball impacts, a lighthouse in the background, many different buildings in the docks, and more. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

SnowCity / SnowyCity (by jsymodd)

Two versions of the map that represents a blocked street corner during a winter night, where much of the battle is done from the broken windows of the two high-rises. There's a sewer area as well. Unfortunately, it suffers from some flickering and other such issues. The broken windows also enable Rocketeer spam. Supports hardpoint.

Krunkerville (by xXJackAttackXx)

A strange map. Essentially, it is a place with archetypal European small town houses, arranged in a semi-abstract maze, and surrounded by default stone walls, with nothing on the streets besides default crates and stacks. Took part in the December 2018 mapping contest, supports Hardpoint.



chinatown (by ManBunDan)

A genuinely well-done Chinatown square. Only potential problem is the lack of cover. Supports Hardpoint.

OldTonyTown (by MattGino)

A night-time town made out of a lot of identical one-storey buildings with flat roofs, which are connected by walkways. Good Infected map as well. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

GhostTown (by Schuz)

A single blocked-off street lined with commercial two-storey buildings, that are connected with each other through internal crannies. Also has a night version. Supports Hardpoint.

Assault123 (by Trvim2002)

A largely abstract city map, but which is nevertheless large and has some unusual detail like a plane frozen high above the city. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



LargestTown (by book78)

A whole city block on one side of the bridge, a truly enormous residential tower on the other. ColorfulTown is an earlier/later version. Supports Hardpoint.

Crossfire Alpha (by Hovvik)

While it's not Crossfire by hoax, it is nevertheless a very decent and bright street corner map. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Minecraft_Ville (by Moma's Boy)

A map sitting at over 2500 upvotes resambles a basic village from Minecraft. It was a lot of houses a well in the middle and a tower on top of the mountain. Underneath there's a cave with a zombie spawner hidden. There's another island however it is really hard to get on it and is used mostlu for infect.

Lava_City (by FireFlyLive)

With 500 upvotes at the moment of writing lava city is the most detailed firefly map yet. It has a structure of a city that got destroyed. Theere are a lot of interesting spots and very well made buildings, but watch out lava is everywhere!

Blossom (by 3ggo)

A beautiful map representing a Chinese outdoor market/city this map catches the chinese design perfectly. A lot of houses and trading vans. Perfect choice for a competitive match.

Sinai (by DasIstWalter)

An urban map with aesthetics inspired by Sinai Desert from Battlefield 1. Offers plenty of freedom for different gameplay styles with multiple routes to each spawn/objective. Supports Hardpoint and Capture the Flag.

 ===Less notable urban maps:=== 

crossroads beta (by One_Shot_Scott)

A road/railway intersection, with a nearby gas station, a mid-rise construction site and other details. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Crazy_Town (by Aimbotseller)

An Asian town that sits on the banks of the river and is flooded with unearthly neon. Can be hard to navigate, but has some interesting ideas, like a car pile-up at the bridge, and fast booster ramps. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Anarchy City (by xXJackAttackxX)

A small city block surrounded by walls, which features a gun shop, a cemetery and a tank on the street. More like SmallCity than AIM_City in its looks, but functional enough. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Dark City (by TP_ManZ)

A decently designed city block with believable-looking buildings and a road intersection whose ends are blocked off by car pile-ups. The defining feature is very low visibility. Great for Infected, probably not too good for anything else. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint (not that it would be much fun there.)

SKYRIM (by D-Falt)

Has nothing to do with the Bethesda game, and is instead a map with several skyscrapers connected by bridges, and a bunch of smaller buildings nearby. Very sniper-biased. Supports Hardpoint.

Bloody city (by DRSUPERYT)

An unusual city, with highly hapzarard building placement, and some stone mushrooms things, but also a lot of rotated objects, like pieces of broken plate glass. Also includes a booster jutting out of a pentagram, which send you to a place high above the city. Suffers from a lot of flickering. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Sus Streets (by FortCamnite)

A section of a freeway, with trees and a billboard on one side, and a hill with houses and trailers on the other. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Village_town (by evanwolfyou) / Towny_Updated (Ultraz77) / Townhound (VHERO)

A map that has 6 wooden houses that are actually detailed and good-looking, along with many other details, like blooming hedges. However, all of this is surrounded by a plain stone wall. publicity town is a version of the same map, and so is Townhound , and Christmas Town. The 4 towny maps are practically identical, and are by 3 different users. It's unclear who did this idea first. Stormy_Town is probably the most advanced variation of this idea. These maps obviously do not support hardpoint, since they are not really intended for gameplay, so much as being a showcase.

Port_Town (by Wolfy Boi)

There is a bit of a modern port, but it quickly recedes into enormous skyscrapers. Supports Hardpoint.

Town Square (by The Smashers1)

Not the worst map, but it suffers from a lot of flickering. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

b0mb_town (by night2fight)

A town of glass/cyberpunk houses, with things like a car made into a bus with stone blocks. Has some tight alleys, but suffers from flickering. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Dark Street (by NalGAMES)

A really short section of a street at night, with insta-kill zones on both ends. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Aim_Street (by jackatc)

A walled-off aspalt section with three houses on one side, and a crow's nest at the end. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Village_map (by BlueSubaru)

A map that has some nice design elements, like a campfire with particle effects, a watchtower and a sheep pen with a sheep inside. However, the houses are all empty inside, the map is surrounded by a plain wall, and there's not much space for actual tactics. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Castle maps

Creating castles is a pretty popular theme! If you are looking for Lumbridge, it's in the game (r/d)emakes section. Similarly, all the castles designed for the Parkour mode will be under the parkour section. Otherwise, read on.

High Towers (by Allir_WoW)

Less of a true castle, and more of a series of enormous, half-built stone towers clustered together, and connected with the construction walkways. Currently the 2nd most popular map, with 2500+ upvotes. Supports Hardpoint.

Church (by I_N_D_U_S)

Ironically, this map is more of a castle than many maps that have castle in their title. It represents a ruined medieval abbey, which is surrounded by a wall with a closed porticullis, and there are even unfinished wooden towers at all 4 corners of the wall. The abbey itself also features good-looking plants in the courtyard, plenty of rotated rubble, and an ironic fresco. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.


Kr-church-towers Kr-church-breach Kr-church-painting


A well-designed Renaissance Castle courtyard. (Notice the cannon.) Very large, very good-looking, supports Hardpoint, and features a lot of cover. What's not to love?



Citadel (by hoax)

hoax's best known castle map so far. Features custom textures, a lot of "water", and a lava floor, but has a distinctly unusual layout. Supports Hardpoint.

Citadel Zombie (by hoax)

Essentially, a night/low-visibility version of the same map (you can find it with the same link above.)

CastleDefenders (by Sirp)

A highly detailed map, half of which is the forest before the castle with a small graveyard, and the other half is the castle itself, separated by a river with a single bridge across. Castle may not have a backyard (walls close in right behind the keep), but the front yard also features many apple trees, a pumpkin field, and more! Sadly, it currently doesn't support hardpoint.

Krunker's Keep (by hoax)

hoax's other castle map. This time, it's set inside a more conventional castle courtyard, and has its own second small "fortress" in the center. (Also has a modification by another user, that's available through the same link and doesn't seem to change much.) Currently doesn't support Hardpoint.

Note: Xori Keep is a version of the same map, with very few differences, if any.

Castle Infect (by 31415)

A complicated battle arena set inside a battlemented courtyard, with enormous stacks of crates, small balconies hanging off of walls, and the like. There's also a smaller, adjacent courtyard, and other such detail. Unlike most maps with Infected in their title, this map is not set at night, foggy, or otherwise limits visibility. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Zombie Castle (by JohnyPandaPro)

Similar to above, this is a map set inside a castle courtyard, with default objects arranged in a complicated fashion to provide cover. This time, however, you can't access the walls, the floor is flooded with insta-kill water, and there's a powerful booster ramp as well, amongst notable differences. Doesn't support hardpoint either, though it's too small for that anyway.

Siege (by EmmanuelG02)

A map with two symmetrical halves, where each half has a very large castle and some default-object cover in between, and there's a river dividing the two halves, which can only be crossed through the two bridges. It also supports hardpoint. This map received a shout-out on the #community maps Discord channel.

2Castles (by Michusow)

This map has two small symmetrical castles floating on their islands, connected by drawbridges to a no man's land with plenty of other buildings. the default stone and wood textures. In spite of that, it's strangely detailed, with many rotated objects like drawbridge ropes, or structures like a row of gallows or a tavern with tankards on a table. Doesn't currently support hardpoint.

NOTE: TWO_Castles is a different map by a different creator, and is covered in the "abstract" section.

ZG Castle (by ray8am)

This map is the complete opposite of CastleDefenders, as it lacks any custom detail, and is made entirely made out of pure default stone. However, it is a very large depiction of a castle: a hollow keep, surrounded by much higher walls, which have 8 even higher towers jutting out, and a whole lot of ladders to get around easily. Currently doesn't support Hardpoint. As with many large maps, the scale benefits snipers more than anyone else.


This map really does feature a faithful depiction of the Feudal Japan's layered keeps, associated with samurai and ninjas, etc. Sadly, that keep suffers from broken ladders and such, while the territory before it is just unattractive default-object stuff. Doesn't support Hardpoint either.

Castlegrounds (by pistolzombie)

This map is not very concerned with authenticity, and makes liberal use of default textures. Nevertheless, it also has a lot of trees to balance out the palette, including a decently-sized woods area around the castle itself. There are also a lot of tunnels to provide further dimension to the game. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Castle_Grounds (by CharlieNE)

This map has nearly the same name, but is substantially different. It is essentially a single, rather small courtyard, divided into many pieces with internal walls, which are also connected by ramps, ladders, bridges and what not. Supports hardpoint.

CastleRush (by fetusravager)

An entirely walled-in map, with a reasonably detailed central keep, and a bunch of abstract fortifications in the surrounding courtyard: small walls forming a maze, stone blocks you can climb onto, other buildings, etc. Also has a night version, available at the same link. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Bastille (by Eggo)

A map named after an infamous French prison. For now, however, it doesn't look particularly different from a typical default-stone castle map: you won't find any prison cells there, but there is a fountain in the courtyard. Nevertheless, it has a decent layout, and is reasonably sized to avoid extreme class imbalances. Doesn't support hardpoint.



