In, there is a scoring system that allows players to gain points based on how they managed to kill an enemy player. In most combat modes, the victor is the player or team with the highest score. Bonus scores are added onto base scores. For instance, a no-scope, mid-air headshot with the Sniper Rifle will yield 50+50+25+50=175 points.

Name Points Description
Regular Kill +50 Kill an enemy with a weapon. Exceptions are detailed below.
Crossbow/Blaster/Rocket Launcher/Pistol Kill +25 Kill an enemy with a Crossbow, Blaster, Rocket Launcher or Pistol.
Execution +150 Kill with a melee weapon
Bullseye +100 Kill an enemy throwing your melee.
Beatdown +125 Kill an enemy with Hands.
Hardpoint +10 Stand on the hardpoint. You can only get 10 points every two seconds.
Assist +25 Have another player finish off a player you wounded. Applies in all modes, including FFA.
Scorezone +1 Touching a scorezone. Some scorezones give more than 1 point.
King point (removed) +20 in King of the Hill mode.

Name Additional Points Description
Headshot +50 Kill an enemy with a headshot. Not achievable on some weapons such as the Crossbow and Rocket Launcher
Mid Air +25 Kill an enemy while you are in the air.
Longshot +25 Kill an enemy from a long distance. Not achievable on Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher.
Revenge Kill +25 Kill an Enemy that Killed you last.
First Blood +25 Have the first kill in the match.
Close Call +20 Kill an enemy while having 20% HP or less.
Double Kill +50 Kill a second enemy in close succession to the first one.
Triple Kill +100 Kill three enemies in quick succession.
Quad Kill +150 Kill four enemies in quick succession.
Multi Kill +200 Kill five enemies in quick succession.
Mega Kill +250 Kill six enemies in quick succession.
Ultra Kill +300 Kill seven enemies in quick succession.
Super Kill +350 Kill eight enemies in quick succession.
360! +50 Perform a 360-degree spin before the kill.
No Scope +50 Kill an enemy without scoping at all. Only achievable on Sniper Rifle.
Quick Scope +25 Kill an enemy while you have just scoped for a very short period of time. Only achievable on Sniper Rifle.
Driftkill +50 Kill an enemy while sliding.
Buzzkill +10/+25/+50 Kill an enemy after they have achieved a killstreak (10 points for ending a 5-kill streak, 25 points for 10-15, 50 points for 20+ kills).
Comeback Kill +10 Get killed 3 times in a row without a kill and get a kill.
Wallbang +25 Kill an enemy through an object.
Turbo Kill +25 Kill an enemy while moving fast.
Nuke +0 Successfully get a 25 kill streak.

Name Additional Points Description
Snatch +50 Awarded for killing an opponent holding your flag
Pickup +20 Awarded for picking up an enemy flag.
Return +50 Awarded for returning your flag back to base.
Capture +150 Awarded for getting the enemy's flag to your base.

Name Additional Points Description
Confirmed +25 Awarded for picking up an enemy's tag
Denied +10 Awarded for picking up a team member's tag


  • The biggest bonus is the super kill, which will give 350 extra points. It would require killing 8 enemies in quick succession. Getting this bonus multiplies the base points for a kill by 8.
  • When update 1.1.8 removed Semi Auto's optical scope and brought the gun closer to an Assault Rifle, it gained the long-shot bonus for the first time but lost Quick Scope and No Scope.
  • Before the game mode's removal, King of the Hill would mistakenly show kill points on screen despite the fact that players couldn’t gain points from kills in the game mode.
  • The 360! bonus was removed from the game briefly and added back in update 2.5.8.
  • Ranked (1v1), Gun Game, Hide and Seek, Infect, Prop, Boss Hunt, Stalk and One in The Chamber are all modes where you don't have to get the most score to Win.
  • The most points you could possibly earn in one kill would be a Headshot + First Blood + Close Call + Super 360 No-scope + Drift + Comeback + Wallbang + Turbokill + Buzzkill with the Sniper Rifle for 805 points.
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