Less notable castle maps:

castle rush (by autizm)

A ridiculously oversized rudimentary castle, with a single tower up top, and a couple of floors inside. There's little cover, and everything's just too large.

MedievalCastle (by HiddenAI)

Another castle courtyard map. There's technically an open drawbridge and a whole lot of empty flat grassland beyond the moat, but that is largely useless. It appears that much of the fighting was intended to take place on the castle walls.

riverfort (by leforged)

An intentionally half-built fort, much of which is just the construction beams, and the multiple ladders connecting them. Has a shallow river, set on a square in the void. Supports Hardpoint.

SnowCastle (by TheAlpha)

This map takes place entirely inside castle walls, and is close to being a mere abstract arena from a section below. Nevertheless, what's interesting about it is that it's split into multiple "rooms", all with their own cover, and often small internal towers of black stone.

Desert Castle (by K2FAST4U666)

A map that doesn't really have any visible desert (besides an orangish dirt texture on the ground.) Instead, it's entirely set within a castle courtyard, divided in two with a complicated set of ramps and other internal fortifications.

CastleAttack (by SkillZ)

A map with four floating islands. The large one is surrounded by a castle wall with four towers and has minor stone walls for cover in the courtyard. Three small islands are all in front of the castle island, and are connected by a series of platforms. Hence, it requires both shooting and parkour skills to successfully storm the castle, while the defenders get an enormous advantage. This is amplified during the Infected mode.

Towers At Sea (by The_Mad_Duck)

Two mid-sized towers standing at sea. The only way to get from one to another is by jumping on a lot of tiny platforms, so this may be more of a parkour map.

Towers_Collab (by dmoy18)

Both versions of this dark, nightime map are nearly identical, and are very close to the abstract battle arenas seen in the sections below. Essentially, it has an empty dirt courtyard, enclosed by thick, yet hollow walls, with the players encouraged to run in the space between the internal and external wall. Four equally hollow towers arise from each corner, and they are also connected by bridges halfway through their length. Doesn't support Hardpoint, but darkness makes it quite atmospheric for Infected.

CastelBurg (by M00StarYT)

A map that takes Burg's courtyard (just one courtyard) as a base, recolors it, and it builds a castle wall of sorts around it. Thus, it's actually a small map that's not much like burg, or like the "proper" castle maps. (BurgFFAMST is an earlier/later version.)

Sky Fortress (by ComicalBacon)

A bunch of towers connected by stone bridges floating in the void, with ugly beige barriers all over it.

TheCastle (by YOSNAKEY)

A weird map. On one hand, it has a large, detailed castle keep, which seems to have at least three levels to it, as well as two towers. On the other hand, there's absolutely no way to ascend the castle, making those decorative at best. Moreover, the entire map is textured with the default stone, including the ground, which is floating in the void.

Grid Castle (by K2FAST4U666)

A collection of roofless rooms enclosed by very tall stone walls, with a poor approximation of a tower inside each. There's absolutely no verticality anywhere on the map. Yet, its large distances still give longer-ranged classes an advantage. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Other building maps

These are the maps that are either set entirely inside a certain large building, or a defined by a building, with maybe a little outside area available.

SantasWorkshop (by FrostyMilk)

A very popular map, with over 1700 upvotes. It's actually set in the yard outside the Workshop itself - the only building you can enter is a church hall. Still, it is a fun map with details like an enormous Christmas tree, and a floating reindeer.

SwimmingPool (by /(^0^)/)

An extremely detailed swimming pool map (and a parking lot outside). Besides the things you would expect, such as the actual pool (and several mini ones to the side), and the divers' ramps, this also includes things like a really large water slide, and several pool floats. The only issue is that it is very open, and so favours Hunters a lot.

Resort (by U1low_)

This map won the second place in the December 2018 mapping contest, with U1low_ awarded $300 at the end of the round. The map portrays a timeless resort with limited interiors, but clear Japanese exterior details, and has multiple shallow green ponds crossed by bridges. Supports Hardpoint as well.



colloseum (by calebthetan)

This map won the third place in the December 2018 mapping contest, with calebthetan awarded $100 at the end. It set inside the arena of a classic Greco-Roman amphitheatre, which has two upper rows above the walls largely enclosing the stage itself, which is littered with complex stone fortifications for cover. There are also inconspicuous wooden planks that act as booster ramps to ascend. This map also supports Hardpoint



BeGone_Tower (by GetShatUpon)

A good approximation of a modern, mechanised farmstead. The titular tower is a tall concrete grain elevator (which you cannot enter, but can climb halfway through). There is also a main stone building, two large sheds with hay and such (which have realistically frayed holes in their wooden walls), a bunch of blue shipping containers, and the rest. Supports Hardpoint.

Moon Warfare (by octodoodle)

A multi-building moonbase, with a rover, a small landing craft, a tank, a radar building, and more! There are multiple versions of the map: "fix" is the best one, as it is the only version that doesn't suffer from extreme spawnkilling. (Though it still lacks Hardpoint.) Thus, it also participated in December 2018 mapping contest. You are also advised to set gravity to below 0.5 for a more immersive experience. (Technically, Moon's gravity is a mere 18% of Earth's, but Krunker's default gravity is already much lower than the real-world one, so setting moon maps to 0.1 or 0.2 would generally be excessive.)



poolday_fl (by FermiLevel)

A swimming pool map that has a good balance between visuals and playability; it looks like a believable swimming pool, but it is not so open that long-range classes get extreme advantage. One problem is that you can currently get stuck in the pools themselves, because the ladders are too far from the pool edges, and so are broken.

Junk Junction (by AVENGERSMAN)

A map that portrays a car scrapyard, and is thus defined by its tall stacks of scrapped default cars. Features Fortnite music and sounds. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



DepartmentStore (by book78)

An entire three-storey shopping mall. Not the most attractive map, as it has default stone walls. However, this is more than compensated by its believable layout with plenty of internal detail - a car park, a maze, multiple different stores, a showroom, elevators, mall fountains, car showroom, and more.

NEON-LaserRange (by fluked)

The only lazer tag map that is styled as a full-on amusement park.

Depot (by ImReally)

Depot is a gameplay-driven battle arena at heart, with its primary layout being a maze of squat default stone buildings, surrounded equally default-stone walls. Nevertheless, it has realistic spacing, and features believable plants and shipping crates inside, with an inaccessible construction crane and a mid-rise building overhanging the map. It participated in the December 2018 mapping contest, even though it prohibited such out-of-map structures. Supports Hardpoint. Screenshot:


The Martian (by Zarth)

A Martian base inspired by 2016 movie. Has pretty neat design, including a whole labyrinth of corridors inside the actual station. Unfortunately, its interior are too small, making it easy to spawn-kill, or shoot people down the long, narrow corridors. Those hosting matches on this map are advised to set gravity to 0.4 or 0.6, to emulate the actual Martian gravity.

UPD: The map now has a modified version by Iron Gaia, The_Martian_UPD, which supports Hardpoint, changes spawn locations to curb spawn-killing and makes a few graphical changes.

ThemePark (by /(^0^)/)

A map that is defined by its enormous rollercoaster, which twists around the whole map, and is probably larger than any real one ever made. It appears that one Parkour goal may be travel across it, jumping from plank to plank. Otherwise, "normal" weapon gameplay doesn't appear to function too well here.

CommunityPool (by Mr_Marionetta)

Another take on the swimming pool theme. Gameplay-wise, this map may be more balanced than /(^0^)/), due to possessing smaller (and still somewhat detailed) interiors, and thus being more friendly to short- and medium-range classes. However, it has the default stone walls, (unlike a better-balanced poolday) and a considerable degree of flickering. If you jwant to play a detailed swimming pool map, the other two options are currently better. If you want something gameplay-oriented, this may not be bad, like department store.

Less notable maps:

farm (by Niebieski)

One of the many maps with this, or similar name. Notable because unlike the other such maps, it participated in the December 2018 mapping contest. It also supports Hardpoint. Otherwise, however, it is a mediocre depiction of a farm, with only the dusty skybox, a couple of trailers and a windmill in the background to remind you where it is set. Otherwise, it has a maze layout typical of higher-end abstract maps, but lacks anything else to distinguish itself.



Bureau (by DeadeyePGx)

This fully-indoors map seems intended to represent some office bureau, and has some steps towards authenticity, like windows with rolled-up blinds at the top, and multiple office plants. Weirdly, all of the environments are still cluttered with stacks of default crates. It supports Hardpoint, and participated in the December 2018 mapping contest.



WorkWarehouse (by YOSNAKEY)

The titular warehouse is largely empty, with only 3 trucks inside and a broken staircase. However, the highlight of the map is a much more detailed cargo plane hovering above it.



Moon Station (by 47chickens)

A decent smallish map. It consists of a mid-sized slice of a moon (with the rest ending in the black void of space) which houses a station that really only has a courtyard with some apparatus on it, with a rocket to one side of the map, and an Illuminati man statue to another. Unfortunately, it lacks verticality, and just isn't as interesting as Moon Warfare. Moreover, it also suffers from having only two spawn points: it doesn't matter much on TDM (there's no Hardpoint), but enables spawnkilling with ease on FFA or Competitive.

SpaceStation (by YOSNAKEY)

this map is set entirely on the outside of the station. Moreover, it is an single-color agglomeration of abstract sharp surfaces, with no discernible detail. Doesn't support Hardpoint. Players are advised to lower gravity here.



Mars Base (by toasterd)

Another smallish base, this time on Mars. Generally not as good as The Martian, with a less specific layout. Moreover, it has the same problems with the spawn points as Moon Warfare, so playing on this map is generally inadvisable. It supports Hardpoint, but there is only one of those, so it's not fun either. Those hosting matches on this map are advised to set gravity to 0.4, to emulate the actual Martian gravity.

Cathedral (by VoltRaptor)

Unlike castle-style Church, this map is set entirely indoors, consisting of the large hall and a small storeroom in the back. Has very little interior detail besides pews and a cross with particle effects.

Zoo (by FrostyMilk) 

This map has a couple of animal cages and a nurtery center. Mostly used for infected. It has a big snake cage in the middle of it.It is supposed to resamble the look of the Central Park zoo in New York.

Bridge maps

Maps where the gameplay is centered around large bridges. It's implied that the bridges are over the water or some other impassable ground - otherwise, players are unlikely to bother with them. Such maps with land bridges are sorted under the abstract maps.

GoldenGate (by spinsky)

Literally a detailed replica of the Golden Gate bridge. Features A LOT of cars and trucks stuck in traffic as well as a large boat. There is the ability to either climb up to the top of the bridge supports, or all the way down to the water level, as well as jump on the boat or multiple options in between.



Less notable bridge maps:

River Crossing (by ECU)

Two really long asphalt bridges, and some stone banks on either side. The bridges are long enough to make it impossible to shoot from one side to another. On Infected, this is one of the few maps where the humans have a really good chance of surviving the whole round.

Bridge Showdown (by krunchiez)

Has a mid-sized bridge over a river, a windmill and free-standing walls on one side, and a couple of bunkers on the other. Everything else was considered unnecessary and the map is surrounded by void.

The Bridge asda (by Sungblox)

A medium-sized stone bridge floating above the void, with two symmetrical hangars on either side. Has booster ramps on either side, and a second level below the bridge.

Mediocre bridge maps:

oceanTower (by dgffg)

A small island platform with cars, crates and stacks for cover, connected by two thin bridges with a large two-storey bunker.

Bridge Siege (by SmokingBacon)

A reasonably long stone bridge, and two thin strips of bare dirt on either side.

Bridgetower (by McM4ggitheGod)

Two truly enormous stone towers, standing on mid-sized stone platforms, with stone bridge in between. The distance between them is so large, you can't actually shoot from one tower and hit anyone standing on the other.

canyon (by pacmoop)

A short bridge, connecting two very large banks of pure stone.

thebridge (by leforged)

Purely a stone bridge, which leads to nowhere. However, there's a second level of the bridge below, some cover, and one of the spawn points is a (grounded) helicopter.

The Crossing (by iSpy)

A very long, black suspension bridge. There's some hills and mountains on both banks, too. Not the worst, but kinda pointless when GoldenGate is better in virtually every way.

Semi-MegaBridge (by TheOmegaSauce)

Actually a tiny wooden bridge, connecting two symmetrical concrete basement spawn points. Everything's enclosed by walls, and there's a balcony on one of them.

Bridge (by Verion)

A small stone bridge over a river, a small wooden one nearby, some trees to the sides, and not much else.

Outdoor environment maps

Redwood (by spinsky)

Endor forest would be a good comparison to this map: extremely large trees with multiple layers of walkways between them are the main feature of it. However, this map also takes place in a gorge, with a waterfall on one side, and a tunnel system running below. Has 1500+ upvotes.

Forest Valley (by hoax)

A sunny, friendly map with a lot of trees, hills and rivers.

Note: For some reason, coolag1234 decided it was a good idea to re-upload this map as Castle_Woods and pass it off as his.



Zombie Forest (by hoax)

The same map as above, but now shrouded in fog.

Abandoned Mars (by CrystalVirus)

A Martian canyon with a very rough terrain, divided into two mid-sized sections. Included insta-kill lava flows, and also has some man-made watchtowers and fortifications.

River (by Yeet :D)

A small, yet complicated map, with a river, an ocean, multiple bridges, several well-decorated houses, a treehouse, and so much more.

Canyon_1v1 (by atarst)

A small, yet attractive and really densely designed map.

treehouse / new treehouse (by dooby)

new treehouse is a densely packed square island map with a lot of cover and verticality due to all the trees. ("Original" treehouse has a similar idea, but a lot worse, so play new one instead.)

Tree House (by Delofobo)

A walled arena with a really large and complicated "treehouse" in the middle, and a small forest, a house, a tiny labyrinth and a giant statue in the corners.

MarsCrater (by KrunkKrunkGo)

A labyrinth of sorts, with a lot of blocky red rock walls you can climb on with ladders, and with low visibility due to constant dust. Good for Infected, especially if you turn the name tags off. Lowered gravity is also appropriate for the setting.

Slender Forest (by D4R3K1NG)

A mid-sized flat forest with the fog turned up to max. Surrounded by stone walls, but you can still fall through some of them.

3kx3k_DarkForest (by Burning Napalm)

A lot of trees growing out of a pure stone plate. Only notable because of how truly large, and how dark, it is.

Angel_Island (by FireflyLive)

Two islands connected by a destroyed bridge. On one of them there's a house and a lighthouse the other one has a bunker. Both maps have a canon at the top of a mountain. Mainly used for CTF.

Firefly_Island (by FireflyLive)

An island with a little village a lighthouse and a big fountain the middle. Great for ffa and oldest FireFly map yet.

Less notable outdoor maps:

Forest0.2 (by Starobot 228)

A really large flat forest during the day, with a stone tower, and enclosed by stone walls.


[ A reasonably nice map depicting a small forest square at wintertime, enclosed by ice walls, and with multiple chest-high hedges to provide additional cover. Doesn't support hardpoint.



Fortnite18 (by Beograd)

Just a forest full of identical squat square-topped trees, surrounded by a wooden fence.

Sea fight (by Michusow)

A tiny, yet really pretty map. Shows two small battleships shooting at each other (complete with clouds of black smoke and shells frozen in mid-air!), on either side of a tiny island in between them. Said island has a ladder that lets you get to an underground area, but it's still small. Essentially, this map is a diorama.


Like Dark Forest/Slender Forest, but smaller and less effective.

DryCanyon (by 2CRACK)

A small, yet densely hilly map, though with little else.

The Forest(test) (by Nevil92)

A mid-sized grass square map, divided in half by the river. One half is forested, the other is bare.

The mini forest/The forest/The wild forest (by MrGaimingIron)

In both cases, it is really a bunch of trees planted in yard around a house, surrounded by stone walls. The wild forest is a bit larger than the forest, and has an extra tower, but it also suffers from more flickering. The mini forest is obviously the smallest version.

Dm_AcidForest (by SnoopDope)

A tiny swamp map, with no actual trees, but has a water pool with layered stone bank, and a really large mushroom instead.

Forest_Of_Trees (by BetaThunder)

A similar idea to DarkForest or SlenderForest above, but far too small to be effective.

BeachForest (by Orange22)

An open sniper map on a forest next to the sea, some houses and a lot of highground to shoot, still under construction

Tiny player maps

These are the maps where everyday objects and settings are magnified to an enormous extent, so that it's implied that the players themselves are tiny, like toys. In fact, that is the theme of the most popular map of its kind, below.

AIM_Room (by Andrii)

This map is the creator's interpretation of Andy's bedroom from the Toy Story movies. It even has the same sky-blue wallpaper with clouds! Has a whole lot of other tiny details to it, and so it is currently the most popular map with 3500+ upvotes, and it has been that way for a while.



AIM_Room_night (by Andrii)

Self-explanatory. Note that it is night-time outside the room, so the windows are pitch-black, while the room itself is not as dark as most "night" maps on Krunker tend to be.

AIM_Rooms (by killercrock04)

This map is just AIM_Room, but with a poster on the wall replaced with a screenshot of author's preferred map settings of Jump Force 3 and strafe speed 1.2 This unoriginal idea obviously got downvoted.

The other "AIM_Room" maps do not actually fit this section, and will be listed later on.

Krusty_Krab (by Mr_Krabs)

A replica of the diner from Spongebob Squarepants, where the player is Plankton-sized (as can be ascertained by approaching the actual Plankton, who is frozen while holding a burger.) There are a lot of other details, like the readable menus and announcements. Has a 1000+ upvotes.



Krusty Makabre (by Mr_Krabs)

Same as above, but with some spooky filters, including Halloween orange sky.



LabRats (by Akcros)

This map is more of a small kitchen/dining room setting. It is less concerned with authenticity: unlike AIM_Room, there are tiny ladders in place no human would put them, like the sink, and there are whole passages carved out inside walls and sofa. In fact, there are player-size crates and concrete stacks inside the sofa! Still, it can provide a fun experience.



Chessboard (by Iron Gaia)

This map replicates a traditional 8 x 8 chessboard, in the early moves of the game. All of the chess figures are also present, and are placed only where they could have realistically moved according to the chess rules. The only deviation is that there are ladders on the rooks (castle tower-like figures), so that you can actually use them as towers. May be too large and open for some players, though. Supports Hardpoint.



Medieval_Home (by TLofficial)

The players are the small interlopers in this large house that appears to have belonged to a medieval nobleman, with a lot of candles on the walls and plenty of books in the shelves. However, it is currently missing a roof.

Chess (by LeoniesLoesung)

A much smaller chessboard, to the point playing it with the full 10 (let alone 16) players is unlikely to work well. It is also captures more of a late-game situation, as a lot of the pieces are already gone from the board. There are also ladders on some pieces, and a booster pad that can throw you onto a thin platform high up above, for some reason.



GIANT_SHARK (by CoolKid2002)

A map with a literal giant shark floating in mid-air, with the players jumping onto it from the nearby platforms. Sadly, the current version has some issues where you'll fall through parts of the shark.

Parkour maps

Maps designed for the Parkour mode, added in the update 0.9.91. Some of these can also provide an interesting challenge on the Infected mode.

[Parkour] Ruins (by atarst)

[Parkour]%20Ruins Ruins is a parkour course to the theme of an ancient collection of islands with various buildings and pillars acting as the obstacles for the player. Good if you like to have an adventure and nice setting for your parkour experience.Map can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes.

Heavenbound (by JHXC)

One of the most popular parkour maps so far, with 641 upvotes at the time of writing. Pretty abstract, with a lot of enormously tall spikes jutting out of the sea that you are supposed to jump onto. The total points you can get is 70 including the island in the back and the second one to the right.Map also has a lot of secrets.

SkyTree / HighTree (by Noah1)

Two versions of a map with a ridiculously tall tree that requires all your parkour skills to climb. (Tree and Tree1 are earlier, worse versions.)

Cairo Cube (by JHXC)

Another map by the Heavenbound creator. This time, it's a lot less abstract, and you are less likely to fall off and die at the first obstacle.

Eruption (by /(^0^)/)

An island with a flickering mountain and a helicopter flying off (with lots of transparent smoke). You can either ascend the complex, multi-layered mountain and then get onto the helicopter by jumping on the smoke puffs, or get to a second island over a bunch of barrels. (OceanEruption is an earlier, worse version of the map.)

Malbork_Castle (by Przemyslaw)

A pretty-looking castle courtyard, with a range of platforms you must navigate. This map cannot be played like a normal castle map!

LIMITATE (by Protector)

A mid-sized parkour path of floating default-object jumping blocks. Moreover, there are platforms in between each jumping challenge, where you have to figure out a maze to get to the next stage.

LONG_TOWER (by justprob)

Nothing but a ridiculously long path of jumping blocks suspended in the void.

Less notable parkour maps:

BurgBhop (by DjDarkMeister)

Burg with a lot of floating platforms to enable parkour.

Bright_X (by AdoreMe)

A small map with snow and pink walls that appears designed for parkour.

DC Ocean Towers (by 47Chickens)

A sunken map where you have to jump on tiny stone blocks to get anywhere. Currently suffers from flickering and other bugs.

The Towers (by 47chickens)

A bunch of various skyscrapers close to each other, with the player getting points for jumping on top of them. Currently appears at least partially broken.

Bhop_Giant_Steps (by JHXC)

Another map made by JHXC. This time it's a mountain themed map with a lot steps and ways you can finish it.

escapeSkyscraper (by 3ggo)

First parkour map made by 3ggo. It requires both parkour skills and puzzle solving element.The goal is to get into the helicopter at the top of the building.

Bhop_Jungle (by eskrr)

A jungle themed map with 25 level to complete. Easy short and fun.

bhop_parkour (by koinakiz)

One of the oldest parkour maps in the game. It goes in a straight line for over 30 stages. The difficulity gets harder as you continue.It has no theme nor style.


A futuristic themed map with 3 basic levels of difficulty. The game kinda interracts with you after each level. There are many ways you can finish the map.

Parkour Tower (by -Deathstroke-)

Being a popular chaice for infected the map is very long. It needs to be played with increased gravity because of some jumps not being possible to make without it.It also has another short parkour underneath the map that many players don't know about. 

BINGO_RACE (by justprob)

Race maps

Maps intended to be played through in the Race mode only, which was added in the update 0.9.999998 .

Race_Boostrun (by Keybi)

This map is already on the all-time Popular list with 650+ upvotes, and for good reason. It is a full-on obstacle course, that'll require players to jump and crouch and manoeuvre while being propelled at great speeds by the floor, which is lined with boostpads.

Dropper Race ? (by fluked)

An even more creative concept, with 450+ upvotes. You are racing to drop down as fast as possible, falling through an enormous test chamber that is full of various horizontal obstacles that'll break your fall and thus slow you down,forcing you to manoeuvre to get past them in order to be the first.

race_Monsters (by Delofobo)

The third most popular race map, with ~100 upvotes. This one map has only a few boosters, and is all about the obstacle course instead, which is challenging, and even has some insta-kill zones, unlike the previous two maps. Its name comes from the various monsters' faces present as parts of the background, like Pacman. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the map is the default crates and stone textures.

Also, INSANE_RUN! and INSANE_RUN2.0 are two earlier versions of this.

race_BR_Wood (by Keybi)

Another map from race_Boostrun's creator, done in the similar style. This time, it is mainly decorated with wood, and most of the obstacles are various wooden beams and slats, which explains the name. Unlike Boostrun, here you can actually get stuck on a certain low-lying beam.

Christmas_race (by real g)

A test chamber vertical ascent race, where using booster ramps to get on the higher-placed platforms is essential.

BINGO_RACE (by justprob)

An abstract race where there is the starting "hub" in the form of a floating platform, and 12 transparent floating cubes around it, 3 per side, all of which can only be accessed through accelerating off the ramp. Those cubes have a small hole in the roof you need to drop into. Once you do, the only way to get out is to deal with the mini obstacle course inside the cube itself, which is what earns you the point. Doing that for all 12 lets you win.

Stairrace (by Ponti)

Here, you just race up a relatively small, ugly flight of stairs. Then, this doesn't end the race, and you eventually discover a tiny tunnel, then a space above it. Then a whole other flight of stairs. Then a pyramid of stairs. Then...

Race_VBRampS (by JHXC)

Another abstract, hardcore race that relies on your knowledge of how booster ramps work.

race_bhop (by Tringoli)

A race course that requires bunny-hop mastery to succeed. [b.2c] is the latest version at the time of writing, and the one you should play.

Race_BR_Neon (by Keybi)

Another booster racecourse. It features the sort of obstacles Keybi is known for, though now with a rather different appearance.

ParkourRace V1.2 (by One Eyed Owl)

An enormous abstract field with a lot of tiny platforms.

Race_short (by Keybi)

This Keybi map is different from others not just in its length, but also in that it has no boosters, and is instead about jumping over the obstacles (without requiring bhop-style rhythm.)

Trackstars 100m (by AVENGERSMAN)

A reasonably detailed portrayal of a real-life sprinters' racetrack.

Less notable race maps:

Boxes_race (by Valpha)

A simple short race over a lot of boxes suspended in the air. Notable for having two paths, with two alternate finishes.

Ultimaterace1 (by 台灣阿成世界偉人財神總統)

A looping race that has "Kill them all" banner for some reason.

Burg-Race (by DjDarkMeister)


Crouch_race (by justprob)

Just an enormous stairway and nothing else. More of a test of endurance than anything else.

Abstract/default-material maps

These are the maps that do not aim to particularly resemble the object they are supposedly emulating, or which are outright design for gameplay alone, rather than for any looks or authenticity. As such ,they generally use only the default map objects (crates, stacks, barrels, cars, etc.) and textures.

These maps are usually done by the beginners, and they can still be decent to play through, but often suffer from basic errors and poor balance, are rarely good-looking, and rarely hold player's attention. However, some of these maps are all-time best map material, and so are placed at the start of the list. Decent-ish maps are hidden under the first collapsable section, and the much worse maps are hidden under a third collapsable section.

BOSS LEVEL (by cbbbrown)

A map that sounds like it was designed for the Boss Hunt mode. In practice, though, it allows for all combat modes. It is about a range of strangely built default stone structures (including a very tall tower, which unfortunately suffers from flickering), surrounded by a forest, whose trees have been notably well-designed.

Crossfire (by hoax)

A very intricately designed town-style battle arena. The map is very dense, and there are a lot of twisted paths, and you can go into several directions (or be attacked from several directions) regardless of where you are. There is also an earlier version, SMG_Crossfire, and Crossfire 1 (by samule321, appears to have slightly changed...something.)

SiberianBunker (by spinsky)

Unlike GoldenGate, the other notable map by spinsky this map is largely abstract, with most of it being hills and mountains and snow. Even the inside of the bunker is mainly default stone. Still, there are details like the radar tower and the missile launch room with a (static) countdown screen, and the overall layout is good enough to earn this map 600+ upvotes and the place in the all-time top.

It took part in the December 2018 mapping contest. It supports Hardpoint.



Promotional video:

Map Showcase - SiberianBunker By Spinsky

Map Showcase - SiberianBunker By Spinsky

CyberKrunk (by Boswalldad)

As its name suggests, this map replicates a small section of a "future city" most often associated with cyberpunk. It has a pretty abstract layout, so it is in this section, rather than the "cities" one. Nevertheless, it is a complex, very vertical map that features plenty of walkways, balconies, ramps and hidden paths. There are plenty of spots to snipe from, but there are also paths hidden by walls that allow short-range classes to get those snipers without getting shot.

This map was one of the earliest good custom maps, and so spent a lot of time in the all-time top. It was updated in December 2018, and now it supports Hardpoint, has soft music playing in the background, and generally looks much better than it did earlier (since dull grey textures used to cover everything, but were largely replaced by darker, more eye-pleasing textures.)



Frostbite (by Keybi)

Has a bit of everything in it. Frostbite contains multiple modern-day unenterable buildings (including one with a bar sign on the outside) arranged to form a pretty abstract maze with ramps, and ladders leading to narrow passageways, as well as stacks suspended on ropes for a bit of parkour. It is surrounded by stone walls, other modern buildings, and even flanked by a castle wall on one side! Took part in the December 2018 mapping contest, supports Hardpoint. Screenshot:


HIGH-OFFICE (by SwatDoge)

Not actually an office, but a really nice-looking mpa regardless. It is more like a peak of a large oil platform or the like, with a helicopter pad on one side, but also a detailed flower bed on the other, next to some buildings. Screenshots:

Kr-high-office Kr-high-office-2

Vertigo (by Arcaner)

An abstract medieval construction site by the seaside with a lot of tall, climbable pillars, and several waterfalls. Supports Hardpoint, and has its own music as well. (Vertigo_classic is a much older and less detailed version.)



Atlantis+ (by Solar13)

There are two versions of this map. Counter-intuitively, Atlantis+test is MUCH better than Atlantis+, with the latter containing at best a fraction of what the former does. As can be seen from the fortress, it's some sort of a walled palace that's either fully underwater, or simply under a very blue sky, and has a river with a waterfalls running through it, with several nearby fountains.

While this map can be played in the normal combat modes, and it even includes a single Hardpoint, it really comes into its own during the Hide and Seek mode, as there are a lot of secret and hard-to-access locations there.



Militia (by Arcaner)

A large, abstract map with a surface and an underground level, the former featuring plenty of walls and trees, and other detail. Supports Hardpoint, and has its own music as well.



Frost (by One Eyed Owl)

A mostly wooden, yet clearly modern-day guard post during winter. This map also took part in the December 2018 mapping contest. It is tightly built with only short- and mid-range distances due to the multiple single-storey buildings a short distance from each other, and very little verticality to discourage snipers. Supports Hardpoint.



NOTE: FrostBetaMap by FrostyMilk is a completely unrelated attempt at a Christmas map that is much worse due to largely consisting of a stupidly large, wholly barren front yard, with only a similarly large and mostly empty building in it.

Ocean_flats (by pop2pop)

A pretty marine map. Starts with an extensive designed caravel, then leads to a complicated series of platforms connected together by bridges, and which have two height levels. At the end, there's a house, that can only be reached through jumping onto tiny platforms. (A good place for the defenders in the Infected mode.) Due to its layout, this map is heavily biased towards the sniper classes, so FFA may not be a good choice here. However, TDM, Hardpoint and Infected would all work much better. Note: ocean port is an earlier, much worse version.

Tree-House (by chilltepin)

A map that starts off as a simple concrete battle arena with various stone cover, but also features an enormous tank. It soon gets ridiculously vertical, with a ladder leading to a large helicopter, then another helicopter, then a transport airplane, while there are multiple enormous treehouses that have at least five consecutive stories to the side... Sadly, it doesn't currently support hardpoint.

The extreme verticality of this map also makes it heavily biased in favor of Hunter and Marksman. Playing this map on Infected practically guarantees a victory for any human player who manages to climb all the way to the top. Its size makes it one of the best maps for Hide and Seek.

Labyrinth # (by Beograd)

Multiple versions of one map by Beograd, with BGD being by far the most advanced one, as reflected in its 200+ upvotes. It really is a very complicated labyrinth. Following it MAY eventually let you find a tower, and climb it.

This map supports Hardpoint, and is best played in either Hardpoint, or Hide and Seek, or even Infected. FFA is strongly discouraged here, because's there's only a single spawn point at the labyrinth's entrance, which encourages spawn-killing.

Screenshot (shows only a fraction of its true extent):


NOTE: Labyrinth_crate is by a different user, and is covered below.

The Gun Park (by named_richard)

One of the earliest custom maps that has 700+ upvotes due to its advanced layout with a lot of ladders and such. This is in spite of being largely made with default textures and objects, and having a lot of open space.

Femoral_tree (by Stefino)

A square, walled-in battle area, which has a lot of cover, a tall treehouse that gives it its name, and a whole basement level as well.

Keep hiden (by Shark063)

A highly abstract map designed for the Hide and Seek mode, as it contains a lot of places one can potentially hide in.

Krunkmas_eve (by Jerm Hunter)

An eclectic map, where a ring of ruined houses surrounds a very large Christmas tree with presents stacked below, and multiple enormous snowmen around it. This map took part in the December 2018 mapping contest, and supports Hardpoint. KrunkmasEve is the earlier version. (Merry Krunkmas is by the same creator, but it is a burg edit, and thus different.)



Frozen (by Trivm2002)

A small maze with ice walls and snowy floor, with snowmen, present boxes and other such decorations present as well.



Killers search (by * Nilexion *)

A dark map made out of default objects, and where it very easy to get lost. Thus, it achieves its goal, since it was made for Hide and Seek. Might be decent for the other modes as well.

Altar (by jailson)

A map that features high-definition stone textures and a custom sun texture, amongst with a literal altar with a cross in a pool of water that acts as a hardpoint, and mirror-inverted pseudo-Soviet posters nearby.



farmyard (by Jechem)

A few trees are the only thing that liken this dirt-and-stone-house battle arena to its namesake. Nevertheless, it is a nicely looking, nicely designed map that supports Hardpoint.



Construcao [S] (by SmithEC)

A mid-sized map that's filled with half-built stone buildings. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



Labirinto [S] (by SmithEC) A mid-sized pure stone labyrinth], with curved arcs above each entrance, and crawlspaces that provide alternate paths to the players. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



LockCity (by The Wizard)

An entirely functional city block, with some nice balconies and bright blue moonlight, even if all the actual objects are purely grey.



Secret Tower (by Black_Sniper)

Several variations of a battle arena defined by a very tall stone tower in the center, and the equally tall walls surrounding it, and the whole map. Two of those walls have multiple levels of their as well, with cover, ladders and passageways.

Two Castles (by Morpheus86)

Several versions of the same rectangular battle arena. The most advanced one has two symmetrical stone walls on the narrow edges of the map, while the wide ones are dirt walls overhanging the crate-littered arena below. You can run both on top of the dirt walls, and inside them.

Fortressally (by dancytub1)

A dirt battle arena, with two large walled spawn areas with battlemented roofs on either side, and typical default-object cover in between.

Cufu (by YOSNAKEY)

A competent stone-and-wood maze, with two levels of elevation due to ramps and such. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



Junction 7 (by -MUZZY-)

A stone tunnel littered with crates and barrels to provide extensive cover, and with numerous side alcoves that contain spawn points and themselves have a bit of default-object cover. Doesn't support Hardpoint.



Less notable abstract maps:

Wild-West-Town (by gun fire)

While one of the spawn points has casino written on it, nothing else there is really Wild West. It's just one other house, two crosses made out of stone walls, and a very tall tower (could be good for Infected.) Unfortunately suffers from flickering. Ghost_town is a version of the same.

HighestTower (by books78)

A map that consists of two sections surrounded by enormous walls and connected through a single path. One has nothing but crates as cover, the other remotely resembles a city, with two very tall, 10-20+ story towers, and several smaller buildings, placed in a strange layout.. Supports hardpoint.

Abandoned city (by nevil92) /

A block of grey stone buildings on green grass, complete with a church. Has poorly designed block ladders on some spawn points, but also has some nice design touches, like remnants of broken glass in the windows.



Corridor G (by Galaxypl)/ Corridor51 (by COCLICO)

A mid-sized stone corridor, with some nooks, plenty of cover, and A LOT of climbing opportunities. Weirdly, Corridor51 (new) by COCLICO seems like practically the same map, with Corridor 51 as its earlier versions.

NewWarTown (by books78)

A dirt rectangle enclosed inside walls. Has a small house, a large building and a very tall tower in it, amongst regular cover.

LazerTag (by Syrup36X)

A long, rectangular lazer tag area, split into a lower level, and an upper one you can climb through ladders.

LazerByVortenx (by Vortenx)

A red-and-black lazer tag map with a lot of good cover, and a few ladders to climb up walls.

TDM Town (by nickadams)

Not at town at all. However, it is one of the best concrete-only battle arena maps.

LaserRange (by D34DSH0T)

The most abstract of all lazer tag maps, being set on the several connected walkways floating above the void. These have cover, but it requires good jumping skills not to fall off. Also features custom weapon sounds.

RobotCastle (by HowardTheAlien)

This map has few castle elements in it. Instead, it's essentially a maze of stone walls going round in circles. There's absolutely no verticality, so snipers have few advantages here. Instead, the winding turns benefit close-ranged classes a lot more. Map doesn't support Hardpoint.

Lieros Tower (by The_StrangerD)

One of the strangest abstract stone-and-wood designs. Essentially, there's no ground, and all the fighting happens on a single-half-built floating tower, which has multiple overlapping extensions jutting out. This design ensures there's no one place from which one can see the entire map, though, so this discourages snipers. Map doesn't support Hardpoint.

Elemental-cross (by Iron Gaia)

A cross with 4 equally-sized arms floating in mid-air. At the end of each cross-arm is a house corresponding to each element, with ladders you can climb on, and there's a golden tower in the middle of the map. Supports Hardpoint.

Elements (by ElChetoBandeto)

A mid-sized map floating above the void, and divided in 4 parts according to each element: a snowy cave, 4 grassy hills, a watery surface with corrals (?) and a short lava volcano.

LazerTagCorner (by PantherTSB)

A multi-coloured lazer tag map, with one central elevated "hill", and lot of cover surrounding it.

Quake_UpJump (by Jump1)

An abstract stone-and-wood collection of floors. Could be more of a Parkour map, but is probably playable normally too.

Towerton (by aktahuvet)

A large floating asphalt rectangle, with two tall, identical walls placed near the end of each side. You can climb on those, and you can also climb on the four enormous towers (actually pure stone blocks with ladders on the side) behind them. There are also two long, thin bridges connecting towers on their respective side.

This map doesn't currently support Hardpoint. It is likely one of the easiest for the humans to win on the Infected mode, due to the incredible amount of time under fire the infected must spend in order to reach the humans, if the latter stand on the bridge between towers.

Towers-TTailEd (by TTailEd)

A small battle arena with two low stone keeps on either side of a narrow, yet insta-kill, river.

grumps wall (by memes9)

You all know what this refers to. Not actually the worst map, though you are likely to find its earthen structure ugly, and the scale way too large, with a lot of time spent on simply running from place to place.

Bridge Battle (by RF47)

The bridge in question goes over the land of a typical enclosed battle arena, and so doesn't need to be used. However, there's decent cover and even some platforming opportunities.

FloatingCastle (by CoolKid2002)

A highly abstract floating collection of floors and ramps. Includes Hardpoint.

bridge wars (by Legend317)

An enclosed square, and two levels of an abstract bridge structure above it.

LABIRINTO (by thomloco) Simply a stone labyrinth at a dark night-time], with no features besides its walls. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Trumps_Walls (by Username)

A small section of a large stone wall, which is extremely cluttered with default objects, and itself prevents you from getting out of bounds with invisible walls. It does feature US and Chinese flags on either side, as well as a cage.

OG Bridges (by justprob)

5 large flat sand platforms, floating above the void and connected by bridges. There are also booster ramps you can use to instantly travel from one to another. Lacks any cover.

IronWrks (by Floobl)

Actually a small foggy arena with corridors running around stacks of shipping crates, with some tunnels as well.

Twin towers (by Sebastic)

Either one of Sebastic's maps with that name actually has no towers at all. However, it is one of the cleanest-looking abstract stone-and-dirt battle arenas, even if it doesn't have a particularly interesting layout, with only limited cover, and no hardpoint support.

Note: There's also twin towers (starts with a lowercase t), by godlysniping01. That one is essentially an unplayable troll map.

Hastings (by YOSNAKEY)

A dirt arena with a lot of strangely placed wooden fortifications. Doesn't support hardpoint.

daneisinsane/danegoinginsane maps (by dane_is_insane)

This link shows a lot of versions of the same map idea. Still, the most advanced one (so far), danegoinginsane9, is actually one of the largest and most complex "arena" maps made, with two large square levels placed on top of each other, linked by 4 ladders. Bottom one has a ton of forts and default-object cover, the top one is empty, save for multiple sniper's nests. Sadly, even the most advanced version still has poor spawns and the resultant spawn-killing, and there's flickering as well.

AIM_Room_2 (by [dd])

Has practically nothing to do with the actual AIM_Room. Instead, it's just a corridor with extremely tall wooden walls, and some ladders, cars and stacks as cover. The so-called AIM_Room_updated is practically the same thing.

Sakaash (by 9842188823)

A compact default-object arena, split into two halves by a wall that requires precise jumping to go over.

defend ze tower (by WhiteIce435)

Yet another small walled-off area, which is now grassy and very dark. It has some cover styled as log piles and randomly strewn crates, while the titular tower appears inaccessible. No hardpoint support either.

Greek Castle (by Jedibrine)

A largely bare walled arena, where wooden stilts support a stone platform with battlements.


A typical beginner's map, made entirely out of stone walls, with crates and cars interspersed through it.  Not the worst map of its kind, but has no relation to actual burg.

ze_wall (by rengar)

Actually a grassy courtyard, encircled by two walls, and with multiple small walls inside it.

THE_WALL (by Foxbro37, 4 versions)

The creator of this made a common mistake of changing the map's title every time he made changes to it, which caused to appear as a whole new map, when the differences are minor. Anyway, even at its best, it's still just a default-asset small map, divided by a stone wall into two symmetrical halves, one red and one blue.

City_TwoTowers (by Vsaucee)

A mid-sized square above the void, with two towers placed diagonally from each other, and a lot of crates and stacks as cover on the ground.

CityStreets (by leforged)

On one hand, it has nice, pretty colours, almost like AIM_City. On the other hand, it has a lot of empty space, and one building is floating off the ground.

castle divided (by The American)

This is actually a small stone arena, which has a pit with sloping walls in its center, which is where most of the fighting is meant to take place. There's also red, white and blue nearly everywhere. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Junk Yard / Junk Yard Arena (by SansFromSmash)

Two versions of a walled-in battle arena that doesn't support hardpont and mostly looks like this.



BLUE FOREST (by davide)

A grass square above the void that has no trees at all. However, it does have two stone walls with battlements, several small forts in the middle, and other cover in between. Parts of the map suffer from flickering.

The City in Desert 2(by H-BUSTER)

This map isn't actually like the other city maps, because you can't ever get onto the city streets. Instead, you are supposed to get to the high ground. It really only works in the Infected mode.

RARACity (by jsymodd)

A missing link between CityStreet and SnowCity. It's a complete locked-off street and is semi-playable, but is still too small. SnowCity is just that, but better.

City Mayhem (by eloment)

Just a single square with no houses, but with a strange concrete overpass bridge in the middle, and surrounded by concrete walls. However, there are a lot of tunnels going through the walls as well.

Rundown town (by Stycks Gaming)

Not actually a town, but just a concrete rectangle with an indeterminate building on one end, and a good amount of cover all around. It is also very dark.

LaserTag (by K.)

The first lazer tag map, and so it got 180+ upvotes, in spite of being much simpler in design than lazer tag maps which followed it.

Big Towers (by dodil406)

A mid-sized wooden square floating in the void, with a large stone tower on one side, two smaller ones connected an overpass on the other, and some cover and abstract stone structures for cover elsewhere. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

down town (by gulag express)

A concrete square with an inchoate barrack on either side, and crates and cars for cover in between.

Crossroads (by OOOPS)

A cross-shaped battle arena, whose walls form 4 tall blocks you can climb onto.

CastleBash (by RaptureFan)

A conventional battle arena with two versions. The second one is really nice-looking, with snowfall, clear blue water with ice floes to one side, and other such decorations. The first one is much uglier, so don't play it.

NewTown (by LckyChrmZ)

A mid-sized square above the void, split in half by an incomplete wall, with a hardpoint on either side, and some cars and crates for cover in between.

WoodFortress (by Nokiya)

An abstract, symmetrical map with some wooden walls and stone ramps, but no defined fortress shape.

The World (by GOJT11)

A really large, abstract canyon-like map, with a floating waterfall and a resultant lake in the middle, and a lot of climbable mountains on one of the edges of the map. Supports Hardpoint. If you keep losing on Infected on normal maps, this one should make it easy, due to the extreme distances zombies will have to cover.

the world (by Ezequiel052)

This map, with the same title as the one above, consists of 3 flat islands, two with houses on them, connected by crates floating in the water. Sadly, this map uses rotated objects a lot, so some elevations become transparent, and cannot be jumped on. Unlike the other world, this doesn't support hardpoint. However, it is also easy for humans to defend on Infected, as they can shoot the zombies while they are trying to jump across all the barrels.

cityside (by arsenalYT)

A square enclosed by tower blocks, with 4 small two-storey houses and some trees in the middle.

ship_battle (by deproxxl)

Two practically identical wooden ships floating in the void near each other. There's no way to get from one ship to another, so this is essentially a team duel map.

TOWER FIGHT (by StinkyMexican)

Essentially, this map consists of two tiny floating islands with tiny towers too small to climb, which are connected by a row of boxes and stacks floating in the void. Can be useful if you absolutely can't win at Infected as a human (or, alternately, if you really want a challenge as a zombie). However, Eruption parkour map will accomplish the same in a more creative manner. This map is too small to support hardpoint, and normal matches will basically consist of snipers shooting at each other.

Townbrick (by Gal!)

This map is a watchtower, a bunch of stone blocks and tiny wall section on a small square floating above a void.

Bloody river (by lumpy)

An enclosed battlegrounds, with a hill and an elevated plafform on one side, a walled spawnpoint on the other, rows of pillars on both, and an irrelevant river in between.

Mazetower (by Kas)

The original map is a small empty purple tower with two ladders leading to the top (one of which is broken), and a small maze nearby. Mazetower V2, available at the same link, has made a range of improvements, like fixing the broken ladder, and adding two towers connected with each other nearby. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Lego Tower (by Predator123)

Unfortunately, there's little resemblance to Lego here. Instead, it's a small, mostly yellow-colored walled battle arena, with a small tower in the middle and a wall with two ramps and two underpasses on the opposing sides immediately around it.

TheFarm / WinterFarm / SummerFarm (by -Deathstroke-

Lots of versions of the same map. Unfortunately, even the seemingly best one suffers from a lot of flickering, and is mainly identical, severely oversized farmhouses, and barren dirt around them, with tiny, pointless paddocks in between.

Box Fortress (by XshinYT)

A collection of platforms, some made out of crates, attached to the four stone walls.

Dark Towers (by SamAritan)

Two small stone towers standing in diagonally opposed corners of a mid-sized dirt square, with a maze of black barriers in between. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Kill Farm (by KNIGHT213787)

Two large stone platforms, connected through two paths of stacks floating in mid-air. There are also several additional platforms attached to each one through walls with ladders. Doesn't support hardpoint.

RUSH (by Exotic Schmeat)

A symmetrical map, with a spawnpoint (and a hardpoint) behind a stone wall on either side, and lots of dirt ramps forming an equivalent of rough cross-crountry terrain in between. Lacks any other features.

RubiksCube / RubicksCube (by Exotic Schmeat)

multiple versions of a map that is set entirely inside a stone cube, with multiple rooms where at least one wall is colored and the overall pattern roughly matches a real cube. (cube3x3x3 is an earlier version]. Sadly, each room is far too large and empty for proper gameplay, and the map doesn't support hardpoint, which discourages movement about it. It also suffers from heavy flickering.

bridges (by Gup)

A stone battle arena with a lot of strangely placed battlements and a bridge over land area.

BottomlessTower (by Hasaparty05)

A stone tower that doesn't just have a bottom, but has no middle as well. There are several small platforms with ladders near the internal walls, and you are supposed to jump from one to another to get to the top. Sadly, it's far too small to be enjoyable.

Weaker abstract maps:

TheCity (by Kize)

A map that inexplicably received 62 upvotes by now, even though it's made out of basic grey stone, full of flickering objects, and it is very easy to spawn-kill on.

ZG Laser Tag (by ray8am)

An open-air red-and-black lazer tag map, with decently placed obstacles, but no verticality.

westerncity (by jael137)

It has burg-like dirt and even some cacti. Otherwise, it's some bare concrete block houses, a bunch of free-standing walls and some cars and crates, all on a flat dirt square above a void.

Castle69 / Castle6969 (by N0Du)

Both maps are walled battle arena, where one half is occupied by a stone elevation housing a tower, which can only be accessed through jumping off a half-raised drawbridge of a second stone elevation nearby. However, the first map is grassy, and has an empty chapel and a small graveyard plot on the other side of the map. The second is sandy, and instead occupies that place with a huge slope, to better shelter the attackers. Neither supports Hardpoint.

Area51 (by potato YT)

The base is six small rectangular hangars, only large enough for a tank, truck, UFO, etc. inside each one. It is surrounded by a wall with an entrance, and is on a desert square.

City Factory / City-Factory / City_Factory (by TheMindOFGod)

Actually three maps, but all are similarly poor: a dirt square enclosed by stone walls, and some stone structures that are not remotely close to a factory.

Tilted Towers (by L0wen)

A map enclosed by enormous blue walls, which contain a clock tower, an half-built tower block, two small houses and a tunnel in between. Sadly suffers from a lot of flickering. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Four Towers (by LionPro)

A battle arena which is absolutely empty, save for decorative trees and the titular towers, which are empty inside and stand at the center of each wall. There's absolutely no other cover, and it doesn't support hardpoint.

Abandoned Town(s) (by Foo / Guppy)

Two basically identical maps. In both cases, there's a road where a stick-up takes place, with actual figures of people doing the stick-up standing there. Unfortunately, there's nothing else there besides some crashed cars and two houses.

Z-Wood-Forest (by Ron1n)

Like the above, it makes for a good diorama of a broken car (with even transparent cubes of smoke!), and a well-drawn motorway tunnel behind it. Unfortunately, there are so many invisible walls, there's nowhere besides a small flat area to actually play the game.

Swamp/SwampLands/Swamphouse (by I 'm_Not_Haxing)

Three versions of the same dirt-and-concrete battle arena. Has two sets of walls, and some angular "forts".

Fight_City (by Tsm_Vydelsky)

Two empty houses, an empty dirt square between them.

Tower Dead (by loley19)

A small walled stone area with 4 towers in it, and some mimimal cover around them.

Rural Town (by BlackBolt)

The actual map is a stone square, with two tiny towers on either side, and two walls made out of crates.

Castle Arena (by stikkie)

Both versions of the map are simply a small battle arena, whose (inaccessible) walls have battlements on top. It is absolutely littered with stacks and crates. Supports Hardpoint, but is too small for enjoyable gameplay of this sort.

castle war (by assault)

In both versions of this map, two extremely rudimentary symmetrical "castles" are placed on floating platforms, and connected by two bridges (which at least have a lot of cover.) Doesn't support hardpoint.

Some Castles / Some Castles-ish (by CoolYoshi97)

In both cases, this is just two thin parallel stone paths floating in the void, with three elevated "towers" on each one, and some floating platforms that connect those towers. The difference is that Some Castles has completely broken ladders, whereas Some Castles-ish fixed them. However, it's still not a good map. It's also obviously too small for Hardpoint.

kurush (by nilat5)

A typical walled-in dirt rectangle map, with only a bunch of boxy "buildings" on it. Suffers from a lot of flickering. NOTE: "insurgency" is a practically identical of the same map, with the same flickering issues.

Siberian Camp (by 0besep1geon)

Simply a default-object battle arena with far too much empty space between sparse cover. In spite of its name, the ground is pure dirt, without a hint of snow. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Castles of Bell / CastlesOfBell (by Cyper)

Several versions of a map with an excessively large stone rectangle, and three stone towers located to one side of it. Most advanced version also has a couple of palms. None support hardpoint.

1v1 Junk Yard (by Zerxle64)

Not the worst of dirt square + default cover maps, but hardly the best either. Picture ought to tell more.



TrippoCS (by Trippo)

An abstract arena with some white walls and a gate.

Draft Corridor (by MAMANIMO)

A very long wooden path floating in the void, littered with crates and boxes for cover.

Streets (by TheVladozz)

Rectangular dirt arena with several decently placed walls, but no actual houses.

Dirt_Towers (by Dr Linnerd)

A small dirt arena surrounded by stone walls, with a minor depression in the middle that acts as the lone Hardpoint. That depression has four stone blocks at its corners, which you can climb onto through the ladders - these are the titular towers.

Deadpool 1v1 (by TIGRAN)

A tiny square with some default-object cover, enclosed by red and black walls.

lootlake (by harley0526)

A grass rectangle in the void, with two buildings on both sides, and a taller one standing in the ankle-high lake in the middle.

Cityscape (by One Eyed Owl)

It is actually just a single tall building , where only the bare ground floor is open. Well, that, and a large front yard, and a little space around the sides and back, all enclosed by a wall.

two towers (by lumpy)

Has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. Instead, this map is two enormous towers of default stone floating in the void , completely empty inside save for a ladder leading to the second floor, and to the roof (which you can fall through at some places.) The only way to get from one tower to another is through jumping onto the stone block path that connects them at the second-floor level. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Mars (#) (by Guppy/Gup)

A red "Martian" square with a stone fortress on it. Has a lot of versions, with 6 seemingly being the latest for now. The fortress and the surrounding fortifications are not the worst: sadly, the ground flickers, though not as badly as in Mars 100.

Towersgg (by Erffrylan)

Yet another walled-in stone arena, with spawn points protected by walls, and two towers near the center.

SwampLake (by SnoopDope)

A rectangular labyrinth-like level done in the sickly green tones. Everything is too large and open to provide fun gameplay.

Military Tower (by Jeranger808)

A typical walled-in dirt arena, with a decent amount of cover, some spawn houses and a watchtower in the centre. Extremely dark, which benefits Infected. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

KingOfTheTower (by Green Arrow)

A small battle arena with blood-red sky, a very tall and thin tower you can only climb the outside of through two ladders, and some small walls for cover on the ground. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Abstractionism (by Arcaner)

Simply several narrow platforms floating in the void, connected by an extremely thin path. Only useful for those who want to troll the Infected players, or practice precision running.



Start (by Gryllodea)

A medium-sized walled square, empty save for a stone tower in the middle. May be useful if you want an easy win on Infected, probably not needed otherwise.

Castle Siege (by Xandon / Yeetboi2023 / GallionHawk)

There are 4 maps from 3 creators under that name, yet all are similarly subpar battle arenas. Either version of Xandon's map simply consists of two floating symmetrical stone platforms with protective walls, connected with two thin, cover-free stone bridges. Yeetboi's map is a bog-standard dirt battle arena with typical default object cover and watchtowers, and blue-red highlights on either side. GallionHawk's map is like Yeetboi's, but larger, divided in half by a castle wall, and tinted with a strange pink fog.

CastleFight! (by [X] PatataGuti)

A stone courtyard divided into four thin sections, with ladders letting you run on top of walls.

Castle_fight (by TerkoizX16)

A walled dirt courtyard, where two walls have additional internal walls, where much of the fighting is meant to take place.

CastleChargePICS (by PicsPlays)

A walled-in grassy courtyard with a few small walls for cover, and ladders and battlements on one of the exterior walls. No hardpoint.

hightower (by Skyvent)

Several maps with the same name. Essentially, all of them are just a tiny walled dirt square, with a similarly small solid wooden tower, which is climbed via a ladder outside. hightower_v3 - the third hightower map made by Skyvent - and hightower_v3xmas - the same map, except with snow and a christmas tree on top of the tower - are the only versions that place a hardpoint on top of the tower. "hightower_v18" by Guppy was actually hightower_v1 and was stolen from Skyvent after he posted the entire map data on reddit, not being aware that someone could steal his map. Also, Hightower (with capital H) is just an outright troll map by a different user.

Fogg_Castle (by Zomboi)

A small foggy walled-in battle arena with a tower you can only ascend halfway up in the center, and some crates strewn elsewhere. Doesn't support hardpoint.

Horror Junction(by D4R3K1NG)

A walled dirt square with high darkness/low draw distance. Has some cars and stone buildings, but weirdly placed invisible walls seemingly only let you explore half of an already small map.

Corridors_Of_Dog (by BetaThunder)

A mid-sized default-stone battle arena divided into four small rooms, each with little cover.

BattleForest (by IAmRightHere)

A grass square above the void, with a small hill in the center, and some trees with merged treetops on either side.

Cyber_City (by DustT)

Strangely named map, as there's nothing cybernetic about it. Instead, it's merely a bunch of half-built earthen houses around a railroad, all floating on a small piece of ground above the void.

townin (by Guppy)

2 farm houses, some trees and paddock fences, and not much else.

Oneseandunn (by BuckShells)

A rectangular area of black concrete with a bunch of stacks for cover and a strange bridge thing. May have been intended for Hide and Seek.

estacionamento (by thomloco)

A very dark carpark, with no features besides walls, cars and rare stacks on the sidelines. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

ocean map (by jerrydabeast67)

A tiny semi-enclosed island, and a much larger flat island with a tower, and a bunch of barrels, connected by a ford. Has some flickering and other bugs.

Village (by Michusow)

Just 5 default stone houses in 2 rows, standing on a tiny island that's surrounded by toxic waste.

foggy forest (by Skootz)

Has no trees at all. Instead, it's a large flat grass area with some equally flat hills surrounding it. Provides no cover, and much of the map flickers.

spitfire_street (by spitfire1204)

An abstract street in the void, with a lot of cars, and four windowless, unenterable "houses" with ladders on the sides. Suffers from flickering.

Crossr0ads (by Gup)

A tiny concrete cross suspended over the void, with a short flickering wooden tower in the middle.

Junk Flea (by Takanashi)

A small stone house, with some transparent internal walls, set in a small dirt square in the void. May not be bad for 1v1, but useless for anything else.

tetetetetet (by 2CRACK)

A tower with a pointless bridge in the middle of a dirt rectangle.

Night Street (by Jhonxay)

A dirt square in the void, with a small car park on one side, and a bunch of crates on the other.

CityStreet (by jsymodd)

An early prototype of the SnowCity map. So early, that it only consists of two houses on a block of asphalt suspended above the void.

InTheCity (by YOSNAKEY)

A seemingly random agglomeration of rainbow-colored stone blocks on an equally colorful floated plaftorm. Technically playable, but simply isn't worth it. Doesn't support hardpoint either.

New Castle (by Meister K)

A default-stone battle arena, which is foggy, and has a bunch of weirdly connected and battlemented platforms all over it. Doesn't support Hardpoint.

Parofkour (by dodil406)

A strange floating agglomeration of large blocks, crates and ramps.

Tall Tower (by Maxx2)

A map that is nothing but a four-story stone tower, with minimal cover on each tiny level.

Sold (by dodil406)

A floating red-lit square at night-time, with occasionally flickering default-object cover.

swbs (by suehyong)

Floating wooden square with a bunch of stone blocks in the middle.

Maxstar (by (PAX) Not True)

A dirt square with some default-object cover.

Krunktower (by inko)

A small wooden tower with staircases (not ladders!) weaving around it, standing on a small, bare dirt square.

Mayhem Towers/Wet towers (by Lennyy)

Wet towers is a bunch of skyscrapers in the sea, including one half-built one. Sadly, it's extremely unbalanced towards snipers. Mayhem Towers is a more advanced version of that map, with some extremely large trees nearby and other details to expand the playing area. If you have to play this, choose Mayhem. Neither version currently supports Hardpoint.

SimCross (by Grapey)

A small crate-and-barrel battle arena with a Matrix-style black-and-white background all around it, which has a good chance of hurting your eyes.

BaseSiege (by Powwwwerr)

An oversized dirt square with a ramp leading to another one like it above. Has some random cover, doesn't support hardpoint.

my_map (by ??????f)

Simply a range of typical default-object maps. There are 3 of them so far. Weirdly, my_map3good is the worst, simply consisting of 3 flat wooden platforms stacked above each other and connected with 2 ramps. First one is a typical pure stone square map with minor stone wall cover; 2nd has a bunch of large wooden walls.

sunny side up (by kdragon290)

A floating square with some thin and barely usable trenches, surrounded by garish purple background.

Tralc (by Tralc)

A small dirt square with some crate walls for cover on it.

cross bridge (by marohaha)

A small concrete square enclosed from 3 sides, with a bridge between two walls that's basically pointless.

Yeet_Street (by stephenfo330)

Yet another dirt arena, with basically no cover for its size.

killzone (by Dmwog)

A very large stone platform, with an equally long wall halfway across it, and a misshapen stone building on one side, with no other cover.

Infinite Fall (by *obj* (broken file link as an account name))

A large stone platform, with nothing on it but an enormously tall booster ramp, which will throw you up very high, and lead to the titular "infinite" fall. Useless for anything else.

Labolatory (by 3ggo)

It is a middle sized map with a lot of multi clored goo in them. In the middle there's a little base with more tubes. Map has a lot of secret spots and is great for infected as well as ffa. Currently has over a thousand upvotes.

SewerCity (by 3ggo)

Sitting at almost 500 upvotes SewerCity is one of 3ggo largest maps. It contains a post apocalyptic city with a lot of canals underneath. This map is a popular choice for Hide and seek as well as ffa.


A closed room with a couple of ramps for players to practice with their aim. Not meant for ffa or other modes.

Broken/Troll maps

Maps that are essentially impossible to properly play through. Often, these are just a single flat square with no cover or other elements that make a map enjoyable. Attention-catching name, music, etc. are optional. Sometimes, these are work-in-progress maps that were uploaded too early, and will become good in time, but don't count on it.

As you can see from this list, there are already a whole lot of trash maps like this, so please think twice if you really want to upload yet another one, and see the name of your account stuck to this list as well.

Moon120329 (by Firel)

An extremely large grey ground texture, with dark void above. On top of this list because this may be how some people imagine moon, but that still does not make it a remotely passable map. (Just "Moon", also by Firel, is the same thing.)

Mars Fight (by koyo40)

As above, but with a reddish-pink giant flat texture instead.

Ocean-stuff (by Purple_Alpaca)

A bunch of crates floating in the ocean. Intended for parkour, but there's basically nothing to do.

infinit (by thomloco) Lots of green platforms floating in the sky at the same level]. Weirdly, you can largely walk on the void between the platforms, without having to jump, so even the parkour here is questionable.

junkyard (by thebluerobber)

A small bunch of default objects floating next to each other in a garish red void. It's far too small for parkour, and just too small for combat.

CASTLE CLASH (by kdragon290)

A broken default-texture map where players will often spawn behind earth walls too high to jump over, and which have no ladders.

Castle_at_dusk / CastleAtDusk (by Tizariox)

The first version of this map is just a stone path leading to a gate that doesn't go anywhere. The second one at least has a rudimentary castle keep at the end of the path (which is completely bare and devoid of cover). However, it's still not a poor map; moreover, its lone hardpoint is placed in order to ensure you'll fall off trying to get it.

castleseige (by shadowkid / B3rryB01)

It turns two creators cannot spell the word "siege"! Either way, shadowkid's map is a ridiculously large stone square with an equally large stone tower on it. B3rryB01's is the same thing but really small. Both are equally unplayable.

SniperCastle (by gun fire)

An enormous dirt rectangle, with a tiny stone spawn building in between (thus enabling spawn-killing), and a stone wall with a single tower on its far edge. There's no reason to play this, when ZG Castle is a far truer "sniper castle" experience.

StoneTower (by TheDiffOne)

Simply a two-story tower floating in the void. There's so little space that proper gameplay is impossible.

Krunker Farmer (by Epichavoc612)

The map is the inside of a really small red container. The idea is that everyone spawns at exactly the same place, and spawn-killing ensues.

kdr farm (by todthetidepod)

Same idea as the above Only difference is that the unplayabe tiny spawn zone is now default stone.


A tiny stone square in the void, with the same idea as the above.

KR Farm(by Delta Nedas)

Three crates floating in the green void, with the same spawn-killing idea as the above.

aim_sharkboy1006 (by aim_sharkboy1006)

Simply a tiny walled-in square, cluttered with miscellaneous default objects, some of which are randomly passable.

The Lone Tower (by Legobro41)

A small wooden square with limited cover and a stone block with a broken ladder you can't use.

Mars 100 (by hjcaidsjco)

This has an actual, though mediocre, stone fortress, and would have been in "abstract" maps, if it wasn't for how badly the entire "Martian ground flickered.

Civil City (by frogmandude)

A poorly designed city map that uses a lot of default objects (even using banners as the floor tiles), and where much of the map flickers.

rp_fun (by mrelijam)

A tiny brown building with nothing but stone walkways, which soon become impossible to walk on, as you fall through.

Maxstar123 (by JESUS)

A tiny stone arena, where the player is embedded halfway into the ground.

QuiteQuake (by bradski)

Two smallish stone paths right next to each other, floating in the void.

Dual Ship Battle (by TrueYouyoleCake)

This map initially seems like another stone square map, but it has two mast-like fortifications below...but the ground square they are on isn't solid, and you'll fall through it.

Lazer_tag (by Officer John)

Do not confuse this map with the actual Lazer tag map that's in the top 10 most popular maps! That map is unfortunately unsearchable due to the rare symbols it includes. Instead, searching for it (not that you need to, right now), reveals this, which is large, empty and with garish color theme.

Castle of Roi (by [Knight Kiher]

Three tiny stone squares right above each other, haphazardly connected by walls, and with sudden passability issues. Essentially unplayable.

Grassytest1 (by 2CRACK)

A square of grass, and some "hills" too high to jump on. At least it honestly warns it's a test (though there are a few test maps way better than this.)

The Sun (by TWEditor)

A floating stone square and a long floating dirt path leading to the Sun, which insta-kills you.

wwswww (by RealTitanForce)

Floating square, two tables, wall.

Catapult? (by Przemek)

Small stone square above the void with a chest-high wall in between.

Lil Shack V 6.9 (by atarst)

Not to be confused with Lil' Shack or Lil' Shack V 6.9 (Both of which are unplayable due to the ' in their name) Lil Shack V 6.9 is a basic display map of a... shack. The map is incredibly small resulting in terrible gameplay but good laughs.

Scram City (by Guppy)

A small dirt square, and some tall stone blocks on it that slightly resemble a building.

City_Warzone (by Doomageddon)

Two locked houses, two roads, void.

Dark Forest (by TheCheezeStick)

A mid-sized dirt square above the void, with some trees, cars and a flickering wooden wall with a broken ladder.

Junglevillage (by TheZader)

There's only a single house and a car, on a grassy plane suspended in the void.

The Tower (by Drag)

A small square surrounded by player-height walls, divided by another wall into two sections, with a ladder connecting them. Besides being a bad design, you can also fall out through many of the walls, so it's broken at best.

THE_WALLL (by Bruno.C)

Tiny room, two halves, a wall, a tiny basement below. Practically unplayable, and a likely troll map.

bace_mars (by dragons657)

Some crates and barrels stuck together, and floating in the void.

Lowsun (by Lowsun)

A bunch of cars and crates stuck together in the pink void.

car pool (by 2IIIIII)

A bunch of cars and stacks floating above a stone square. A short ladder collides with a barrel just so that you can't try to jump off it.

Santashouse (by Lansafame)

Do not confuse this with SantasWorkshop! This one is just a small snow square, with a pink house whose walls you can walk through anyway.

Oblivion City (by Nottard_Xx)

A troll map, whether you just spawn inside a bare stone room you can barely climb out of, and will fall off into the void once you do.

Two_Tower (by Pigcrafter)

There's only one empty stone room floating in the void , with nothing else.

Quiz (by justprob)

A transparent player-sized box floating in the void.

City (by boB)

Two broken walls, a couple of crates, a tiny space.

burger (by Gollumix)

A tiny stone square in the void with a few stacks on it. No relation to either burg, or Burgertown.

Trust (by Dr Sizzle)

A tiny black square in the void, with a car, a barrel and two blocks on it.

gm_bigcity (by CornerPin)

Small square, cars, garish red void.

SauceTown (by SoupGod99)

Two cars, stone square, pink void.

CityBrawl (by marmalademan)

A flat plane with a lot of cars, floating above grey void.

aaponderbroek (by luca9911)

A square above the void, lined with billboard textures. aaadssa is the same thing.

lilpump (by bucikpro)

A map that has a song of the maestro as the background music, and his images instead of textures. Otherwise, though, it's a tiny corridor with no space to dodge, and so it's a spawnkilling heaven.

guccigang (by luca9911)

See lilpump entry above to know what it's like.

city battle (by memes9)

The "normal" city battle is unplayable; as soon as you spawn, you fall through the map and die. City battle 1 can be played if you stay entirely amongst the default stone and wood towers: if you ever touch the ground, you fall through it as well.

Venus VS Mars (by EnPlayz)

A large tilted flat square subtitled Mars, and a green wall named Venus floating out of reach.

DeathTower (by zayantheninja)

A single-file vertical stack of crates in the void, with no space to do anything.

hawonibabo (by suehyoung)

An empty floating square.

Forest Of Doom (by rmul123)

A single crate in the void.

TREE-FFA (by Jeets)

A grass rectangle with a tree, where you spawn off the edge and immediately die.

purple-box (by remodel)

A map you'll immediately fall through and die.

Jeremysroom (by jeremyY250)

Several floating stone blocks, which are themselves insta-kill.

wwwhis (by superitachi)

See above.

wsw (by bradski)

See above.

Trump Tower (by is_is_crazy)

Not a map at all. There's literally nothing but the void, and you spawn, fall for a second, and die.

The wall (by Taby dog)

Like the above, except that you literally die as soon as you spawn in. (The other wall maps in the link are legitimate, but still not good, and are covered above.)

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